Tuesday, May 31, 2011

tim duncan crying

tim duncan crying. for parents,quot; Duncan said.
  • for parents,quot; Duncan said.

  • vniow
    Sep 8, 06:54 PM
    Originally posted by King Cobra

    BTW, when is the expo? Seriously...

    tim duncan crying. Not literally, because that would be gross. Tim Duncan(notes) was close though. Anyways, starting this season, the NBA is taking it back to the halcyon days
  • Not literally, because that would be gross. Tim Duncan(notes) was close though. Anyways, starting this season, the NBA is taking it back to the halcyon days

  • appleguy123
    May 17, 10:08 AM
    Publicity really boosts these auctions. They're easy to miss if you're not paying attention the week the auction is on.

    If you hadn't mentioned it maybe nobody would have noticed and you could have got it for the $100 reserve as the only bidder!

    I don't trust how stable this Newton will be. I was searching for NEwtons on eBay when I found it. Just thought that I would help the guy out/ get more info by making a thread about it.

    tim duncan crying. Lindsay Lohan crying
  • Lindsay Lohan crying

  • Cybergypsy
    Feb 2, 07:20 PM
    I was suppose to trade this to another member, but the member Never ship his as agreed, I was able to have mine sent back to me, he just printed a label and never shipped...

    So I am looking to trade this phone for a unlocked 4G iphone, Must work on Tmoble, I have tons of refs here and sold over 100 items....

    Please PM me if you want to trade really need it ...I also do not use MP3 or videos so a 4G is great :)

    you will also get the 100.00 rebate....

    tim duncan crying. Is Vanessa Hudgens crying over
  • Is Vanessa Hudgens crying over

  • Meltdownblitz
    Apr 10, 12:30 AM
    Looks decent. Can't wait till you get more photos up. Maybe even a video review would be awesome. The depending factor for me is how bulky it is.


    tim duncan crying. Cry On Their First Date
  • Cry On Their First Date

  • cyberddot
    Mar 4, 04:39 PM
    I started folding with the G5 home computer for several reasons. First, I leave my computer on most of the time and really like the idea that for pennies I can have an application working on something useful for other people. Since I work in...<gasp>...IT, I also like the idea that processor time there is serving some higher cause.

    I also lost a family member to cancer, so there is some small motivation there to see if some cumulative work will help in the understanding of these diseases -- though mortality is part of living....

    Another reason? To contribute to the MacRumors Team (http://vspx27.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/main.py?qtype=teampage&teamnum=3446) effort and earn props for the team.

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  • [Jennifer Lopez Crying 01

  • MacRumorUser
    Nov 10, 05:58 PM
    Added my review in the other thread.

    Basically it's good, but requires a heck of a lot of space (more than move or Wii combined) and most games menu systems are pants of the launch titles I purchased.


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  • Photo of Allen Iverson crying

  • Chupa Chupa
    May 4, 08:42 PM
    Thanks. So, the 27" iMac would support two external 22" hdmi/vga displays then?

    Yes, the 27" supports two external monitors via TB. Each port can support one monitor and 5 other data devices (or no video and 6 data devices). You'd just need the appropriate MDP adapters.

    tim duncan crying. Alley Oop to Kobe on Tim Duncan 0.32 min. | 4.7647057 user rating | 9892 views
  • Alley Oop to Kobe on Tim Duncan 0.32 min. | 4.7647057 user rating | 9892 views

  • aptenergy
    Feb 23, 01:16 PM
    I got

    Connection Error: Could not connect to MySQL instance at localhost. Error: Unknown system variable 'sql_mode' (code 1193)


    tim duncan crying. Clarke Duncan Be There?
  • Clarke Duncan Be There?

  • OldSkoolNJ
    Jan 10, 12:07 PM
    Saw this video a few years ago and always thought it was fake and had nothing to do with Apple.

    *Link fixed now .. something screwy with "link insert" button*


    tim duncan crying. tim duncan wife and kids. tim
  • tim duncan wife and kids. tim

  • mad jew
    Dec 16, 06:23 PM
    No problems. Hopefully it's something simple like the loose antenna. :)


    tim duncan crying. tim duncan wife and kids. tim
  • tim duncan wife and kids. tim

  • paolo-
    Jan 4, 02:13 AM
    Yes a keyboard will be useful but the most important thing in a studio is sound. If you can't hear what you're doing it's so frustrating. If you're just starting out you may think that having ok sound will do the trick but it won't be long before you're not sure if you're hearing your mix or your speakers when you're mixing on bad speakers. I'd much rather make house music with good sound than a keyboard.

    For good speakers, you're looking for near field monitors, they differ from standard speakers in that they try to reproduce accurately the sound you feed them, standard speakers try to "sound good". There's a pretty big difference between the two, sounding good usually means a compressed sound with not a lot of middle frequencies. For house, you'll probably want a sub.

    Either way, a keyboard is nice to have, if you don't have any previous experience with keyboards, you might as well just get the 25 key (get it velocity sensitive especially useful for drums). M-audio have a pretty good value.

    tim duncan crying. tim duncan wife and kids. tim
  • tim duncan wife and kids. tim

  • KnightWRX
    Mar 30, 08:26 AM
    Anyway, why use system(); at all to call curl when there's libcurl ?



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  • tim duncan shoes.

  • hbenitez09
    Jun 18, 02:03 AM
    Hopefully earlier as the Apple store here is open 24/7. I'm hoping they let us pick up our reserved ones at 7am like AT&T stores.

    actually the fifth ave store will close on the 19th at 12:01 am and then reopen friday morning at 8 am

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  • Frozonecold
    Mar 13, 10:03 AM
    Is a scratch on the screen covered by Applecare?


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  • Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan

  • ATD
    Oct 19, 04:50 PM

    An ad that I rendered in Maya. I might animate later. :D :D

    tim duncan crying. Tim Duncan is a great NBA
  • Tim Duncan is a great NBA

  • Kebabselector
    Apr 28, 02:07 PM
    The iMac is a better buy if you are intending to replace your keyboard and considering upgrading your monitor.

    Unless of course you don't want to forced to have a glossy/glass screen.


    tim duncan crying. tim duncan sneakers nike.
  • tim duncan sneakers nike.

  • madamimadam
    Oct 17, 01:41 AM
    Tell us how you go

    Unfortunately, our head of service just went on holiday for a couple of weeks which puts me in his shoes, ie. no one else for me to ask the specific details of the fix

    tim duncan crying. people crying.
  • people crying.

  • CubusX
    Aug 3, 10:30 AM
    This does look like iOS4 is turning into Apple's Vista. I've begun noticing odd quirks with my iPhone 4. Frequently, the screen refuses to shift into landscape or portrait mode when I turn it. The only thing that seems to fix the problem is a re-boot of the phone. Reception is still wonky. In the exact same location it will shift from 5 bars of 3G to 1 bar of EDGE, then 1 bar of 3G and then to 3 bars of EDGE. I've had several bizarre syncing problems when either iTunes or iPhoto reported simply, "An error has occurred."

    When it works, it's great. But it certainly has been more finicky than my old 3G, which was rock-solid.

    I have noticed this as well, a reboot usually helps. It is very annoying though.

    Other things I have noticed:

    1) The screen tends to take time to come one (once in a while) when the power button is pressed (when in sleep mode).
    2) The color on the Calendar's is incorrectly sync'ed from my MacBook Pro.

    As of right that is all I have noticed, it is a simple fix through the software. Hopefully it comes along quick.

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  • see Scheyer cry up close

  • RacerX
    Sep 30, 10:53 AM
    What is a good app for a newbie to create a webpage? I want something simple and easy, free would be a plus. I also have a simple knowledge of html.Well, sticking to the question at hand... I can't think of anything that is free, but for someone just wanting to make a webpage (and not spend hours, days, years to become a professional) I usually suggest either Create (http://www.stone.com/Create/Create.html) or Freeway Express (http://www.softpress.com/en/freeway/express).

    When I just need to put up a page or two on my own sites I use Create. Otherwise I use GoLive and OmniWeb (for editing source code) as the main tools for creating sites for my clients. Plus Create shares a service that will convert rich text in TextEdit to html to be dropped into an html document later (saves a little time).

    Aug 1, 06:54 PM
    It's still beats the pants off anything windows...we're just used to everything working so well it's easy to critique.

    That's really my point. Apple has set the bar high for itself. If I bought a Windows CE phone, I'd expect to have problems. But few Apple products in the last decade have had so many highly publicized issues as iPhone 4. Notice there isn't much press about iPhone 3GS issues or iPad issues or Mac Mini issues. Apple usually produces produces with great usability and high reliability. Maybe I've just gotten spoiled over the years....

    Jan 11, 10:00 AM
    They probably saw a large slowdown in sales b/c of defectors to google reader, etc, etc. Now, they are just looking to leverage their user base and get it installed on as many Macs as possible.

    Just my guess.

    It's a good guess. I was a happy NNW user, but despite having paid for the software, I still switched to Google Reader about a year ago. I tried out the new version of NNW, but there are really no features compelling enough to get me to switch back. Now if they come out with native iPhone version I might change my mind (I'm still not thrilled with Reader's Phone interface).

    Toppa G's
    Feb 25, 08:59 AM
    I wonder if you shouldn't modify the letter "a" so that it is more like "a" rather than "a". Otherwise, the style of the logotype almost makes it look like a sloppily written "u".

    Feb 12, 10:54 AM
    This is really a classic. I second the nomination. :cool:

    Apr 28, 08:51 AM
    I have found SL to be very stable.

    At this point in time, I think apple has a very stable OS. Third party drivers have been out for a while, lot of the bugs that have snuck through 10.6.0 have been dealt with. It is a solid product to use at this stage.

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