Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • vincenz
    Apr 16, 11:32 AM
    i forsee,

    lower prices?
    daisy chain thunderbolt
    facetime HD

    when...? hopefully end of summer.

    Wouldn't count on the lower prices and thinner, to be honest.

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  • native00
    Sep 28, 06:50 PM
    now how 'bout the other way gentlemen? How do I go from my Powerbook to my girlfriend's pc?

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  • Gix1k
    Mar 14, 10:15 AM
    And if you would have taken the time to go to the right forum and look on the first page you would have seen that we have been talking about it since 8pm last night.

    yeah yeah...beat it!

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  • Toppa G's
    Feb 25, 08:59 AM
    I wonder if you shouldn't modify the letter "a" so that it is more like "a" rather than "a". Otherwise, the style of the logotype almost makes it look like a sloppily written "u".


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  • sleepykidd
    Apr 23, 07:35 AM
    Maybe the disk image you created is corrupt?

    It could be as simple as that? There isn't anything that stands out as a concrete reason why it wouldn't work?

    Should I try upgrading to leopard first and then Snow Leopard? I don't have the "upgrade disc" I have the full install one that came with my other Mac.

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  • RITZFit
    Apr 7, 03:54 PM
    Honda (good simple engineering)
    Apple (love their product design)
    Timberland (good boots)
    Sony (good a/v equipment)
    ....thats most of the stuff I use everyday


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  • Mr. Anderson
    Sep 29, 08:37 AM
    i'm not hosting the stuff myself, so I'm going to go with the .htaccess file route.

    Thanks for all the help - this is great :D

    It works great, and the standard permissions are 644, so that wasn't an issue. Now I need to set up an error page - what error number is that?


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  • tl01
    Jun 29, 02:03 PM
    Arrived at about 7:10AM and was about number 30 out of 40 phones. The line took around 3.5 hours. Not too bad. They were expecting their second shipment this afternoon but it ended up arriving around 11AM. The people at the end of the line were stoked! They were sold out of phones though once the line gets their phones.


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  • digital1
    Oct 30, 02:57 PM
    :) I read that a few times. Man it is so weird; is like the world coming to an end yet or something. I mean COME ON! DELL SELLING APPLE ANYTHING! This should be very cool. :D :D :cool:

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  • imac abuser
    Apr 13, 07:27 AM
    I have a new iPod Nano 16gb and I want to keep the backlighting on I like to see what song is playing. I can't seem to locate the option like on previous iPods am I able to do that?



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  • amberashby
    Jan 11, 10:06 AM
    Hmm... After it's done with the first CD, and it's rebooting, the CD is still in there, right? I believe that the mac continues to boot off the first CD until the second is needed. The HD isn't booted from until the installation has finished. Once it's done with the first CD, and restarts, try holding down the "C" key to ensure it doesn't try and boot from the HD.

    Well, after it reboots it is booting to the CD but it comes up with the intial install screen all over again.

    What is weird is the last thing it does before it reboots is the system optimization which I think is the very last thing that happens before the install is complete. But it is still on the first CD.

    Thanks for your response, I wasn't expecting any responses till after the Macworld hysteria calmed down.

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  • Dagless
    Mar 20, 12:01 PM
    There's nothing to avoid really. It's near the best version of lemmings since the Amiga ones.

    A brash thing to say! I'm expecting this to be an inch shy of perfect now.


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  • bozz2006
    Mar 7, 07:51 AM
    That same thing has happened to me before. HOpefully that was the issue and it's now resolved.

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  • Tallest Skil
    Jun 10, 09:28 AM
    i would've thought the iphone + the sdk would be on the same bridge.

    I would have thought that Apple still cared about making computers.

    Guess we were both wrong.


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  • w8ing4intelmacs
    Feb 29, 04:46 PM
    i'll take the flawed one. im sending money now

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  • bobsaget
    Apr 7, 01:10 PM

    Any criticism very much appreciated!

    Thanks for watching!


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    Dec 10, 07:32 PM
    I have a Super Disk drive. It's like ZIP disks, only they're 120MB. It's USB and something else which might be SCSI. I could include 5+ 120MB Superdisks. This drive will also read 1.44MB Floppy Disks. The drive itself is an IMATION Super Disk Drive and is clear in color.

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  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Dec 19, 04:39 AM

    Spend your 10 points� well... :)

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  • Tramjaw
    Oct 24, 01:32 PM
    I'm more than likely going to go. I want my t-shirt! My friend is gonna go too but i dont think he'll be getting leopard..

    May 22, 04:51 PM

    May 25, 05:43 PM
    I almost got a heart attack that I read Apple Releases Boot Camp Updates... I though that finally the backlit will not be always on or the light sensor will start working or there will be more decent multitouch trackpad...

    ... then I read for the LATEST mbp 13" :(:mad::(...

    Apr 11, 12:01 PM
    Yup, I tried fixing the permissions, says the group was 0 instead of 80. After that and I reboot same thing :mad:

    During a verbose boot does it hang on the same thing each time?

    Nov 14, 03:16 PM
    O by the way Dreadnought. I plan on passing you! I have had one work unit turned in on my mac pro now it was worth 700 points and it took 22 hours. I have also lost a work unit which gaves errors(this was before the SMP client when public beta) However I have one sitting on my computer at home finished, I just found out how to upload it. I had a configuration thing set wrong. And I will have another one done by the end of today. :) I will catch up pretty fast with your current output. ;)

    So when are you planning on doing this? Don't see anywhere in the top 100 :p
    and my G5 gets a bit of a rest instead of folding 24/7. It uses a lot of power and am trying to cut down my electric bill.

    Feb 17, 08:48 PM
    Hugh Laurie isn't going to be too happy about this.

    But, really, when you are as powerful and revered as the RDF King, a tardy diagnosis is not to be tolerated.

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