Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • aethelbert
    Oct 27, 07:41 PM
    At our store, they were yelling to the people in the hallway at about 7:00, "anyone want a free t-shirt?" So there was no need to buy one and the people at the store didn't seem to care about it, either.

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  • rockinmorockin
    Apr 23, 03:43 AM
    I'm an Android guy but I bought an iPad 2. Since I didn't know much of the app store, I bought an app for $9.99 with my mom's credit card (it's on her account). but i wanted to use my 25 dollar gift card, i didn't know you were supposed to redeem it first -___-.

    i sent an email reporting it saying it was a mistake. do you think they will revert it or does apple have a no return policy?

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  • gotzero
    Apr 19, 11:07 AM
    I participate in folding@home because I believe their work is most immediately beneficial. I have a tremendous amount of computing power that for various reasons needs to stay on 24/7, and I feel that it is the right thing to do.

    Beyond the "I know someone who..." thing, I feel that it is our responsibility as humans to help push to cure preventable disease. I feel like it is the conclusion that anyone curious about the world would come to.

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  • arcrius
    Apr 9, 04:03 AM
    You can always downgrade, unless there's something in 4.3.1 you really need.


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  • SevenInchScrew
    May 24, 11:36 PM
    True but everyone has seen the trailers and comercials so they get what Sheppard looks like...
    Sure, the default Sheppard. But, I didn't play as default, nor did any of my friends. And we all acted differently in the game, as well. Will the movie have Sheppard as more "Renegade" or "Paragon" in his/her actions? So many different ways that people could have done things, how do you specify which is "correct" for the movie storyline? What type of character will they be? What armor and weapons will they use? This isn't a Gears of War movie, where we have specific characters going through a specific, predetermined story, with premade cutscenes and dialogue.

    Don't get me wrong. I really enjoy the world of Mass Effect. But, the reason I love it is SPECIFICALLY because I can personally interact with it, how ever I want. The minute you take all that away, you end up with just another sci-fi/action movie, loosely based on a game, that fails miserably. I don't want to see that happen to this game. Sadly, it seems it will.
    also Seth Green for Joker is a must too

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  • nec207
    Apr 17, 02:10 AM
    Most applications will have a log which will record errors and other information. It would be worth clearing out to see if you can gain some space :)

    Where is the log located and how big can the logs get over time for a computer 5 years old.


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  • Blu101
    Sep 24, 10:24 AM
    So is everyone gonna have to change their checkout page from "buy this song" to "license this song"?

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  • lfielder06
    Sep 27, 09:38 PM
    I have been using a that crucial stick in my 15" pb and my wife in her 12" ibook. both have been running great. Just my opinion, but I would recomend getting mac certified.


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  • pyounderfire
    Apr 24, 01:10 AM
    Did your action of getting rid of ituneshelper solve your problem because you stated that you never solved your problem on your MBP, if I understood you correctly.


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  • elppa
    Apr 27, 06:53 PM
    Do you use software for longer?

    Are you using different software?

    How often is often?

    Are there any repeat offenders?

    Are you doing different things now?

    Your description is incredibly vague.

    If applications are crashing, that may or may not have anything to do with Snow Leopard.


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  • asif786
    Aug 18, 11:13 AM
    hehe yeah, personally I will never understand the appeal of coldplay. I think the best review I ever read about one of there shows was "Coldplay is a sugar overdose for the masses" :p

    heh, i used to agree. listen to their latest album. it's much better than the others. ;)

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  • MacBytes
    Jan 9, 08:34 PM
    Category: 3rd Party Software
    Link: Apple discontinues standalone Soundtrack audio software (http://www.macbytes.com/link.php?sid=20050109213433)
    Posted on MacBytes.com (http://www.macbytes.com)

    Approved by Mudbug


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  • WildCowboy
    May 5, 10:56 AM
    Conflicting information here. :)

    So iOS 4.2 brought AirPlay video streaming to a few select Apple apps like iPod/Videos and YouTube. The Verizon iPhone should have been been able to do that from day one, as it shipped with iOS 4.2.5/4.2.6.

    iOS 4.3 introduced support for AirPlay video streaming from Safari and third-party apps. iMovie for iOS is another one that requires iOS 4.3 for streaming projects via AirPlay.

    So to settle this once and for all, can anybody with a Verizon iPhone double check to make sure they do have the AirPlay capabilities from 4.2 and NOT those from 4.3 with the new iOS 4.2.8? Remember, we're specifically talking about video here. Krevnik says that this is the case, but we'd like a few more data points to counteract claims that there has been a change.

    We've seen just a couple reports claiming that video AirPlay has been added to the Verizon iPhone with 4.2.8, but we think it's confusion over the limited support that originally existed vs. what non-Verizon devices can do under 4.3.

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  • iFiend
    Apr 29, 11:36 AM
    clearly he stated he installed a trial version of My3G

    reading + you = fail

    OP that's part of the trial, once you purchase My3G the ads are gone.

    I know when to take my medicine :o

    Very sorry OP


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  • sdpics
    Feb 12, 11:43 AM

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  • zimv20
    Apr 26, 08:07 AM
    Do you guys have other opinions regarding another good recording condensor for both vocals and guitar in the 100-200 dollar range?

    AT 2020

    i also would consider picking up a shure sm57. it works well on guitar cabs and for some vocal uses. (wouldn't be the first thing i reached for for acoustic guitar, though).


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  • Doctor Q
    Jul 9, 08:37 PM
    Anyone from previous Apple events at the grove have any idea how long the line can be? I was in Boston for iPhone 1.0. Anyone planning to go to an ATT store for faster service?I've been there for some events where the line snaked clear around the block. And it's a long block. Many hundreds of people. That doesn't mean this event will necessarily be the same, but it's a flagship store and gets lots of attention and business. Also, the iPhone is a product that takes longer to purchase than, say, a new version of Mac OS X.

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  • MisterMe
    Jun 15, 08:26 PM
    Find a parabolic equation that matches the graph.

    /threadAs the graph is not of a parabolic function, what good would that do?

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  • peskaa
    Apr 18, 04:32 AM
    I was in a similar, ish, situation. Other half has Pokemon Black, but our DS Lites don't like our WiFi (how dare we use WPA...), so we decided to upgrade one unit to something more modern.

    Initially we bought a 3DS, but sent it back within a few days. The handling of DS games on the upper screen isn't that good to be honest (scaling issues), and we felt the 3D was a waste of time and money. Instead we picked up a new DSi for �95 (love airports), and it's great - less than half the cost, far superior battery life, and also supports WPA and the DSi store.

    Mar 27, 06:55 PM

    I'm hoping someone (with more experience at this than me) can help. I'm a UK citizen currently working in the US. I'm paid in cash and have been paying this into a US bank account. I finish my contract and head back to the UK in a month or so, and would prefer to keep my money in US dollars at the moment (until I can get a good exchange rate).

    As I'm not getting any interest on the money, I would like to invest it in some Apple stock. I have researched this but cannot seem to find the best way of doing this. It seems I have to be a US citizen for most brokers to help me? And I'd rather use US brokers instead of UK as my money is in a US bank account.

    If anyone has any advice as to how I as a british citizen can invest USD into a US company that would be great.



    Dec 8, 05:49 PM
    this for everyone who suffers from the dull boring look of os 9.
    apple banned these kileidiscope themes but theyre back.


    Sep 9, 03:05 AM
    Hi all,

    Everyone keeps banging on about this Apple event 9th Sept (today), but when is it in UK time?

    I'm not sure about the time differences.


    Aug 19, 01:46 PM
    I think I'm onto something good. Have you heard of the 5 stages of grief? If you learn you have a fatal disease or a loved one has a fatal disease (also applies to relationships) you go through 5 stages: denial, resentment, bargaining, depression, acceptance. With that in mind, here are the Five Stages of Switching:

    The first stage is denial

    Upon hearing others badmouth Windows, the user reacts with a shocked, "No, it�s okay. It�s got problems but computers have to crash sometimes." This is not a healthy stage, but permits some users to not blindly accept Microsoft�s BS and develop other defenses.

    Next comes anger or resentment

    "What makes Mac users think their computer is better than mine? Jerks!" is the question asked now. Abuse, directed against the Mac community (usually on internet message boards and in Comp USA) often is a part of this stage. This outcry should be accepted, unjudged. You cannot reason with somebody in this stage. Facts are lost on them.

    The third stage is bargaining

    "Windows has problems, but�" "If I buy the latest version and install all the patches . . ." This is a period of temporary truce.

    The fourth stage is depression

    Now the person says, "Yes, Windows sucks and is ruining my life," with the courage to admit that it is happening; this acknowledgment brings depression. (Note: The family rarely goes through the stages along with the user. Rather, they enable the denial and resentment stages)

    Finally comes acceptance

    The user buys a Mac and demolishes his old PC with a baseball bat, just like the fax machine in Office Space. This is often a difficult time for the family, since the patient tends to withdraw to use his Mac. It is also difficult for the family because they are probably in denial themselves.

    Mar 16, 03:07 AM
    Forget WiFi & use HomePlug networking. The Devolo plugs seem particularly reliable.
    I try wirelessly streaming music to an airport express in the next room & it's not a good experience. All my HomePlug networking works flawlessly & fast - no problem at all.

    I have my iTunes library file on my laptop, but all the music on a firewire 800 drive on a Mac mini at the other end of the house. HomePlug gets it from mini to MBP with no lag at all

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