Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • ZilogZ80
    Mar 4, 10:03 AM
    It is very easy to jb 4.2.1 now. The improvements to the OS certainly make it worthwhile as does the ability to run all the latest apps. Virtual memory hack is no longer required.

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  • BrettJDeriso
    Mar 11, 06:49 PM
    This was a rent a cop and not an Apple employee, right?

    Nearly without fail, everyone who tries to enforce a photography ban is some form of rent-a-cop (or the DC Park Police, if you're downtown). In fact, he was wearing the usual RTC parking monitor garb, so yes. Paul Blart, self-appointed Apple Event Press Liaison :D

    In addition to the formidable rent-a-cop contingent, there was also on hand an imposing display of armed Fairfax County (actual) Sheriffs and Reston's Finest.

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  • militaryman911
    Apr 24, 08:45 PM
    Yes I meant 4GB RAM hahaha. Long day hehe :p

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  • nerdykarim
    Sep 23, 03:27 PM
    some principal you are least you could do would be giving the kids a new ipod shuffle you sound like my principal :eek:

    um, i dont mean to sound hostile but are you saying that i'm a bad school principal because i'm giving them recertified ones instead of new ones?

    first, i'm not a principal. i'm a student in charge of programming for a large segment of a student population at a university. we're holding a 3 on 3 basketball tournament and the shuffles are for the winning team.

    second, if your principal gave you an ipod for free, would you really complain that it was a refurb?

    third, apple certified shuffles should arrive in normal ipod boxes. i don't know of any way to tell the difference between a refurb and a new one (at least that was the case with my apple certified airport express)

    i know i've seen these at $69 like 3-4 months ago...hopefully i can find some in the next couple weeks.



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  • mileslong
    Mar 15, 03:33 PM
    i am finding that Safari 5.1 is almost unusable on Lion. It drops all internet connections and i have to use network preferences to reboot if you will just to get it use my wifi everytime.

    the bookmark bar doesn't work and on and on. im using chrome and its fast as heck on lion. too many bugs to use lion for everyday right now...

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  • dmr727
    Oct 1, 08:40 PM
    You can take screenshots! But yeah, this seems like a hardware problem - especially since it appears to happen with both coax and RCA inputs.


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  • bousozoku
    Nov 2, 01:17 AM
    Actually, they were all Canon units. Looked great and worked very well in the beginning.

    That was my reason for being vague about any specific brand, all multifuntion units leave a lot to be desired in the quality department.

    There ain't no free lunch. The only reason that all the manufacturers can offer such seemingly good value for money, is because they cut corners where you can't see - at least not at first anyhow.

    That's sad. Canon had a bad reputation for consumer printers when the Bubble Jet line arrived but I thought that they were doing anything to stay away from that.

    Well, there is one place where Epson cut corners on the CX6400--the USB 2.0 cable. It's extremely short but better to have the requisite, speedy cable included. Compared to the C84, the CX6400 was expensive--the C86/CX6600 shows a similar price differential. I'm completely surprised that I haven't had troubles as I've read plenty about people with C84s having problems.

    I would suggest that paying around $100 for an all-in-one is inviting trouble, though.

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  • ryant601
    Mar 13, 11:18 PM
    after hours of frustration, i finally got it to restore with a custom .ispw. Noe im trying to figure out the tetheredboot part. Firstly, i don't seem to find the files located in the /dfu...at least not the ones i need, i've got 48 instead of 90. When i turn the ipad on i see cydia, but it crashes upon opening, this is a result of still being not tethered, right? Basically what i'm asking i guess is for some help with the last part of this process.


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  • iGary
    Sep 23, 12:12 PM
    I would.

    I almost did, but he drives a local water taxi and I don't want him talking **** about me or my company. Annapolis may be the capital of Md., but it is a small town. Word travels fast.

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  • mrat93
    May 2, 07:41 AM
    There was one thread posted last night, but it was locked... I wonder why...



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  • LVEB
    May 6, 09:30 PM
    I just purchased the base model 27" last night and had the same query. A friend confirmed that if only using for photo/video editing, 512mb is enough, RAM upgrade is more important which you can do in future.

    So the GPU btw 512mb/1GB doesnt make alot different ?
    I think to get MarBookPro add RAM to 8GB (more portable usage for travel)
    13-inch: 2.7 GHz or 15-inch: 2.0 GHz ? (main for H.264 & Photo edit) AdobeCS5/FCP/LR/AP3
    pls advice.

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  • xUKHCx
    Feb 9, 02:22 PM
    Geeze with a machine that fast surely we can finally answer the question "Shall I buy now or wait?" :D


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  • uicandrew
    Oct 4, 07:39 PM
    can you be more specific on what you mean by "replacement iphone" please?

    is it a refurbished iphone, or did they give you a brand new iphone?

    i have a 16gb ipod touch coming in tomorrow, and i would like to have email on my iphone as well as a calendar feature.

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  • SuperJudge
    Apr 9, 09:16 AM
    Step 1 - Register for free as an Apple Developer (https://developer.apple.com/programs/register/)
    Step 2 - Login with your Apple ID
    Step 3 - Visit this link (http://connect.apple.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/MemberSite.woa/wo/ and download Xcode 3.1.4
    Step 4 - Profit


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  • ghostlyorb
    Apr 16, 07:01 AM
    If you aren't buying it now, then your only option is to wait. When you have the money, then take a new look at the buyer's guide to see if there are any new news about the ACD.

    Thunderbolt, possibly with daisy-chaining.

    It would be legit with thunderbolt! (even more legit, I mean!)

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  • xStep
    Apr 2, 02:31 PM
    I want that:
    if value in the first component is cars, the second component is mustang the fisrst label must show "1970" and the second label must show "v8"

    You're just not making a lot of sense to me either. It sounds like you are saying you have four components; vehicles, model, year, engine. Maybe your example mistakenly leads me to that conclusion. Your first post clearly says you have two components.

    If by labels you mean the value that is selectable, than please refer to that as a component title, as that corresponds to the method name;
    - (NSString *)pickerView:(UIPickerView *)pickerView titleForRow:(NSInteger)row forComponent:(NSInteger)component

    You need to clearly express in much more detail what it is you are looking at doing. Brevity is your enemy when asking programming questions.


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  • upaymeifixit
    Feb 15, 06:33 PM
    It would help if you clarified the following:
    Which iPod (iPod Nano?)
    "pulled in" (Plugged in?)
    "sound from the ipod" (built in speaker?)
    "both" (Built in speaker and headphones?)
    "either device" (Built in speaker and headphones?)

    I will assume you are asking if it is possible to get sound through the iPod's built in speaker and the headphones at the same time.

    The answer is no.

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  • pncc
    Dec 20, 02:47 PM
    I surfed on to this page (http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/mouseandkeyboard/productlist.aspx?fprint=yes) and notice MS introducing fingerprint technologies. And i think its a pretty good idea. I want to know if it was mac compat. or if apple was considering introducing something like this in the future. or just what pple thought in general about it.

    I don't think that would be OS X compatible.

    Sony sells the Puppy that does work with OS X

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  • iLucas
    Apr 19, 12:52 PM
    Does OWC have reliable ram? Does anyone have experience using it?

    I thought about getting some for my G5. I went the cheap route and bought some PNY ram, which i don't suggest using after having it. It caused my G5 to freeze all the time. I'm sure it caused it. I took the PNY ram out and i've never had a problem since then.

    Mar 5, 09:35 PM
    I know that mactheripper allows you to set the region to anything you like, including "all", when you rip. Maybe give that a shot. As far as why it's slow in handbrake, I'm not sure. I've only done it on a Mac Pro with multiple discs. Perhaps there's a read/write traffic jam on the HDD, since when you convert straight from the DVD it reads from the DVD and writes to the HDD.

    May 5, 05:00 AM
    Hi, I am currently deciding which 27" imac to get. With student discount the i5 3.1GHz would be 1.670,76 euro. For 1.846,88 (176 euro more) I could get the i7. I read that only the i7 has hyperthreading. Could someone explain in layman's terms what that means? Would this only give an advantage when using specialized applications that are optimized for quad-core use, or does hyperthreading also increase performance on applications that are not made for multi-core use?

    Also, if I choose not to get the i7. Would it make more sense to go with the cheaper 2.7GHz i5 because of the higher turbo-boost which brings the performance closer to the 3.1 i5. I'm probably not gonna play much games, so the 512MB should be enough for me, but maybe for future-proofing/resale-value it would be wiser to get the 1GB?

    Any info/advice would be appreciated :)

    Jul 21, 04:08 PM

    Sounds to me indeed similar to trying to capture an analog tape through a digital camera.

    Is this the case?

    If not, can you tell me your setup?

    If it is, I'm afraid your only choice is to capture with iMovie - save everything else for FCX.

    It's not all that inconvenient - exept you'll be importing non-intuitive clips names "Clip 01", "Clip 02", etc. You'll have to rename them in your browser to keep your sanity.

    Dec 14, 03:25 PM
    I'll take it!
    PM sent.

    Apr 14, 07:08 AM
    I think it's pretty standard practice that if there is a server in place you work off the server. From working in architects offices as an architect and the guy who looks after the server file corruption is really rare tends to be a sign your running over capacity on the drives which like to have 20%+ free space. If you get the odd power outage then files being written at the time can lock up.

    Sounds like you've got all the multi layer in place which is your best protection.

    I'm really surprised 4 designers and they have you doing it. Most the time in these shops computer stuff would be done by one of the designers.

    Oh forgot to say I hope your running a second mini as hot spare.

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