Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • Flynnstone
    Jan 19, 03:51 PM
    How is it working for you?
    Any problems?

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  • rebecca romijn stamos

  • maw4bc
    Apr 13, 08:46 PM
    I have searched for the last 2 hours and have yet to find a solution that has worked for me.

    I am using lockinfo and the lockinfo weather plugin. From what I have read, since we are on ipad, we are needing to overwrite the default weather app (since we dont have one). using the yahoo configuration. I put my location in USTX0617|12791340 (houston). and it is still not working. Can anyone out there help? This is driving me crazy.

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  • satcomer
    Feb 14, 08:35 PM
    As a Mac user just avoid file sharing sites and start using OpenDNS.com (http://www.opendns.com/). They have an instructional video (http://www.opendns.com/support/videos/basic) to show you how to use it. This way you can block know Trojan hosting sites from ever reaching you along with blocking any site you want without having to install any software on your network.

    Oh, by the way OpenDNS is in London (http://blog.opendns.com/2006/12/31/live-from-london-its-opendns/) and in Amsterdam (http://blog.opendns.com/2009/08/31/opendns-amsterdam/), as well as other servers around the world.

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  • madroc
    Jan 9, 06:56 PM
    Thanx mate!
    Do u think there will be any iTunes podcast for MWSF 08 immediately as they post the webcast? hope they don't post it as late like last year.


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  • Koyder
    Dec 21, 10:42 AM
    I guess the Star Wars kid can now kiss the "2003's Lamest" award goodbye...

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  • AppleMatt
    Dec 14, 01:03 PM



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  • Bobdude161
    Mar 23, 05:25 AM
    GodFather has been getting ok reviews but is basically the PS2 game with a bit of waggle

    Cooking Mama - has been getting 'AWFUL' reviews

    Blazing Angels - has sucked the ass on all formats - wii is meant to be no different.

    Ouch! That sucks!

    Hows the port for TD:U for PS2 (besides graphics)? Is there anything they took out of it, like the MMO racing feature or only racing half the island? I don't see any reviews for the ported game yet. :o

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  • mkrishnan
    Dec 23, 09:57 PM
    This is a total wild shot, but you're sharing your iTunes library over the network, right? It appears to be trying to make domain name accommodations for your iTunes library. I'm not sure if that's standard operating procedure or not, but it seems strange to me. Try turning that off temporarily and seeing if you get the same keyboard lock?

    If you don't, then perhaps it has something to do with the way iTunes sharing is set up... if not, it was a wild goose chase. Sorry. :(

    Oh, and at this point, if you haven't already, do just repair permissions for the heck of it. You never know.


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  • Mr. Anderson
    Sep 25, 08:51 PM
    Maybe colorful pants just look bad... :p

    And don't go for those matching shirt and pants outfits - that might even be worse....but part of your observation might have something with the fact that fashion seems to want to stress the face and not the lower half. It might be a double standard since there are plenty of flashy womens' pants and such.....


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  • ludevit
    Dec 28, 12:09 PM
    Cromulent, if you still have one left i would very much appreciate to get it.

    My addy: ludevit.stur [at] gmail.com



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  • uknick
    Mar 25, 12:49 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-gb) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    BTW meant to call it "online ordering UK" but my finger slipped on my iPhone can't change it now!!!

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  • whiteangel
    Sep 17, 05:09 AM
    Thanks alot for the heads up ! :D

    Before I take the plunge, is there is no one that feels that a tactile pro is better for typing long hours ?


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  • Coded-Dude
    Mar 20, 11:49 AM
    I play the DEMO all the time....its a blast.
    I may buy this, but have too many other full length games to play at the moment.

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  • c1phr
    Apr 17, 11:17 PM
    If there's any advantage to paper books, it's that you can take it places anywhere and don't need a computer. I had a job where I took books with me and would read when it was slow.

    This is not much of an advantage, esp with iPads and other readers.

    All my reading right now is eBooks! Easier to have several books open to cross-reference stuff too.

    Yea, for the most part, I'm rarely in a situation like that, but I had considered that. I'm looking at this option: I'm willing to test this first with programming books, which I generally don't read away from a computer anyway. Then I'll decide if I want to move to ebooks exclusively.

    For my programming books I use ebooks for being able to search, and access them from my various machines. Its also easier to have them on my screen beside where I am coding.

    That was a major reason the ebook option appealed to me, easily portable and searchable.


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  • SteveKnobs
    Feb 14, 06:45 PM
    ri0ku, you're a smart guy and I strongly think that people regard you highly in life.

    Yea now would be a good time to stop your flaming. Get a life. A girlfriend might help too. You have two weeks to use your iPad to attract women.

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  • dominickator
    Apr 22, 06:34 PM
    I have a white iPhone 4, so i'll tell you about my experience.

    Mine doesn't work, but it's an easy fix. I haven't bothered though.
    It works fine.
    It is not, but the proximity sensor doesn't work on more conversions than the earpiece not working.
    The camera is fine. Even the flash is fine.


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  • cube
    May 6, 05:53 AM
    DiskWarrior worked for me where Disk Utility failed.

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  • yg17
    Feb 7, 10:05 PM

    DELANO, Calif.� A California man attending a cockfight has died after being stabbed in the leg by a bird that had a knife attached to its own limb.

    The Kern County coroner says 35-year-old Jose Luis Ochoa was declared dead at a hospital about two hours after he suffered the injury in neighboring Tulare County on Jan. 30.

    An autopsy concluded Ochoa died of an accidental "sharp force injury" to his right calf.

    Sheriff's spokesman Ray Pruitt says it's unclear if a delay in seeking medical attention contributed to Ochoa's death. Tulare officials are investigating, and no arrests were made at the cockfight.

    I'd say this is deserving of a Darwin Award

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  • Stirolak26
    Apr 6, 01:26 AM

    Lol he looks like an old hippy teaching creative writing or something at a csu. He is so dangerous he has to be kept in solidary and the entire cuban inmate population had to jump him and tackle him to subdue him in the 80s prison riots -- because the federal govt wouldnt deal with the cubans if he was still lose. They even had to escort him recently in a Hanibal lector suit at some recent gag trials.






    From http://www.redorbit.com/news/general/183822/heavy_security_set_for_aryan_brotherhood_trial/:

    "Carter said defense lawyers could call Tommy Silverstein as a witness but warned the notorious Aryan Brotherhood leader known as "Terrible Tom" would be shackled in court "just like a 'Silence of the Lambs' character."

    Silverstein killed a guard in 1983 at Marion federal prison in Illinois after slipping his handcuffs with the help of another gang member and pulling a concealed foot-long knife.

    Silverstein, who has also been convicted of killing three other inmates, is the nation's most heavily guarded prisoner, according to prosecutors. He is confined to a special cellblock in the basement of Leavenworth Penitentiary in Kansas.

    "He will come out here in chains and sit there in chains," Carter said in a pretrial hearing on Friday."

    Mar 25, 01:43 PM
    Er...Kalns, on that site go to Stats and pull up Team 3446. You'll find nearly 2000 of us already listed :p

    Although if you want to join in, please do. The more the merrier :)

    Mike Teezie
    Nov 22, 04:27 PM
    Why are you all saying I use jpegs? They're all pngs...

    Pngs or jpgs both gave me the same result as you are having in your blog. I resorted to gifs, and the problem was corrected.

    i have to ask... what is with the drop shadow? huge, obvious drop shadows are NOT good unless you are animating 3d objects or doing motion graphics... the big drop shadow is running rampant around the web attacking sites left and right... i say we start here and rise against the drop shadow.

    beyond that, like other users said, your tech side is fine. as for visuals, others have pointed out the color issues.

    It's all about personal tastes and preferences. Mine are similar to yours obviously, I like a flatter look. I hacked on one of the stock themes for my own WordPress page (http://mnjordan.com/journal/), to give it a monochromatic, flat look consistent with the overall "theme" of my site.

    May 18, 09:16 PM
    other Rumors mainly from the survey taken a while back seem's like there will be a Built in netflix app no disc needed
    Great, so we'll have to pay for built-in Netflix just like on the 360? I hope not, esp. since the disc version is already free (though slower and worse than the 360 implementation, for sure).

    Apr 4, 01:13 AM
    I'd consider upgrading. The 8600m is something of a timebomb and is likely to fail at some point.

    Apr 25, 11:21 PM
    2011 Mac Mini and MacBook Coming Soon; Supply Shortages Hit European Apple Stores (Updated)


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