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  • nefrateedi
    08-01 05:29 PM
    Thanks for the information.

    say for eg, there is a $1000 fee for my 485, does this include spouse's 485 also?
    Or I have to pay seperate $1000 for spouse's 485?

    No, it does not include the spouse's application. The fee schedule will give you a good idea of what the fees are for each category.

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  • chanukya
    06-05 04:06 PM
    Please keep blogging

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  • days_go_by
    07-20 01:01 PM
    I wouldn't say Gates is a loser, but whoever really believes this is one.
    just relax, check his id "nonimmi", he/she would say that.

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-26 01:00 PM
    Until now, new inmates booked into the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) prison system had their fingerprints checked only for criminal history information. But now, each new inmate booked into the Huntsville, Texas, intake site will now also have his or her fingerprints checked by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) biometric system for any immigration record.

    The TDCJ prison system is the first in the United States to partner with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in this new program, called Secure Communities. This comprehensive program is intended to streamline the process by which ICE determines if the screened inmate is a criminal alien, subject to automatic removal after the inmate completes his or her prison term. Highest priority is given to inmate aliens who have been convicted of crimes such as rape, robbery, murder, kidnapping, and major drug offenses.

    Eventually all 24 intake sites in Texas will have the same capability to screen inmates’ immigration history. ICE currently partners with 50 counties and law enforcement agencies across the nation in the Secure Communities program, and looks to expand the program to all law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.

    More information about ICE's Secure Communities effort is available at ( Additional information about TDCJ’s partnership with ICE may be found at:

    More... (


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  • Ann Ruben
    08-06 08:51 PM
    This should nt have any impact on your wife's AOS application.

    However, for peace of mind, you can have CBP corect the error. This is easily done by contacting the nearest CBP deferred inspection site. Go to"][/URL to find contact information.

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  • reno_john
    06-16 10:58 AM
    I have current passport with valid I94, my lawyer asks for copy of all expired passport which has visas on it. But I ccannot find the expired passport, can I still file the I485. I appreciate your help.

    Better give them both there is no harm, because they are gonna check the validity period on them.

    But u can ask a attroney, that was my opinion.


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  • jliechty
    April 1st, 2005, 08:39 PM
    Why not pick out one or two of your favorites (or perhaps instead, images that are technically fine but that you don't like and aren't sure why) and post them here? I'm sorry, but I certainly won't be taking the time to wade through a gallery of hundreds of images that look almost exactly the same, let alone writing critiques for each one (which is what I assume you were asking for, having posted your site in this particular forum).

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  • EdenMN
    06-27 04:08 PM
    Please give us more details , don't mention color of the receipts(one is Visa appointment fees and second Visa issuance fee )

    as far I remember , the receipt used to get visa appointment should match with what you you submit at consulate. If you have lost it then u need to get another DD and book/if possible edit the appointment deatils

    But if you have lost Visa issuance fees , u don't have to modify ur appointment details but sure you need to get another DD


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  • RC2009
    10-12 11:52 PM
    I am a H1 getting married to a citizen. We are planning on getting married in IL. Are there any rules on documents required on my part to even apply for a license? And then for the marriage ceremony (we plan to have a small civil ceremony). I am pretty confused by all the different advice.

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  • pal351
    01-23 01:58 PM
    They will staple both the paassports and send back to you.
    You need to carry your old&New passports together all the time.


    My passport will be expiring in next 6 months. I do have an appt pending with US embassy Bombay. I have some queries, if someone can please guide me:

    1. What happens to old passport. I took Appt with old passport number?

    2. Can I keep my old passport?

    3. Is it OK to go for new renewed passport? Or will it impact the H1B stamping and interview process?

    Pls suggest.



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  • DyersEve
    09-28 12:33 AM
    Well nevermind, i somehow figured things out and if ya wanna check out my test movie go to

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  • mm1
    10-16 11:20 PM
    Actually how could the employer pay him before his visa status is activated. His visa status is activated only on 1st of october. and his status was changing from h4 to h1.


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  • sachuin23
    08-10 02:53 AM
    Address should be home address which in your friends case would be address in India.
    Same applies for the home phone.

    I believe you can put tentative travel date for his travel to US. This info is usually used to determine start date for validity of visa.

    For last question, I had used name and contact info of graduate adviser/Department Head.

    Hope it helps!

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  • sledge_hammer
    07-01 03:30 PM
    What to do, what to do!!! :D

    Btw, why didn't you take the poll? :)

    Sledge hammer nobody is interested in the poll it seems ;)


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  • nlssubbu
    03-24 03:13 PM
    Hello everyone,

    It is extremely unfortunate but I have lost my green card. I can�t seem to find it anywhere. I know that it has not been stolen, just lost! I need to apply for a replacement green card ASAP. I need to submit some initial documents along with my I-90 form for it. I have been trying to search on the internet regarding it but I can�t seem to find a clear answer.

    Long story short, could somebody please tell me what initial documents are there to submit along with my I-90 form? I have a copy of my original green card, but is there anything else required? Am I required to submit my photos along with my form?

    I would highly appreciate if someone could reply to my queries ASAP.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    When my wife lost it, I sent the copy of the green card along with I-90. I also went to the local USCIS office to get the stamp of I-551 on her passport as well.

    I believe they will schedule for fingerprinting and photo will be taken at that time. (eventually we did found her missing GC and cancelled the request and hence did not go through the entire process) :)


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  • meragreencard
    10-29 08:07 AM
    Thank you so much for your replies... my attorney updated me saying that its not an issue as Bhatt mentioned that I am in AOS too...


    I doubt it is an issue. you should be fine. U are in AOS too!


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  • jkamdar
    08-21 06:52 PM
    Had an Infopass appointment today VA, Washington Field Office, just wanted to share the experience here.

    Had appiled I-485 last year August, and case was transferred to Vermont and then back to Texas, had
    never received my FP notice. Received EAD and AP from Vermont last year.

    It was a really nice experience as first lady confirmed/checked my Priority date is current, and was very helpful, she immediatly scheduled an FP appointment for my wife and myself for Sep.4th, though I did not
    inquire much about my case, she provided me with all the details. My wife's name check got cleared last year and mine got cleared just this July 31st, she also said that recently tsc centre worked on my case, and probably did not do much as FP is missing, she said that currently my case in the records room and not in examination room. When asked after FP on Sep 4. any chances me getting approved, for follow-up she said call TSC after two weeks they should able give u all the details.

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  • pritesh80
    02-15 10:35 AM

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  • gmpa
    11-08 03:39 PM
    I have no US visa stamped in my passport and planning to fly Emirates to India via Dubai. I will use AP for re-entry. Do I need transit visa at Dubai like London and other European Airports? Response from anyone with experience will be appreciated. If already discussed here, guidance to particular forum will help.

    09-13 10:40 AM
    Those planning to park at Metro Stations, note that at most stations parking is not free. Where paid, it is accessible only through SmarTrip card (a prepaid card used by regular commuters). Credit cards or any other payment methods are not accepted at these automated parking lots.

    Further, as such, these lots get filled up by 8am. Sep 18 being a car-free day in DC, more cars are likely to get at these parking lots, filling them even earlier.

    08-17 12:39 PM
    enough talking.....Voets get back to

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