Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • sathish_gopalan
    09-04 04:08 PM
    My EAD renewal has not been approved and it has been 100 days. I checked with local immigration officer and they dont know as why it is still not processed. USCIS customer service representative says it is within the processing time in Nebraska service center. I efiled EAD and got the biometrics done in June. I am on EAD & can i continue to work if the EAD renewal does not come through befire the current EAD expires ?. Will it affect I485 ?

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  • aolujumu
    02-25 01:37 PM
    Welcome, i am also new to C#
    I seems alike with C++ but the
    variables are offcourse different and all that
    I hope the program is flexible as well...

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  • Wolf
    08-20 03:06 PM
    Well i didnt wanted to import a maya object to swift3d, i was just replying to helgi's question. with 3dstudiomax you can import and export an object to swift3d, its an advantage because what you can do in swift3d its more limited that in try to make a "mesh" of an object in 3d studio and export to swift3d so you can export this object has a *.swf. now make this object in swift3d the quality of the object, and the size of the file almost the same. Test it.

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  • reddymjm
    05-12 08:48 AM
    No difference. You pay more for 1 yr textensions as you have to do 3 times as compared to 3yr extension. No lawyer will advise you to go for 1 yr if you have an approved I140....


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  • Immigration4all
    12-12 08:31 PM
    You can register a PACER Account through Federal Court Website, then you will be able to search for other WOM cases in your district.

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  • insbaby
    08-06 02:21 PM
    Its illegal by law.

    OK. Assume that you decided to take the "better offer" by throwing the previous "better offer" and they trasnfer your H1, before joining them you will surely get another "better offer" in few months, because you are always searching for that, what will you do?

    "Career growth is important and you have to catch the opportunities on your way." - I guess you misunderstood this.

    I will not encourage this practice at all.


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  • automaton2
    April 2nd, 2005, 10:21 AM
    great artist link
    not following anyone


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  • gckidhamal
    10-01 04:56 PM
    I am over here to seek some guidance for my brother.

    My brother has completed his degree in Physiotherapist from India and now he is planning to come to states for his higher education.

    Experience physiotherapist who already went through this process please help us to understand�
     The immigration process for the Physiotherapist.
     Is it tough to get H1 visa for Physiotherapist now a day after completion of masters from U.S?
     How is the job market for Physiotherapist?
     What is the approximate pay rate for Physiotherapist?

    If you think the information is posted somewhere please guide me to that link and accept my sorry.


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  • HV000
    03-20 10:14 PM
    Thank you all for your comments!

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  • helcrase
    04-07 09:21 PM

    I am in the US now. Can I change to F1 visa in August and get the new F1 stamping or the approved transfer as you said, when I visit my home country later some ?

    thanks again.


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  • qtoask
    06-15 09:58 AM
    These were the people who had already applied and were in retro stage before june 1.

    pl update...

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  • Munshi75
    06-13 08:57 PM
    Can I apply for EAD and keep it inacive until my H1B expires. Anybody please?


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  • radhagd
    03-17 11:40 AM

    I�m in EB2 and My I-140 was approved September 2008 through Employer A. And I got laid off on November 2009 from EMP A, within 15 days I joined another Employer B. As per policy, employer B is not going to file GC for me. Already I spend 5 years on my H1B. I check with EMP A�s HR dept, they will not revoke my I-140 and H1B. I know AC21 is one of the options to transfer (Portability) my PD to Emp B after apply I-485.

    It would be great if I get answer the below my Question:

    1. If my PD is current, Will I eligible to apply I-485 using Employer A I-140 approved?
    2. What are the documents needed from employer A, if I want apply I-485?
    3. All my friends telling me, I can apply I-485, Is it true?

    Tons of Thanks,

    No you cannot apply I485 in company B. when your PD is current if you go back to your Company A , then company A can file I485.

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  • chrisj
    04-03 07:17 PM
    I ran into similar circumstances in 2008 and i accepted some amount on 1099. So far nothing has happened. At that time money was more important for me than anything else. It was just one instance in my 5 years on H1. Right now i applied for I-140 and waiting for approval. I maintained my H1 status pretty good all the time. If there is ever an enquiry i'm thinking of explaining the proper reason why i accepted the payment on 1099. Hopefully there shouldn't be any problem.
    To sum it up, It is illegal to accept payments on 1099 when you are on H1. And i would advice everyone to stay away from 1099. Every case is different and you never know what is going to happen


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  • tamil12
    10-20 05:52 AM
    Get it Notarized with photo and send the document.There are standard formats available.

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  • StukAtBEC
    08-04 10:57 AM

    I' am a new member and I recently read about IV group on with regards to the flower campaign. Congratulations to all of them who could file thier I-140's and I-485's. Special thanks to all those who were involved in getting this resolution.

    This is my first post and I would like to know if we can all get together and request DOS for accomodating all the pending applicants with BEC's during the October's Visa bulletin.

    I know it sounds ridiculous but if you put the numbers together...currently there are around 25000 applications pending with BEC's and by Aug 17th those numbers might come down to 22,000. I' am not sure what would USCIS or DOS would gain in holding these 22000 applications back. May be 50,000 with dependents.

    The best solution would be to have PD's of April'2005 for all EB categories in the month of October'07. If IV group could lobby for all the remaining applicants at BEC's, then it would be ideal for every one. Justice to all aspiring legal immigrants.

    All of us can then focus our energies on other issues like Visa numbers, capturing unused visas, not counting dependents in the visa quota etc.

    I hope everyone (those who have already submitted I-140's and I-485's) can support us on this issue and this should be on top of all the priorities.

    Please provide any suggestions you might have on this subject.
    ************************************************** ******
    My labor details:
    EB2; Nov-2004; Non-RIR; Stuck at PBEC.


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  • kirupa
    10-11 04:26 AM
    Added :)

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  • dbevis
    January 11th, 2005, 02:36 PM
    I like the colors, and the silhouetted person. Personally, I think cropping out a lot of the top (roughly the upper 1/2 of the picture) would make it more interesting. This would also give it a panorama-like appearance.


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  • freddyCR
    January 11th, 2005, 02:21 PM
    What do you think?

    12-11 06:05 PM
    Anyone ???????

    11-01 10:50 AM
    Also can you let me know if its OK for my wife to stay legally here with the receipt from the I-539 filing. The processing time at California center says they are currently processing I-539's from June'07

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