Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-25 10:28 AM
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    This is true, mortgage lenders will avoid foreclosure fees and still get their money. Just give a shot, try talking to your bank.

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  • krupa
    04-24 03:24 PM
    The new bill introduced makes tough for employers to file new H1B petitions and does not prohibit hiring of existing H1B or EAD candidates.
    If greater than 50% of thier total strenghth of employess are H1B visa holders , then they can not file for any new/ fresh H1B petition.

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  • bkn96
    11-17 04:41 PM
    At present my EAD is status not changed (USCIS case tracking), So I assume my EAD is valid. I also read Attorny Ron's blog that EAD is valid even I485 is denied. That gives me some comfort. Another problem, even if I get H1b (with out I94), I don't have AP to go (out of country) for stamping. What happens if I apply for AP while I485 is denied? Any one tried this? I am not sure what to do...

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  • asanghi
    06-29 05:21 PM
    But I can not help but notice the timing of priority dates becoming current and also these rumours.

    The priority dates became current right before the immigration bill was to be brought up for the second time in the senate. Now as the bill has been shot down, next day these rumours begin surfacing. Guess no need to keep us distracted anymore, so no need to go through the pain of getting bombarded with applications.

    I feel, both are extraordinarily extreme measures. Make priority dates jump 5 years in one month and then retrogress them in the middle of the month.


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  • amitjoey
    07-09 07:00 PM
    I am telling you, this is all great!!. It is working, do not doubt it. It has to be this way for a news story. This makes a great story. Also canceling orders sends wrong messages, we care for the troops fighting for us, Why cancel.

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  • hoolahoous
    08-13 07:24 PM
    i got my 'decision' email on 10th. But after that nothing. No CPO email/No welcome email/ No LUD.
    I am hoping that they didn't let my case 'drop through cracks'. Considering USCIS's way of working I wouldn't be surprised. Will give a week or two more.


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  • ivar
    08-25 10:03 AM
    how can it be free..when you pay 25/month?

    I have vonage service since two years and i am paying 24.99/m since two years for unlimited US, canada and europe. They just added india in the international calling list so isn't it free? I am not paying anything extra for calling to india. I have been with vonage for quality and it is personal choice about which service you use and how much you pay for that. It all depends on usage and how much we spend on calling cards or calls to india. If you spend more than $25 on calling to india than this is a great plan if you have internet connection at home.

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  • buddyinsd
    08-15 03:14 PM
    I'm waiting toooooooooo..........., PD: Oct 2005:mad:

    Did u hpn to find out if ur case is with an officer or not?


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  • mrsr
    06-26 06:20 PM
    i just PM you can u please see and reply

    I am filing things on my own. I have one question.

    Can i only file for AP when dates are current or i could file for AP before a travel?

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  • greencardvow
    07-31 07:23 PM
    Just send a letter to USCIS with Receipt # to fix the typo. This wont get rejected.
    What happens if we type incorrect A# on spouse application, are they going to send RFE or case will be denied?


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  • jungalee43
    09-09 03:51 PM
    As I am continuing calls I found that they are all aware of bill coming for vote tomorrow. They asked are you talking about visa bill?
    Generally the response from Dems is positive and from Rs it is sort of neutral.
    Rep. Coble's (NC) spokeman insisted that I was not from NC. When I mentioned that I lived in NC for many years mentioning the names of the towns, his reply was that those places were not from their district.

    I am continuing my calls.

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  • EB2IndianGC
    09-28 08:38 AM
    Also, does anyone remember where the I-485 was mailed? NSC or TSC? From what I remember it was based on what state you lived in when I-485 was filed.

    It was NSC for New York residents... Can someone confirm that please.

    Yes, it was based on the State you lived. One other thing, you may want to check with Customer Service, since when are you have been actually considered a PR. If they have considered you as a PR since 2008, it is good for you, you will be able to apply for Citizenship sooner


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  • nk2006
    07-11 01:01 PM
    Some one from Al Jazeera is requesting for more info. Please contact him (if its not done yet) for a story on the flower drive. Other members who participated in the drive please call and talk a few details.

    His request is pasted from another thread:

    I'm a producerfor Al Jazeera English, the international TV network. I'm hoping to talk with some of the people involved in the flower campaign. If you have time to contact me it would be great- 202-496-4519 or 202-651-1613. Many thanks,
    Kelly Rockwell

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  • asanghi
    05-15 01:03 PM
    I plan to talk to my lawyer today. My past experience is that lawyers don't give all the options themselves. You have to know what options you have and then they will give advice on that.

    So if anybody has gone through similar situation, please give your inputs. I am sure many other people can benefit from this information.


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  • addsf345
    09-22 06:52 PM
    any news from sunrocket (teleblend in its new avatar)?

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  • singhv_1980
    01-30 05:09 PM
    in mumbai, also you need to enter the details of petition online (petition number, expiry date and petitioner name) while booking appointment.. and you need to submit all documents before 5 working days.. (in some cases they mention 3 working days)

    I havent taken my appointment yet so dont know if that would be the case even for Delhi. But in Mumbai..r they asking to fax the documents (like I-129, I 797A, LCA etc) to them prior to the interview?


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  • caliguy
    10-02 05:22 PM
    I can understand your frustation. I am not sure, but at times I feel if all the pushing and prodding we have done has pi$$ed off USCIS. I mean, what would it take for them to approve or look at our cases ? What am I missing?

    I had infopass this morning. The IO was rude and repeated everything I knew. He even said I became current only last month, did I expect to be approved in less than a month? When I told him that pretty much everybody who was curret (and after me) had been approved, he told me how does that matter? I wanted to ask him, what happened to my number in the queue and following the rules of the game?? Last year, USCIS went by receipt date, and not PD. What are they going by this year??

    Thanks for providing the address, I will drop in a mail to Secretary Napolitano.

    Hang in there and have a good weekend.

    Caliguy and GF
    I just wrote a letter detailing my frustrations and attached with it the documents. I don't think the call was anything big was more a courtesy call an image improving call...we were not told anything that we didn't know already.....USCIS always raised more questions than answering them.......

    The address is:

    To reach the Secretary

    Secretary Janet Napolitano
    Department of Homeland Security
    U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    Washington, DC 20528

    Today, I again talked to TSC POJ again the same thing I can issue Biom notice for you too..I asked is it possible that the adjudicating IO is on vacation or (well I didn't ask "dead" or "alive" she 'd cut the phone...she said she can send an email to the IO that I am concerned.....I said plz do....not even sure if she will do faith in USCIS is dwindling since day 1..


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  • mbartosik
    06-15 01:36 PM
    I filed a G28 to allow me to represent my wife. I did not use an attorney. If you are filing for more than one person then I think that a G28 is worth it. It is a trivial form.

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  • widad2020
    09-20 08:32 PM
    I see the same. my pd is may 20.

    Did anyone see any Soft LUDs on their 485 or old EADs before their approvals/RFEs?

    My PD is June 7 2006, not current. Yesterday, I had a soft LUD on my 485 and my first EAD. These two haven't seen any activity since early 2009, and I'm wondering if this means anything or if I'm reading into this a little too much.


    11-25 04:27 PM
    Hmm interesting.

    So if I buy a gas guzzling SUV/Truck and the price of it goes down to 1/4 because of soaring oil prices, I guess dealer should pay me back the 3/4 because it is not my fault. Right ?
    And if I bought used Hybrid which is now selling like hot cakes and I make a profit I must redeem it to the car dealer. Because I made money I didn't anticipate. Also, my 401K losses should be returned back because it isn't my fault the stocks are loosing value. The price of gas I paid this summer was twice what I am paying now, so I must get back the money I spent this summer, because it is not my fault that there has been fluctuations in the oil prices.

    Well, if only it were that simple. That's not how the system works, although you would want to be that. When you sign the dotted line you are in the binding contract and from then on profits, losses and fire sale is all yours.
    You have to live up to what you have signed or next time around you signature will not be honored.

    Dude, then why are we blaming people like is not his fault that the supply was abundant and demand receded..........I would still blame the banking system for the housing failure.......they landed out money which they knew would stop coming back at one point in time........and again, it's not that he cannot afford his monthly payments...........he just cannot sell his asset - to me that is a problem on the part of the lender and not the borrower. No wonder banks are re-adjusting the home loan amounts (to a much lower value than originally specified in the agreement) for people who cannot pay the normal mortgage (due to whatever reasons). Go and teach the same lesson to these greedy banks and lending institutions.

    Again, I am not saying that foreclsosing (escapism) is a good route to take, as there are other ways to keep the paying the mortgage without hurting your mobility but at the same time it is not prudent to blame it entirely on the borrower - lending institutions are responsible for major part of this mess.

    01-30 02:48 PM
    There are 3 kind of jobs -
    1. Jobs that require active security clearance - this kind of job is only limited to US citizen that have security clearance of that level. Yes, tehre are different levels in security clearance as well.
    2. Jobs that will be in unit where everyone must be US citizen. These kind of jobs can be filled by US citizen without the need of any security clearance.
    3. Jobs that are open for everyone - One must have active work authorization.

    The vast majority of the jobs are of type #3. In any case, if job requires US citizen, the hiring place must be able to answer why that job is restricted to US citizens only.

    US citizen of Indian origin
    Not a legal advice

    Let me share my wife's bitter experience. She told the employer about EAD. She got interview thrice and selected. Offer letter came and they mentioned that it is only allowed after the security clearance such as NAT.
    Employment verification was success.
    Then when they sent papers to NAT clearance they rejected immediately as for NAT clearance one must be Green Card holder atleast.
    The HR department mentioned sorry for their confusion as they themselves completely do not understand the whole thing.
    So, any security clearance jobs for Govt/Military/AirForce dont waste your time if you are EAD holder.

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