Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • gimme Green!!
    04-01 12:47 PM
    Admins - why are my messages only showing up in this I 140 Forum (where I do not seem to get a reply) and not on the Forum shown on the Home page??

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  • curiosity_76
    08-15 11:23 AM
    If not, I have to refile.

    help, guys!

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  • Blog Feeds
    03-12 08:40 PM
    USCIS has issued a memorandum to Chileans in the US letting them know that various measures are in place to assist some who may face immigration obstacles due to the massive earthquake in their country: The grant of an application for change or extension of nonimmigrant status on behalf of a Chilean national who is currently in the United States, even in cases where the request is submitted after the individual�s authorized period of admission has expired; Re-parole of individuals granted parole by USCIS; Extension of certain grants of advance parole, expedited processing of advance parole requests; Expedited adjudication and...

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  • ChainReaction
    02-01 10:15 AM
    Not sure if increase in immigration fee will make GC processing faster.

    Yes, it will definitely make the GC processing faster but only for Agriculture/ illegal workers...we pay they benefit. :D :D :D


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  • geniousatwork
    09-23 06:21 PM
    I saw two LUDs recently 09/11 and 09/14 on my case.

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  • mgiordano
    11-16 02:18 PM
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  • carbon
    09-17 01:29 PM
    If my wife apply for her Social Security number based on EAD card, will
    that cancel her H4 visa ?

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  • roseball
    03-29 04:41 PM
    I think you will have an option to apply for a H1 for the remainder of the six years without being counted in the quota...


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  • black_logs
    02-02 09:26 AM
    Reminder for residents of TX/TN

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  • Blog Feeds
    01-07 08:50 AM
    The big news is that the masters cap was hit as of December 24th. I had been predicting since last summer that this 20,000 quota would be hit in the last week of the year and the pace of usage stayed extremely consistent. The general quota has 7,700 visas of 65,000 remaining as of December 31st and the rolling four week average is now running at just over 1500. We have seen a modest up tick in usage since the masters cap ran out, but not as much as might be expected. It looks like we've got five to six...

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  • Blog Feeds
    03-27 11:30 AM
    Peri Software Solutions Inc., a New Jersey-based software company, has recently been cited by the Department of Labor for wage law violations in connection with 163 H-1B visa employees. The company is accused of not paying prevailing wages to its H-1B workers, most of whom are software and technology analysts. Under H-1B regulations, employers are required file a Labor Condition Application (LCA) as part of the H-1B petition for immigrant workers. By doing so, the employer agrees to pay the employee a wage equal to or greater than the prevailing wage specified in the LCA. This wage must be paid...

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  • poorninuke
    01-29 11:58 PM
    Hi Guru's,

    I am currently in INDIA and applying for my H1. I have a couple of questions regarding this:
    Back Ground:

    1. My husband and myself are applying for H1 B.
    2. Company A is sponsoring H1 for my husband and company B is applying for H1 for me.

    Q & A:

    1. As H1 B is lottery system this time too, we both are applying for H1. Is it possible that, if both of us get H1's, can I still enter into US on H4 status and later convert to H1.

    Your valuable suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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  • pstvak
    06-23 01:31 AM
    Can someone please tell me on how to reach the customer service personal? What are the options to press after 1-800-375-5283.

    I received a Biometric Apt. through my attorney a month back and I appeared for the apt. The time was coincided with my move so it went to attorney and didnt come to my address.

    Now I received another notice dated one month later than the first one. So I want to talk to them and findout if it necessary to appear again.


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  • pd052009
    03-31 06:50 PM
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$good evening gc$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


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  • indianabacklog
    08-01 10:31 AM
    Has anyone who filed in June and at NSC recieved any approvals for EAD/AP ?

    We see TSC sending all these approvals..!!!

    Please post here and we can track'em as they come.

    Have not received EAD approval for case filed in Texas in May, where are all these approvals from June??????????????

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  • blackberry
    07-05 11:17 AM
    Atlanta EB victim,

    What USCIS & DOS did to use on July 2nd should serve as a wakeup call for all
    of us.

    Can we get a head count of number of EB victims in Atlanta to start some constructive action against this injustice.



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  • cr125rider
    04-24 10:36 PM
    Original, I like.

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  • ajp5
    05-19 11:55 AM
    thats correct. On a lighter note....the species called "drug dealers" are particularly vulnerable.

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  • pd052009
    04-04 10:13 AM
    Countdown: 27 More days to go (Incl. today)
    Required Yes Votes : 5000

    Read from the below link for more details (Support Thread for "I485 filing w/o Curr. PD" initiative)

    04-10 10:01 AM
    I have filed an appeal for a rejected I 140, which is I 290B.
    I also filed a new I 140 using the same labor (EB3, august 2003)

    Now I am seeing constant changes to LUDs to both status online, but the text doesnt change.
    I 290B had LUD change for 3 days, and I 140 had LUD change for 3 days too.
    I am confused now... does this mean they are working on the case?
    constant changes like these furstrate me when there is no message or text change in status.
    Can the gurus here predict according to similar trends? what can I expect?

    many thanks in advance....

    11-12 09:47 AM
    Any advice will be appreciated...

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