Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • sganny
    05-09 12:42 PM
    Maybe we can use the H-1 B reform bill, to recapture unused visas during the last many years. Make H-1 B tough but at the same time, release those green card numbers. Carrot and Stick approach.

    This is one of the key reasons why we are not successful in our mission. All we can do is "lets kill H1/L1 so I can get GC", "lets not worry about EB3 as long as my EB2 is fine!". The only way we can make any progress is to stay united. Lets not try to find carrots that would really be sticks on people who are also part of this cause.

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  • suriajay12
    03-10 09:01 PM
    BTW guys,

    Thanks for those who think the idea has merit.
    i suddenly see a red dot against my username for trying to think out of the box:
    "please dont be foolish and waste everyones time with ur insane proposal? thanks"

    It is OK - whoever wanted to go this length. FYI, 'have been a member of IV and a donor since inception. Is anyone from the core who thinks this idea is insane?

    Like-minded folks - let us work on it
    How about having a list of action items and getting an opinion from the IV core on them?

    Who is thinking your idea is bad or your intentions.. dont worry about these reds. I got 7 recently, but people who see your point will give u a green and that will go off.. Dont spoil your mind.. and give us more ideas.. how do I give you a green.. can someone show me..
    I think I just figured out and gave u a green..

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  • gkattalu
    08-19 10:36 PM
    same here Buddy, i was told that cases assigned to officer on Aug 3 and pre-adjudicated.(NSC)
    havnt heard back eversince. got standard reply to SR:
    "Your I-485 case as August 12, 2010 is currently under review. You should receive a decision or notice of other action within 60 days of the date of this letter."

    I am in the same situation. I share your pain.

    I think the scientific community should stop their search for a black hole. Considering the difficulty in extracting the least bit of information from the USCIS, they will beat any black hole hands down. :-)

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  • Canadian_Dream
    06-29 05:22 PM
    I wish your are right. But AILA will not spread rumors by circulating official notice. Check the other thread. Besides AILA official notices are are rarely wrong.

    This is not the end of the world, enjoy ur weekend ........

    USCIS will be in big trouble if they do what the rumors say ...

    Just be ready to file and v ll c what happens .....

    I m 99.5% sure that its a rumor ....


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  • sareesh
    09-24 08:26 PM
    Two of my friends successfully ported to EB2.
    PD nov04 &
    PD dec04
    I requested my lawyer about my options?

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  • Sri_1975
    06-16 03:50 PM
    Yes L1 Situation needs to be contained. Place i work has lot for L1 people on client location.
    PM me OP what did you do to complain to ICE agents.


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  • jayleno
    10-29 10:37 AM
    None of the memos have stated that AC 21 can be used only in the case of lay offs. It could be a case of USCIS covering up a mistake they did. With the severe retrogression and impending recession there could be several reasons an employee will leave the employer.

    One of the iv member, has stated that the I485 has been denied for his friend, upon withdrawl of 140 by his ex-employer. His ex-employer has informed USCIS, that the employee left the job on his own. Also, he quoted that "USCIS denied I485 because, ac21 can be used in case of layoffs only , not switching for jobs"

    In your letter you are requesting to give RFE/NOID before denial, but the fundamental reason for denial is different in the above case. what is use of getting RFE/NOID, in that case?

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  • royus77
    06-29 07:30 PM
    For the nth time.. numbers are reduced only after approval and not based on receipt of application. So if you can submit it on July 2nd you submit it on 3rd and so on.

    485 Approvals are coming in thousands every day ( as per the increasing activity on pending 485s)...and DOS can any day suspend if they think numbers are over if you are lucky on 2nd you are in and so on ..remember GCs are not only approved in US only it been happening at all the visa posts all the world


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  • seekerofpeace
    10-02 04:40 PM
    Caliguy and GF
    I just wrote a letter detailing my frustrations and attached with it the documents. I don't think the call was anything big was more a courtesy call an image improving call...we were not told anything that we didn't know already.....USCIS always raised more questions than answering them.......

    The address is:

    To reach the Secretary

    Secretary Janet Napolitano
    Department of Homeland Security
    U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    Washington, DC 20528

    Today, I again talked to TSC POJ again the same thing I can issue Biom notice for you too..I asked is it possible that the adjudicating IO is on vacation or (well I didn't ask "dead" or "alive" she 'd cut the phone...she said she can send an email to the IO that I am concerned.....I said plz do....not even sure if she will do faith in USCIS is dwindling since day 1..


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  • MahaBharatGC
    11-25 10:48 AM
    Plz stop throwing mud at each other.

    US Mortogage Economy is much bigger pie in which our share sometimes minimum (people like me who did not by home) and people who bought are venting out the prices are come down.

    The fact of the matter is, anything is possible in US. Did not we hear Real Estate downs in New York and California in late 90s?
    By saying that you want to make money by selling house, you are taking risk.

    Now, if system provides a mechanism to walk away with a foreclosure, people will do it. It has been happening on Backruptcy and hence GOVT tightened it.

    The foreclosure process might also get changed in future.

    I do not know full details of ins and outs of Foreclosure so I will leave that to experts advice.
    But please stop blaming each other!!!
    This is not meant for blame game but for advice to an "co-immigrant".


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  • prinive
    07-11 11:30 AM
    ABC NEWS missing.


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  • abhijitp
    06-29 04:31 PM
    How about, they are expecting so many application 140 plus 485...that THEY DO NOT WANT TO PROCESS ANY always - THEY WILL SIT and EAT BURGERS and dont WANT TO DO ANY WORK...nothing new here folks...

    On Monday I upgraded my I-140 at NSC to Premium Processing category. It got approved in just 3 days. It is not as if they are not doing any work. In fact I checked that the TSC I-140 dates (my successor in interest I-140 is pending here) have moved forward too.

    I think they stopped premium processing I-140's now as they know there will be a flurry of AOS apps, which they would want to look at.

    For the same reason, I think the AILA thing about a new interim bulletin is also a rumour.
    Given a chance though, I would want to file ASAP... who won't?


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  • Techieforever
    08-13 11:49 AM
    Nope Z

    It was in NJ... atleast for me it was hopeless visit

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  • CADude
    09-21 01:31 PM
    See if you can find the director GERALD HEINAUER @ NSC or any senior executive. I will give a call and demand answers.

    Not sure which one?

    Barrett, Joe & Nicky
    8011 South St
    Lincoln, NE 68506-6535
    (402) 486-0720

    Barrett, Joel
    6142 NW Seventh St
    Lincoln, NE 68521-3757
    (402) 476-9775


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  • sundarpn
    01-02 12:27 AM
    This is useful info. But scary :(:mad:

    I was planning to get my h1b visa revalidation done at Chennai end of Jan '08.

    Can anyone who goes for H1b revalidation post their experiences?

    is this showing any signs of improvement?

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  • singhsa3
    07-11 11:50 AM

    I especially liked this:

    Several years later, just before his seventieth birthday in 1939, Gandhi was interviewed by a missionary, Dr. John R. Mott. Mott asked Gandhi to single out the most creative experience of his life. This was Gandhi�s reply:

    "I recall particularly one experience that change the course of my life. Seven days after I had arrived in South Africa the client who had taken me there asked me to go to Pretoria from Durban. It was not an easy journey. On the train I had a first-class ticket, but not a bed ticket. At Maritzburg, when the beds were issued, the guard came and turned me out. The train steamed away leaving me shivering in cold. Now the creative experience comes there. I was afraid for my very life. I entered the dark waiting room. There was a white man in the room. I was afraid of him. What was my duty; I asked my self. Should I go back to India, or should I go forward, with God as my helper and face whatever was in store for me? I decided to stay and suffer. My active non-violence began from that day."
    That wintery night in the waiting room on a railway platform, Gandhi made the fateful decision which changed the lives of thousands of South Africans and still inspires us today.


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  • gagbag
    07-11 01:04 PM,0710-lee.shtm

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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    06-13 08:52 AM
    Of course yes its for our interest BUT don't forget that its against a violation. Tomorrow if the same organization brings resources in H-1B/EAD/GC/Citizenship we are not going to complain about it ... because its within whats allowed by the law, I think thats the purpose of having rules ... to have a fair playing ground ... think abt the havoc/chaos these companies could create by bringing people without any visa (illegally across borders) and talk about 'closing the doors and me not brought up that way', do you think that anyone including you would support that???. Here the purpose of L-1B visa is misused and blindly violated, so lets move in the right direction, we are not asking all L-1B visas to be banned BUT to investigate the abusal of that visa category and we are just pointing out the incidents where we think its getting violated. Lets see who is on right/wrong side. We'll leave the decision part to ICE/USCIS/Other agencies involved.

    I think you are doing the right thing here. My question .. what are the typical signs you need to watch out for to determine L1 violations are happening? How do you collect information / evidence that ICE or USCIS could find helpful and act upon?

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  • GCBy3000
    01-16 12:40 PM
    Can we ourselves verify the data in PIMS even before going for stamping? Is this info public anywhere? This would help us to take better decesion on whether to go for stamping or use AP.


    I'd appeared for my H1B (F1 to H1) Visa interview on the 4th Jan at Mumbai. After almost 4 hours of waiting, the visa officer told me that they were unable to view/ verify my I-797 info as it was not updated in their Database. I was also told that this is an existing issue and that I should ask my company lawers to contact the Immigration Services office at DC. On being asked she told me the eta was 7-10 business days (or however long it takes for the info to get updated). I was then given the yellow slip and asked to submit my passport for stamping, after I receive an email indicating that my data is now updated. it's been 8 business days since my initial interview and I still haven't received any emails or calls.

    1) anyone who interviewed on or around 4th Jan who has received a call or email?
    2) Anyone who's aware of the procedure by which my company can expidite this issue (maybe through our lawyers)
    3) any additional info on how long the wait might be?

    I was told that on the 27th dec there were about 350 H1b pending cases (yellow slip) at the Mumbai consulate and around 150- 200 similar cases the following days. A freind of mine who appeared for his H1b interview on the 7th breezed through it with no issues.

    Thanks very much!

    08-17 01:11 PM
    I got email for decision/post decision about a week back but no CPO email yet.

    Sorry for my Ignorance on this, but what is CPO? Is it status changed to "CARD / DOCUMENT PRODUCTION"?

    09-25 11:12 AM
    I saw this link Murthy's email too. The total pre-adjudicated cases in the chart is matching with the total in the document. Well now there are more un-answered questions:
    1. Does all other pending 485 include employment based ? If yes what % are employment based ? Obviously we do not have any country specific data on these.
    2. Is there any way to know whether individual case is pre-adjudicated or not ?
    USCIS has fooled us again. No good statistical analysis can be done on incomplete/inaccurate data. I am going from hopeful to hopeless again. I am EB2-I Feb 2006.
    Thanks a lot for staying on top of this and posting your analysis.


    If I may suggest.
    Take a look at the pending 1-130 (Pref). Over 800k are pending and adjudication has been deferred in those cases. Those are FB cases for sure. Now if USCIS has deferred action in those cases, can we infer that all the 279k I-485 cases relate only to EB? Cant say for sure.
    However as it was pointed out in another forum, Texas and Nebraska process only EB cases. In their cases, the rate of preadjudication is very high....over 90% in Texas. I cant fathom the Nebraska numbers.
    The preadjudication numbers, in my opinion, are of the EB cases. The data, on the whole, needs to be explained by USCIS, better.

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