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kabul city pics

images Inside view of the Kabul City kabul city pics. Kabul, city of contrasts
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  • saibabu_d
    08-20 03:55 PM
    I've already paid 100$ for this rally. I can pay another 100$ if needed.

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    01-22 07:32 PM
    Thanks for replying back. I dont think we would need a change in legislaturel for USCIS to start accepting i-485 applications, when the PD's are not current. I'm sure there must be a way we are just not thinking differently. If we were talking about getting the GC, then yes we would need a change in the legislative process via or bill and so the hopes from CIR. Currently EAD does not mandate a need to prove an employer-employee relationship during renewal or issuance as in the case of a H-1B application.

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  • a_yaja
    01-02 12:06 PM

    I am on H1 and may have to use EAD in couple of months. What would be the status of my son (he is on H4) if I use EAD? We filed 485 in July 2007.


    If you filed for I-485 for your son as well then he is in Adjustment of Status (AOS), otherwise he may be out of status once you start using your EAD. Talk to an attorney if you have not filed for AOS for your son and plan to use EAD.

    2011 Old City - Kabul by Travelpod kabul city pics. That side of Kabul City
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    03-08 08:50 AM
    This report should be required viewing for every member of Congress and every US immigration official working on H-1B visa processing. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    More... (


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    01-13 08:32 AM
    I have a similar situation. I-140 approved, waiting to file I-485.

    Will INS extend the visa if 6 the year of H1-B expires , say in about 5 months?

    kabul city pics. Kabul City
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  • parth1970
    08-10 05:12 PM
    Thanks girishvar

    So ones I have new passport should I have to send copy to Consulate or NVC?


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  • glus
    01-02 09:23 AM
    If you applied for their I-130 before the end of 4/2001, then they would be eligible for 245(i) and adjust status even if they are illegally here now. However, for 245(i) to work, would require them being present in the U.S. at the time you applied for I-130. In short, if they were physically present in the U.S. before the end of April of 2001, and if you applied for their I-130 before end of April of 2001, they can adjust in the U.S. If not, they can't. In any case, if they leave the U.S. now for consular processing, they will not be able to receive their immigrant visas because they will trigger a 10-year bar from entry to the U.S. and become inadmissible.

    I would advise to speak to an immigration lawyer before doing anything at this time.

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  • nashorn
    12-18 05:53 PM
    Gurus, please help. Can anybody throw some light on why my LUD has changed on I-485. Could it be because of name clearance.
    Name check cleared would not result in a lud. But if you get more luds in the next couple of days, which probebly means they are processing your case, you can say your name check is cleared, because they only start process your case after name check is cleared.

    Is you PD current? If not, your case cann't be approved no matter how many luds.


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  • tpr
    02-17 07:04 PM
    Thanks to All :)

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  • jsb
    02-25 01:09 PM
    I just think SUPPOSE the bill really "granting the green card to someone who have stayed in US continously for 5 years" and if every of this type applicant is charged US$20,000 for immigration entry fee, there will be tremendous amount of money inflow to the economy and can save the economic recession but it is only a dream and will never come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    $20,000 fee as an immigration fee from those who have been in the US for 5 years (in addition to taxes, SS, Medicare etc.)? How will this save country from recession? Perhaps it will speed it up? $20K, which you would have spent on goods, will go out of circulation !!


    kabul city pics. Inside view of the Kabul City
  • Inside view of the Kabul City

  • gc_maine2
    08-03 07:22 AM
    I am now applying for AP renewal this week, Thats exactly my conclusions from the instructions. There are lot of experts in the forum, who can give you a right answer.


    I am currently in India.

    My Status:
    AP expires on August 10th 2010. Applied for AP extension since April 30th 2010. My AP extension hasn't arrived yet.

    There is no way I can travel back to US before August 10th. As per what I heard, a newly issued AP cannot be used to reenter the U.S. if it was not valid as of the date of departure form the U.S. IS this correct?


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  • karthik204
    03-30 03:46 PM


    house Kabul City Life kabul city pics. Kabul City River + Shah-Do
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  • julia0345
    05-06 03:58 PM
    How to check my DV_2011 result?

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  • Seajc
    04-06 02:12 PM

    My husband and I got married in December 2008 while I was a tourist in the United States. In order to stay and live with him, I sent an I-485 application with all the package (I-131, I-765, I-693...).
    I have received 2 advanced paroles and my work authorization and will have a SSN in proably 2 weeks but the green card, if accepted, will come very late.
    Now I really would like to visit my family and friends in Belgium for Christmas (or later, regarding to the job I will have) and I have heard that the advanced parole will not help me a whole lot.
    So my questions are:
    - Who should I contact to be sure that my husband and myself can go visit my family without any problem at the border, I mean, with the certitude I can come back in Pennsylvania with my husband? The customer service is not really helpfull this time.
    - Can I do it at all without beginning everything from the beginning and restarting all the immigration procedure?
    - What and to whom do I need to proove that I don't do anything bad and that I just want to visit my family and friends?
    - What kind of documents do I need to take with me? What kind of forms do I have to send to USCIS or DHS?
    I know it's not a question of life or death and there are a lot more urgent problems for other people, but I psychologically need to visit them and present my husband to some of my friends.
    Could you please help me? Thank you.


    pictures It to fly between kabul city kabul city pics. Kabul City, Afghanistan
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  • miguy
    06-15 12:17 PM

    dresses Kabul City, Afghanistan kabul city pics. Kabul City
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  • reddymjm
    06-19 04:21 PM
    The moment the H1B is approved, your friend is on H1B. L1 gets automatically cancelled when the H1B is approved. This is what I am told when it happened to me. But in my case, both L1 and H1B are done by the same company. If they are different companies, I am not sure how it works.

    U R RIGHT. If h1b has a future start date you can work on L1 till that date.


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  • coolfun
    01-28 07:47 PM

    I applied for my first EAD in May 2007 and had FP done in June 2007. I am now applying for my EAD renewal. Will there be another FP for the renewal?

    This is really urgent as I am traveling to India in April for a month and I don't want to miss the FP appointment. Please let me know if you have info on this?


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  • Cathy_P
    February 18th, 2005, 07:53 PM
    I think that this would look good...cropped down to at least half the sky that is there...sharpen more..converted to sepia.

    Ead And Ap Application Rejected [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Ead And Ap Application Rejected

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  • zuhail
    07-23 09:00 AM
    You can take time off -- like 4 weeks without any issue (I have done this), as long as the new company has filed to transfer your H1B petition.

    I guess you should avoid going out of status -- where the old company has revoked your H1B when the new company hasn't even filed the H1B transfer petition. Other than this, taking time off between jobs should not be any problem at all, provided you stay within the country and, no travel outside the US. But if you do, you should consult your lawyer about its implications. Good luck with your new endeavors.

    01-18 02:35 PM
    Here are the minutes and action items ---
    1. Congressman/woman are to be focussed but Sen. Kennedy 's office is the most important to focus on.
    2. AI: Call Sen.Kennedy's office and try to seek an appointment to explain our issues and make presentation. Aim for last week in January.
    3. AI: Find out stance of congressman/woman from MA on immigration committee. If any of them are in immigration sub committee. Identify the counties which these lawmakers represent. This will be a good way to filter out the ones we do not have to concentrate on.
    4. AI: Make a list of groceries and places frequently visited by immigrants who could become potential IV members.
    5. AI: Refine the presentatioin on IV resources section and provide the first draft to rest of team for feedback - 2 weeks.
    6. AI: To enquire about the cost involved in posting ad in India New England paper/media.(Cost can be shared among local state chapter members)
    7. AI: To enquire about posting ad (one frame) in Belmont theatre where Indian movies are shown. (Cost can be shared among local state chapter members)
    8. AI: All members: Publicity of IV using posters and flyers available in IV resource section. Also publicise on sites like etc.

    Though action items are assigned to certain members, if there's a feeling that you can pitch in please do so.

    Important updates from core member: CIR is on top of the list with Sen.Kennedy but the illegal issue is also going to catch up so we should initially push for CIR or Plan B would be to ask for our provisions to be included in a separate bill if CIR gets complicated and is time consuming.

    Thanks to everyone who was able to make it. T

    02-02 09:32 PM
    is a continuation of medical benefits after you terminate your employment (voluntarily or involuntarily). It has nothing to do with immigration. The cost will be higher.

    If you are out of a job on H1B for a long time, then there certainly is a legal problem unrelated to COBRA. For EAD, it does not matter.

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