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  • gc_wow
    05-30 07:39 AM
    Spelling-Improves memory,for a growing kid that excercise is important.
    Pronunciation-Once again it is an excercise which enhances capability to differentiate.
    Root-Gives information on how words are formed.
    Language of Origin- Gives information about another language.
    Meaning-Gives information about the word and provides context to understand a word in better fashion.

    The top 10 kids in the competetion already are equivalent to a phd. It is not complete memorization.

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  • EndlessWait
    04-13 12:07 PM
    Its in 42s.. I bet if it goes below Rs. 40., I bet atleast ppl from India would be hesitant to come to the US.

    I'd say keep all the factors in mind
    1. H1 employer tied visa
    2. H4 spouse tied visa ;-)
    3. Unattainable GC
    4. Expenses/headaches of living in USA
    5. Savings in terms of Rs <---- This is the biggest one here

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  • oldschool
    08-15 09:28 AM
    Are there any implications of leaving my employer now who sponsored me for GC? I got my GC on the first week of July. I plan to leave on the 1st week of September. Thank you very much.

    Addendum: I applied for AOS for my spouse this July. Will there be a problem with her AOS?

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  • McLuvin
    04-02 02:55 PM
    All the dates in all the chargeability areas will become current and USCIS will recogonize all the people as people and not files. They will also issue a huge apology for all the delays in the past.

    Dude, you forgot the most important point....

    After apology/providing GC, they are going to provide settlement assistance as a welcome gift....


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  • javaconsultant
    02-04 12:07 AM
    I signed up for recurring contribution for IV for 20/month.
    Guys and Gals--------pls contribute to IV as much you can.Even little amount would help it....its our only hope to get out this GC mess.

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  • images 3d ultrasound 20 weeks

  • India_USA
    05-20 09:05 AM
    Signed up for the advocacy days. Let me know how I can be of more help towards the advocacy effort


    3d ultrasound pictures of twins. 3d ultrasound 20 weeks
  • 3d ultrasound 20 weeks

  • chanduv23
    11-08 08:17 AM
    Happy diwali to the many IV members who celebrate the festival of lights with joy and happiness.

    On this wonderful ocassion, lets all look back at what IV has done and continues to do as an organization. Lets look back at the July fiasco and how IV members united for a cause. Look at all the legislative efforts IV has been working and continues to work for our cause.

    Lets all start becoming more active and continue with ongoing grassroots efforts.

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  • k94
    12-15 09:43 AM
    Denied licenses, legal immigrants sue state Registry
    Say status wrongly contested
    By Yvonne Abraham, Globe Staff | December 15, 2006

    Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles employees are routinely and unlawfully denying driver's licenses to immigrants who are here legally, according to a class-action law suit filed yesterday.

    According to the suit, Registry workers asked the immigrants for proof of legal residency when they were not authorized to do so. The workers then denied licenses to the applicants, incorrectly concluding that the immigrants had not demonstrated they were in the United States legally, the suit alleges.

    In all cases, the immigrants' lawyers said, the Registry workers were overstepping their legal authority and violating the immigrants' constitutional rights.

    "They don't have the authority to enforce federal immigration law," said Sarah Wunsch, staff attorney for the ACLU of Massachusetts, who is representing the seven immigrants who brought the suit. "But they've taken it upon themselves to do it, and they're doing it wrong. It's not an isolated case here and there. This appears to be policy."

    Wunsch said hundreds of other immigrants have similarly been denied licenses.

    A spokeswoman for the Registry of Motor Vehicles declined to comment, saying Registry lawyers had not yet had a chance to review the lawsuit.

    Under state policy, applicants for a driver's license must present proof of their identity by providing a valid Social Security number, which the Registry checks against a Social Security Administration database.

    In order to obtain a valid Social Security number, an immigrant must be in the country legally. Applicants must also show proof of their age and address.

    All of the plaintiffs presented valid Social Security numbers when they applied for licenses, Wunsch said. Even so, Registry workers rejected their applications.

    In some of the cases, applicants were not given any reason why they were rejected. In the others, Registry employees improperly sought additional proof of the applicants' immigration status and then said the documents were not adequate.

    Registry spokeswoman Amy Breton, speaking generally, said Registry employees do not enforce immigration laws.

    But she added: "Certainly, we've had to become more familiar with immigration documents. We want to make sure we are issuing licenses to Massachusetts residents, because that is what the law calls for."

    She said the Registry has been responsive to complaints that immigrants have been treated unfairly. On Wednesday night, the head of the agency, Registrar Anne L. Collins, met with about 300 immigrants and their advocates in Hyannis to hear their concerns about the license application process, she said.

    In many cases, Breton said, immigrants who feel they have been unfairly denied a license can file an appeal, which costs $50.

    Lawyers for the seven plaintiffs say their clients should not have to spend money to challenge what is clearly a discriminatory practice.

    "The Registry seems to be asking immigrants to produce justification for their presence in the United States," said lead attorney Kenneth Berman of Nutter McClennen & Fish.

    The lawyers said that the problems demonstrate the danger of having state employees who are not trained in immigration law taking on enforcement of that law.

    Two immigrant advocacy groups are also plaintiffs in the suit, alleging that the Registry's discrimination against immigrants forces them to divert time and resources from other activities.

    "This is extremely common," said Desmond FitzGerald, an immigration lawyer who represents four immigrants who were denied licenses in a separate case to be heard early next year. "We want the Registry to regulate the safety of our roads, not enforce immigration rules."

    One of FitzGerald's clients, the wife of a prominent Spanish scientist who is in the United States on a visa reserved for persons of exceptional ability, was denied a license because Registry workers who asked for proof of her legal residency did not recognize her visa. After she sued the Registry, the agency settled the case, granting her a license.

    One of the plaintiffs in the class action suit filed yesterday is an immigrant from Zimbabwe who has a pending application for asylum. The woman, a nurse, has work authorization and had already been granted a driver's license.

    When she tried to renew that license this week, she produced her old license, her Social Security number, and proof of her car insurance coverage, which showed her address. Still, she was asked for her passport.

    The woman, who fled political persecution in Zimbabwe, does not have a current, government-issued passport from that country. She showed the Registry employee a document showing that the US government had granted her permission to remain here. Her application was still denied, as was her daughter's application for a learner's permit.

    "Given how dependent we all are on the right to drive an automobile, the denial of a license is causing real hardship to the people I represent," Berman said.

    The issue of driver's licenses for immigrants has become highly charged over the past year, as the national debate on immigration has grown more fractious.

    The question of issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants was a matter of fierce dispute during this year's gubernatorial race, in which Governor-elect Deval Patrick said he would consider giving licenses to those who are here illegally. He was pilloried for that suggestion by his opponent, Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey, who with Governor Mitt Romney has taken an aggressive stance against illegal immigration.

    Immigrants' advocates said they worry that the Republican administration's zeal is causing Registry employees to punish immigrants who had followed all the rules.


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  • Real-Time 3D or 4D

  • miththoo
    11-07 11:35 PM
    Yes I did do quite a bit of trading, sometimes on phone from here...It all stopped when they suspended my account for lack of PAN information.

    Thanks. But then how did you deal with the tax liability in India ? Did you file the tax return at the end of year or was the capital gain tax deducted at source by the bank itself ?

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  • msyedy
    05-24 09:10 AM
    What are the chances to pass the bill?

    Let us discuss all our views in Latest CIR bill discussion threadrather than opening a new thread. I am not forcing you but I feel that it would benefit all of us to be in one thread becuase every member can get the latest views and news.

    My intention is not to offend you in any way, It is a suggestion..


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  • 3d ultrasound pictures of

  • virald
    06-25 11:28 AM
    Gentlemen, (page 4)

    If you travel before the advance parole document is issued, your application will be deemed abandoned if:

    A) You depart from the United States; or
    B) The person seeking advance parole attempts to enter the United States before a decision is made on the application.


    This is interesting, since my lawyer mentioned otherwise. This might only for the first application or my lawyer could be wrong.:cool:

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  • geesee
    07-16 11:18 AM
    I never said whole life,term could cost around $100/m

    You did, scroll above a little ;)

    one of my family member have whole life for $81/month for $1m at the age of 28 in NJ, in this plan we will get back everything we paid after 30 years.

    Thats an ROP plan... yes, that you can get it for $100/month.

    I am questioning your statement of "getting 1 million insurance for $100/month till the last breath"


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  • GoneSouth
    02-28 03:50 PM
    Skilled, Legal Immigrants Tangled in Illegal Immigration Mess

    The debate over what to do about the millions of illegal immigrants in this country has occupied much of the public mind share over the past year, including press coverage, demonstrations, and debate and legislation at all levels of government. Drowned out by all the noise over illegal immigration is an issue of critical importance to American industry and tens of thousands of hopeful would-be citizens: the legal immigration system for skilled workers is badly broken and in need of an overhaul.

    Of the on-average 850,000 green cards doled out annually over the past decade, approximately 16% (140,000 / yr), are allocated to so-called �skilled workers� - nurses, engineers, medical researchers, and a variety of other professionals. They have at least a bachelor�s degree, typically in a technical discipline, and many have master�s degrees or doctorates and significant experience in their fields. These workers pay taxes and health insurance, are educated and law-abiding, and they contribute to their communities. Most importantly, they help drive economic growth by supplying critical skills to US industry in an increasingly competitive global market.

    Contrary to what some alarmists will have you believe, these workers are not stealing American jobs. They are brought to the US by American-owned companies who can�t find sufficiently skilled US workers. The US Department of Labor (USDOL) requires the employer to prove that there are no suitably qualified US workers available before allowing the foreign worker to be hired. Skilled green card applicants are also not �cheap labor�. The employer is required by law to pay at least as much as they would pay a comparably qualified US worker. This wage is established by survey and audited by USDOL. Anti-immigration rhetoric simply does not hold up to scrutiny when compared with realities of the legal immigration process.

    The green card process for skilled workers has traditionally taken 18-24 months. However, many current applicants are facing waits of 5 years or more due to bureaucratic bottlenecks at the Department of Labor, US Citizenship and Immigration Services, and even the FBI. Recent attempts to fix the legal green card process have become mired in politics over what to do about illegal immigrants. For example, a number of measures that would have helped US corporations sponsor legal green card applicants were included in the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (CIRA) of 2006. However, after passing in the Senate last year, this bill ground to a halt in the House because it provided a path to citizenship for illegal aliens, a measure strongly opposed by many US Representatives.

    Legal green card applicants are hopeful that Comprehensive Immigration Reform will be re-visited in 2007 and get a much warmer reception now that the US House of Representatives is controlled by the Democrats. Measures in the bill introduced last year would help to restore the green card process back to traditional 18-24 month wait times, allowing immigrants to get on with their lives and integrate fully with the US workforce in a timely fashion. Highly skilled, legal workers are good for the economy, good for our communities, and good for American industry in an increasingly competitive global economy. The Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill deserves the support of the American people in 2007.

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  • Honda
    04-15 03:51 PM
    I am from Massachusetts.

    I know couple of states like atlanta & texas with out having insurance also they will admitted the pregnent people.

    In atlanta


    Ask them if they have any chain system or else you can go for atlanta (That is the worst situation.) I know they charge only very less amount..... Please let me know if you need any thing else.


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  • I had my 3d at 19 weeks and 3

  • samcam
    10-10 03:42 PM
    Here is what I dont understand..
    245(i) cases are supposed to be hindering forward movement of EB3 cases because of Apr 2001 deadline. I would guess that majority of those cases are from Mexico (I am sure there are some from India as well). Now if that is true, then how come Mexico dates have moved to the month of May 2001 while India EB3 is stuck in April 2001 for the last so many months?

    Just wondering..

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  • srikondoji
    03-19 01:07 PM
    There are way too many problems infront of Fed Chairman.

    1) Asking people not to walk out of homes and pay up their loans
    2) Making the wall street firms like Lehmen, bear sterns run their businesses as usual.
    3) Contain the inflation so that long term interest rates are lowered.
    4) Come out clean if the US policy is shifting towards Weak dollar or going back to string dollar policy. Either way US and world over have to face gyrations in near term.

    There is blood on everybody's hands for the mess we are in.
    1) Japan for too long provided the world with cheap loans (~1%).
    This money not only found its way to corprate India but also into US
    Housing markets.
    2) Americans spent money much much more they earn or worthy off.
    3) Globalization created another affect (Read Alan greenspan's 'economic conundrum' theory). Google it, you will find plenty of articles.
    4) China for too long manipulated their currency and provided the world cheap goods.
    5) Oil exporting countries didn't utilize the profits in developing their countries and economies. Instead they started buying aasets all over the world causing unsustainable price levels in asets.
    6) Indian software industry far too long booked profits without developing/diversifying into enterprise strength products and remained fixated on their business models. Software sector is staring clueless and is unprepared for the fallout of outsourcing industry. Pink Slip culture is on the rise.

    How do we come out of this financial mess in US?
    There is no easy solution.

    10,000 people buying homes will not help this economy. On contrary, 10,000 people not buying homes will help.


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  • singhsa3
    09-20 09:29 AM
    I fully resonate with gc_chahiye;169769 . People like GooblyWoobly are good for nothing. They have no right to pick on one of our distinguish ,well respected and an active member. The Rally have been quite successful and have made people think about our issue.
    Unfortunately, people like GooblyWoobly will also be benefited by the hard work of people like Franklin.

    "Those people???". What do you mean by that? These are people who are trying to get permanent residency on their own right, based on the skills they have honed for years. I don't like the condescending tone of your voice. What makes you better?

    ok, that really ticks me off. This post is probably going to get me a red splotch, but you should'nt have picked on Franklin:
    I think all the work that Franklin did in preparation for the Rally and then at the Rally itself makes it obvious that she is better than most of the IV members (me included) who could not make it to the Rally.

    If you dont like the condescending tone of the voice of someone who has worked hard for IVs goals, feel free to stop coming to IV and posting here. Honestly why should someone here care about whether you like the voice or not when the voice speaks the truth?

    Look at all the blog posts and pictures of the DC Rally before saying anything against any of the volunteers who worked at the rally. unlike the people who are "trying to get permanent residency on their own right" these dedicated bunch of IV volunteers are trying to get permanent residency soon for all of us. See the photos, the videos of the speeches and then talk.

    What Franklin meant by that post (I think) was that IV is much more than a discussion board for reports of who signed whose Fedex package and what was the timestamp of the package. Its very important that we all actively participate in getting IVs goals met. The rally was a big, for-the-first-time event, and still people seem more excited by tracking receipt notices, and the short-sightedness of it all has made many people ticked off. The turnout could easily have been higher (like someone said, see the lines to the doctors office for getting medicals done when the dates were current, and compare that with how many showed up at the rally).

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  • Maverick_2008
    05-02 09:03 PM
    Buddy, your tone sounds hostile and as I said we're staying here by choice - but let me tell you this, after getting an MBA (with financial aid) from a decent school here, staying here for a decade, getting into upper management of a large company and having US born kids, I'm relocating to India after the summer. I've just secured admission for my first born from here and it went without a single glitch.

    So, YES, I've tried it, I'm pretty darn willing to and I got a strong pair of balls!


    have you tried any of this? or are you willing to!?

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  • jkays94
    04-03 11:22 AM
    Exactly what happens when thousands of people contact senators instead of one fax from one organization with one point of contact just so that if some one actually calls back from the senator’s office we at least have some one who could explain the situation in a way that makes sense?

    There is another side to that coin, Senators will not be swayed on an issue unless it directly affects a constituent of theirs. AILA has fax and mail campaigns and so do anti-immigrant organizations such as NumbersUSA who according to their organization last week in only 3 days claim to have sent 120K faxes! IMHO one fax will not cut it, a hard copy letter with every single member's name signed to it would be great but picture the logistics with only 2 days to act. I again refer to AILA, AILA has sent letters (see my earlier post referring to the links) but also urges the public and pro-immigrant groups to contact congress enmasse with content that they provide. As for the person who couldn't articulate the issues, that is indeed unfortunate as one in a worst case scenario can always give their personal story, be it retrogression, BECs, H1 cap, H4 inability to work etc etc or if they need to gather their talking points request an appointment to discuss the issue.

    03-01 09:37 AM
    Made my second contribution last week.

    Some of my utility bills and credit card companies did mistakes and overcharged me so all that credit coming back to me is on its way to IV !

    Please $100 is not a lot folks, we definitely are not on minimum wage - look at the illegal immigrant forums, they are on minimum wages and they seem to be pitching more !

    We can do this ! I just think about the core team in DC spending time and money for everyone so the least we can do is open our wallet, please, please, please !!

    03-19 01:57 AM
    What are you talking about? Let me have two of whatever you are smoking or drinking.
    You have it all wrong. Your experience or qualification DO NOT QUALIFY you for EB2. It is the requirement of JOB that matters. GOT IT.
    Now go scream your lungs out in front of the Capitol, Yelling "DISCRIMINATION".:mad:

    Well this is a good point, and a true one: The requirement of the job. Before PERM, in many cases, the employer was willing to consider an EB2 if the candidate qualified for it. For those who would have qualified, but were put into EB3 on grounds of job requirement, it can feel very frustrating.
    i am sure there are cases where the employer-lawyer nexus has taken advantage of the backlogs to retain an employee. Let us focus on this, instead of trying to look at 'discrimination'.

    End of the day, we'd like to have a transparent process with flexibility to change jobs, so that we get the best for ourselves.

    EB2 or EB3, if any one moves well, can be good for the other category in the long run.

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