Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • bayarea07
    09-12 06:39 PM
    I Pledge to call Judiciary members one more time this weekend and leave them Voice Messages.

    This is our last Chance, otherwise be ready to wait untill 2020 to get your Rights.
    Please CALL !!!
    Please CALL and create awareness among frends and family be sending link for this forum so that they can call Judiciary Commitee.

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  • rams75
    08-17 11:07 AM
    Thanks ..So do you have any idea about how long USCIS takes in this situation to complete the name change?

    It's tough to tell. According to processing times on, I-90 takes 3.5 months in Nebraska service center. But the form is supposed to be mailed to Phoenix and I could not find any times for the Phoenix office. Since it's a simple correction, I'm hoping a 2-3 week turnaround time but be prepared for a 3+ month wait. If you need to travel, it's better to get an I-551 stamp in your passport so you can travel regardless.

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  • shantanup
    09-16 07:08 AM
    Received 'card production (green card)' approval e-mails for both me and my wife this morning.
    IV leaders and IV Texas State Chapter can still count on my voluntary involvement. I love walking through the walkways of the Congress House and the Senate, especially the tram that connects the House and the Senate via the tunnel. ;)

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  • guyfromsg
    01-07 10:47 PM
    Let's start working on this campaign. If you are in Georgia and not part of GA google group, please send me an email with your name and phone number. Click the link below to join the group.


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  • sankap
    09-10 11:55 AM
    I see soft LUDs (09/10) on my and my wife's I-485s. Not sure what to infer.

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  • mrsr
    06-27 10:33 PM
    I think this what uscis says

    NOTE: If using overnight delivery by any private service provider, send your package to:


    Nebraska Service Center

    850 S Street

    P.O. Box (Insert Correct P.O. Box Number)

    Lincoln, NE 68508

    Be sure to include the appropriate P.O. Box number on the shipping label


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  • dilbert_cal
    11-23 05:38 PM
    You want to foreclose for a matter of 20K -- I'm really surprised by your thinking process. Based on it, I would assume you had a zero down loan.

    In my opinion and this is my opinion only ( and this is only from a financial perspective only ), taking a hit on your credit report for 7 years for a 20k monetary hit doesnt make sense.

    the moral , ethical part of it -- well there are quite a few folks on either side of it and I'll let them continue arguing for/against it :-)

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  • makemygc
    06-29 07:29 PM
    Most of us are at the mercy of our attorney's to file for I-485. The attorney's take their sweet time to prepare the draft and send the application. In this heated moment the attorney's offices should hire more people and get the ball rolling.
    All that we can do as employees is pester our HRs and attorneys.:p

    more than 100% true...My attorney took two weeks to prepare the 3 forms and when he sent out those forms to me for review, I was amazed to see it was full of errors and mistakes. Finally, I'd to prepare the application and send it to him. Application is so simple that anyone can prepare it. I think we should better do it ourselves if given the chance.


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  • greencardvow
    07-31 04:30 PM
    You can withdraw an existing 485 application once you get Receipt No. Just write a letter to USCIS asking them to withdraw your 485 application stating the reason for withdrawl.
    Sorry for the layman's question, but is there an established process for revoking an AOS application? Thanks for your input!

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  • Dhundhun
    10-05 04:25 PM
    Seems like there might be an internal memo or understanding between USCIS and DOS not to approve many Eb2 India 485 even though there dates are current, this is the only explanation I can come up for the lack for eb2 india approvals in October. Even with the limited number of visas every quarter I was hoping there would be lot of approvals because of Visa spillover occuring every quarter instead of once every year, but looking at the USCIS performance in the first week of october it seems like there wont be any quarterly spillover at all.

    Even if quarterly spillover happens, it will happen in Dec - that's what I think - correct me if I am wrong.

    I anticipated monthly EB2-I to be finished in two business days - more or less it appears to be (200 odds is a small number for India). Now I am waiting for prioirty dates - whether they show +ve movement and next month for approvals.


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  • kaisersose
    03-26 02:07 PM
    This is plain stupidity. These employers should first take a good look at an EAD and a GC. As for as work authorization is concerned, both these cards provide us with the same rights. The EAD says �The person identified is authorized to work in the US for the validity of this card� where as the GC says �The person identified by the card is authorized to work and remain in the US�.

    So why does the legal department come into picture here? Is it because of the expiry date associated with EAD�s? If that�s the case even a GC has got an expiration date (a later date maybe). Does that mean that an additional budget is required to hire GC holders?

    I was thinking exactly like you until she educated me on this yesterday.

    The problem with the EAD is you are invoking AC21. There are several possible problems here including

    1. Complying with AC21 requirements of job code, 180 days after 485 RD, etc.

    2. Invoking AC21 without 140 approval. This is not against the law, but is risky in case of a 140 RFE.

    There are more reasons, but these ought to provide enough clarity on the problem. It is in the employer's interest to ensure that the candidate does not have any such issues; issues which will lead to termination of employment. The Recruiter cannot check DOL job codes and USCIS documents. That is the job of Legal which means $$$.

    So if the hiring manager does not have a budget for these extra costs or if he has an equally good candidate who is a GC holder or a citizen, it is easier to go with him or her.

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  • kondur_007
    10-01 11:19 AM
    According to Ron Gotcher:

    "There shouldn't be any debate, as the statute is explicit:"

    EB2 INDIA future for fiscal year 2010 - Page 2 - Immigration Information Discussion Forum (

    Let's see if DOS follows the law as the USCIS pending numbers clearly demonstrate that spill over to oversubscribed countries will be required(by law) in the first quarter, moreso with the new "Pending I485 numbers" report that will be released by USCIS hopefully in a month or two (since Aug25, 2009 report didn't reflect the EB2I approvals in Sepetember 2009).

    So December 2009 Visa Bulletin Dates should include spillover visas. Hoping for the best.

    He is right, but the problem is, USCIS and DOS has always done spill over only at the end of fiscal year and not quarterly.
    Now who will go and tell them to read their own statute again and reinterprete?? (like the spill over that was done vertical for several years until they realize, "it needs to be horizontal by our statute!!")


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  • HV000
    08-10 12:17 PM
    Shouting is a good option when you run out of anything logical to say.

    You absolutely have nothing Logical!!

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  • ski_dude12
    09-27 04:47 PM
    Also, does anyone remember where the I-485 was mailed? NSC or TSC? From what I remember it was based on what state you lived in when I-485 was filed.

    It was NSC for New York residents... Can someone confirm that please.


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  • senthil1
    07-10 01:32 AM
    Everyone knows that increasing green card numbers will be best solution. In that also if we ask too much we may not get anything. Double the number of annual Gc plus exclude dependents will be enough for reducing retrogession but that may not eliminate. But waiting period of 2 to 3 years can be reasonable for most people. I am sure one more chance will come for increasing H1b numbers. That time we can try for GC increase also.

    But I am supporting the flower Campaign for protesting the VB mess up though it will not solve the problem

    You seem to be pretty good at analyzing faults in others' ideas and thoughts . What are your suggestions to acheive releif from retrogression.

    You can suggest too ...

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  • JazzByTheBay
    09-19 01:26 AM
    Using a search engine may help:
    infopass - Bing (

    Can someone please post the steps to open an SR and get an Infopass? I may have a biometrics appointment coming up soon. Can they help with application status questions?



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  • vkrishn
    08-19 03:46 PM
    I got a call from the Ombudsman Office today morning was told that my case is in "transit". When is asked her what it means she told it is going to be reviewed by an IO. I got the similar response to my SR that "your case is pending adjudication by IO" so don't know what to make out of it in the sense that its been removed from the shelf and sitting in some pile and IO will get to it when he/she can?

    Did any one get their GC approved after their case was in transit? How long did it take?

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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 11:01 AM
    I am the later...
    Many of us are prone to extreme selfishness. You could be a numberusa guy or really frustrated EB applicant.

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  • nashim
    10-07 07:00 PM
    got CPO

    09-26 08:06 PM
    If you visit this website, you can read Obama's policies on legal Immigration reform. It looks like Obama and Joe Biden plan to fix the legal immigration system and improve processing speed due to bureaucratic delays. He also introduced the legislation to speed up FBI background checks.


    03-29 10:41 AM
    The Department of State announced that the Indian EB2 category is expected to advance one week in the May Visa Bulletin. The demand for EB1visa numbers has decreased by 50 percent this fiscal year. Last year from October 2009 to February 2010, 22,000 EB1 numbers were used. During the same period this year, only 10,000 to 11,000 have been used. EB1 will be current worldwide all fiscal year. This will free up an estimated 12,000 visa numbers to fall down from EB1 to EB2 this year

    Looks like the IT bodyshops have done less visa fraud this year than in past years.

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