Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • singhv_1980
    02-05 05:47 PM
    hi singhv,

    no. VO said.."its approved and you should receive it by courier within a couple of days" now the embassy inquiry centre do not tell me why its delayed..i asked me them is it PIMS or some thing else..they say "sorry maam, we cannot say"
    i got no email, no slip, so i dont know if its stuck in PIMS or some checks ???

    And if its really NOT PIMS and something else, then how long does one estimate ?? how long could an administrative processing take ? how long could security check take ? how long could name check take ? etc etc..


    Well VO told you specifically that your visa has been approved. My bet is that you are stuck coz of PIMS then. When was your visa approved and in which service center?

    I am sorry and hope you will get your PP back soon. This whole system is so scary now. I am going in Feb end in Delhi and believe me I am feeling so tense coz of this all.

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  • snathan
    11-27 11:22 PM
    Originally Posted by ashkam
    Lost in all this is the fact that Punjabi wants to sell his house not because he cannot afford it anymore, but because he wants to move to a different city to a higher paying job and can't be bothered to take responsibility for his failed real estate venture. He could have done the ethical thing and stayed in his present job and paid off his loan but he is choosing not to. And who does he blame for his situation? The concept of the "American dream". So the fact that he wants to shirk his responsibilities in favor of foisting his own debt onto the rest of the country isn't his own fault, it's the "American Dream" that's making him do this. It's not exigent financial circumstances that are causing him to foreclose, it is greed and shortsightedness (colloquially known as "The American Dream"). Greed and shortsightedness already caused him to go 20K under the water. And they will now make him screw up his own credit history. If someone cannot learn from one mistake, I say let him keep making mistakes. He will soon find out how difficult life in the US can be if you don't have a good credit history. As for the burden on us taxpayers, hey, we've been spending 10 billion a week for the past 5 years dropping bombs on people, what's a mere 20K?

    If you are fooled once, blame it on others.
    If you are fooled twice, blame it on yourself.

    He didn’t think twice before buying the house. He bought because everyone was buying. Now he wants to foreclose because everyone is doing. Punjabi is not ready to learn from mistake.

    Aleast let us learn from him. Punjabi, please go ahead and do what you want(Foreclose). Also please update this forum with whatever you are going through. It might be helpful for others atleast.

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  • aachoo
    11-23 03:51 PM
    You've already made one short term decision- home prices are rising let me cash in!! Note, I said home prices and not home values.

    Dont make another short term decision- everyone is walking away, let me do the same. No more debt- wow!!

    As others have said on this forum, there is no reason to exclude yourself from the legions of "fools" who caused the mortgage crisis.


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  • beautifulMind
    06-16 09:02 PM
    who is your lawyer


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  • illiguy2000
    07-14 05:55 PM
    The Rep Tom Tancredo a vociferous anti-immigrant both legal and illegal. The very fact that Lou Dobbs allowed his show as a mouthpiece to propagate incorrect information "about H1-Bs being illegal" is worthy of a lawsuit.

    How about a petition to the CEO of Time Warner asking Lou to apologize ?
    I was Just watching CNN and was reporting a part of Lou Dobbs episode,
    Tom Tancredo saying people overstay on H-1B after its "5 year" Expiration.
    I think he do not even have a clue about H-1 B programme.

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  • ca_immigrant
    12-18 02:59 PM
    I have AT&T DSL, the 3 to 6 mbps plan...
    Took vonage approximately 35 days great....

    my usual speed (tested using speedtest dot net) is around 5 MBPS download.

    now the vonage setup (as you all might know) order is
    1. DSL modem
    2. vonage adaptor
    3. your computer or router (I have a wireless router)

    for the first 30 days (cancellation period) my internet bandwidth was not affect while using used to remain around 4 to 5 mbps...
    would drop down to 3 mbps when using VPN ..
    but using phone (vonage phone) did not affect...

    now the story seems to have changed after the cancellation period.... -:)

    when I am connected to vpn (to office network) the speed is 4 to 5 mbps...
    When I make a call and test the speed during the call my download speed is 0.09 MBPs...

    I have started seeing this behaviour in the last 3 to 4 days....

    wondering if that has something to do with the fact that the cancellation period is over -;)

    anyways, can folks here share thier experience on how the speed is affected when using the phone...(I use to test my speed)

    Also, has anyone tried this order to connect to vonage ? (so vonage adaptor does not get priority and take up the bandwidth ?)

    1. DSL modem
    2. wireless router
    3. vonage adaptor... the local calls to back home.... -;)


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  • anilkumar0902
    08-18 09:52 AM
    Anil....your prediction stands good...i also got approval emails exactly 2 weeks after assigning to IO...

    13 year GC wait ends here ....just now got CPO....

    May be, i should start thinking seriously about Predictive Analytical Modeling ...


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  • ashres11
    09-21 01:08 PM
    Let me tell you I am as anxious and frustrated as you all "July 2 filers, no action yet" are. But I am thinking about it a bit calmly, rather than thinking of doing something so that I feel that I have done something (i.e. complain, write to congressman, etc.). Expressing my anger by saying they should have done this or that, does not change the situation. I believe USCIS is working, as expected, with the capability/attitude of a government worker, treating our filings (which are so important to us) just another government office paper work. Best is just to wait for another 10 days, and if nothing is heard by then, take action as per procedures.

    Either India/USA or other part of world. All are same.


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  • brb2
    08-19 10:57 PM
    The link is related to the fingerprinting background check. Almost 100% of the time the automated system returns an FBI record (an existance or not of a "rap sheet"). Only in rare cases when the finger prints are not clear USCIS sends a new FP notice.

    The issue here is the FBI name check which returns less than 68% in the automated response. Around 32% of cases (485/n400) are delayed of which less than 1% really may have a negative record most of which are reported by IBIS and finger print check.

    FOIPA only provides main file check report (not reference file report) which in any case is worthless for most applicants who have never committed a crime but are stuck in the name check due to a flawed soundex alogirthm that is applied for both roman based and non roman based names. Invariably Indians, Chinese, Arabs and Russians (and slavic names) are caught up disprortionately.

    Mr. has been lately tightening the screws and USCIS has to report in the next 30 days the response to his anual report to congress where he listed the FBI name check as the most pervasive problem affecting 485 and naturalization applicants and the fact that name check backlog grew by over 100,000 in 2006.

    Name check dissproportionately affects Indians, Chinese, Russians, slavs, Arabs and Muslims.

    Here is some information nixstor dug up.

    One can get FBI Identification Record for $18. However some more research needs to be done about what is covered here. Obviously, one cannot get sensitive data analysis here that is done by name checks.

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  • jthomas
    05-09 08:33 PM
    If you are offended, I don't give a DAMN!! I know about India very well and has been to India many a times. I know very well about the indian corruption which has no comparison with any country in the developed world. All you have to look at is the suveys from various NGOs that track corruptiy on at various countries in the world and you can see where India ranks relative to US or UK

    Hunter, Mind your own business. What is your point.
    1. We all agree there are loopholes in each and every system. Are you trying to fill 1% by punishing 99% of the people. If you want to fix loopholes this is not the right place to be. Go to the court and fight with the adminstration. Why the hell you are wasting your time.
    2. Considering you are a anti-immigrant, and you want to fix the system. Are you targeting Employment based immigrants or family based immigrants. Employement based immigrants are just 17% of the total immigrants whereas family based immigrants are more than 50+ %. better target them. Don't waste your time since you won't get anything as everybody over here are working and US employers want them.
    3. If you are unemployed, please spend your time in findiing a job. The minimum salary in US is around 8 dollars a hour so you have wasted your entire day. close to 100 dollars. You have not earned a thing by writing your thoughts in this forum.
    4. Senator Grassley and Durbin are working on your side and they also like you don't want a google, yahoo, ebay and other firms to suceed iin US. Be prepare to immigrate to some other country in future.

    I hope you get back to your work and THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENTS. ENOUGH.

    J Thomas


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  • Prashant
    06-29 05:57 PM
    If the DOS has common sense they would be better off to retrogess for august, I am pretty sure they will be aware of the class action law suit thats gonna come upon them if they try to revise the july bulletin

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  • ivjobs
    04-23 06:37 PM
    what's the update on this?

    Did it pass?


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  • Gowtham Nalluri
    06-29 03:31 PM
    My lawyer's office said they are not going to take any chance and mailing all the applications (that are ready to go) on monday morning.

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  • vishalsaboo
    01-09 08:20 AM
    Guys, I received a "Processing Complete" email from the consulate this morning (Jan 9th). My interview at the Mumbai consulate was on Dec 28th. I submitted my PP to the VFS and should have it back in a couple of days. Good luck to everyone and thank you for all the posts!


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  • kumarc123
    08-07 11:52 AM
    Man...looks like you will turn anti-immigrant once you get US citizenship.
    Whats your real problem?

    Good one

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  • vshar
    04-08 10:22 PM
    Hello ajaysuri, Nil, saralayaar, trueguy and all those who support this idea,

    I just happened to look at this thread and I give my 100% support to this idea.

    I will mail the letter mentioned at page 10.

    Please let me know what else I can do.

    I think IV core has gone on long vacation or they already got their GCs.



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  • snathan
    03-29 12:33 PM
    ImmInfo Newsletter: India EB2 cutoff dates to advance in May (

    Based on just released information, it appears that India EB2 cutoff dates will advance, perhaps substantially, in May. China EB2 cutoff dates will also advance. The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) reports that they were told the following by Charlie Oppenheim, Chief, Immigrant Visa Control and Reporting Division, U.S. Department of State:

    “[US]CIS says they have seen a decline in filings, and does not expect a change in the number use pattern. Therefore, this decline in EB-1 number use will allow me to begin having those ‘otherwise unused’ numbers drop down and be available for use in the EB-2 category. Based on current indications, that would mean that at least 12,000 additional numbers will be available to the EB-2 category. This situation will allow me to advance the India EB-2 cut-off date for May. The reason being that all ‘otherwise unused’ numbers are provided strictly in priority date order, and the India demand has the largest concentration of early dates.”

    There have been two reasons for China and India EB2 cutoff dates not moving forward as rapidly as had been the case in the past. The first is the unusually high demand for EB1 numbers and the second has been the increased demand for EB2 numbers represented by EB3 to EB2 upgrades.

    The significance of this announcement is that it appears that the recent surge in demand for EB1 visa numbers has abated. The CIS reports that this demand slowed down in October, 2010 and has not resumed. Presumably, this means that substantially most the EB2 applicants who felt that they could upgrade to EB1 have now filed the petitions and had them adjudicated. If this is the case, then the number of unused EB1 numbers will increase back to previous levels and become available for use by EB2 applicants.

    ================================================== ==================

    P.S : the EB1 filing reduced may be because the Indian IT companies stopped filing EB1C ? Its just my thought

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  • needhelp!
    01-08 03:00 PM
    I emailed my employer. Waiting on response.

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  • ksircar
    06-15 03:14 PM
    I think it has to be a little more than that.

    The job description should be there in this letter that should match the labor cert (mostly if not exactly).

    This is the format that I received from my Attorney.

    06-21 09:18 PM
    In filing for I-485 no one has mentioned copy of I-140 or copy of Labor cert.

    My question is how does USCIS tally an AOS application to an already approved I-140 or labor certifcation and find out the PD for the application?

    07-11 10:57 AM
    Some IV members were in DC at USCIS building yesterday (Tuesday, July 10th, 2007) from 10 AM to 1 PM. There were reporters there including CNN-IBN and Voice of America (Aaj Tak chanel) with video cameras. We saw the deliveries of flowers being made by UPS and FedEx. The DHL guy told the flowers were already delivered in the morning in the big truck. The security guards at the loading dock of USCIS were not allowing Video Shooting after the reporters shot the UPS deliveries going inside. When the FedEx tuck came in, they made him park right near the Loading Gate and were trying to cover up by parking two other vans each side of that truck so nobody can shoot the delivery.

    Then IV members went inside the USCIS building from the main gate to hand deliver the flowers with Get Well Soon ballon and card for Emilio Gozales. Teh Video cameras followed until the security guard asked them to stop the recording as they didn't have prior approval. The security guards, receptionists and people around were smiling by seeing the flowers for Gonzales. They let the IV members proceed towards the visitor area. Where another secuirity guard asked who the delivery was for and directed to one of the Gonzales's secretaries, Rachel, who accepted the flowers. There were people around her. Rachel said to them "This is creepy, as far as I know he ain't sick, we received flowers last week, they were pretty too. Yesterday someone sent him cookies. This is some kind of peaceful protest". Then she also read the card in front of IV members. IV members asked her about the website update which says they are sending these flowers to Walter Reed. She said yes, we are doing that. IV members thanked her and left the building.

    On the other side, the reporters with cameras were asking for approval to shoot inside. They made them wait and then several people (from different level of securityty to management) came to talk with them and finally said they can not allow to shoot for security reasons. The reporters also didn't miss to ask them about flowers campaign and apparently sent the message and hype about the campaign to top level.

    That is great guys!!

    Great to know the "gory" details! Thanks to those who went to the USCIS building!!

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