Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • jthomas
    05-09 01:11 PM
    This is one of the key reasons why we are not successful in our mission. All we can do is "lets kill H1/L1 so I can get GC", "lets not worry about EB3 as long as my EB2 is fine!". The only way we can make any progress is to stay united. Lets not try to find carrots that would really be sticks on people who are also part of this cause.

    EB3-I and EB2-I are both the same. EB3-I can port to EB2-I when the PD comes near. This is a normal human tendency and anybody would like to do it. The present EB3 guys are just waiting for the EB2 PD's to progress and they would move to EB2. I don't see anything wrong in that.
    Lets come up with some action plan. Maybe we can draw the media's attention or send letters to our lawmakers and white house.

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  • Das73
    05-10 01:13 PM
    It's always a good practice to take a receipt notice of any action done by your lawyer & keep that for your records.

    When you apply for EAD, soon USCIS will ask you to do fingerprints(BIO-2). I think you missed that part and it might be denied or void as it was left for so long!

    You can file for new EAD online at rms&timestamp=1127234762990

    Create your account & you can file your self with out lawyer's assistance. It's always suggested to file EAD(I-765) & AP(I-131) jointly. You can pay by credit card.
    (1) After applying online, you will receive 'Receipt notices' of EAD & AP.
    (2) Now a days USCIS will set up an apointment for BIO-2 of EAD.
    (3) You have to send supportive documents for Advance Parole, like photos,brief explanation of qualifying for AP...I can give you those sample formats !

    Coming to I-485 BIOMETRICS, call USCIS & ask them about BIO. Go to this website & register You must add I-485,EAD,AP & I-140 receipt numbers like LINXXXX and you will get emails when they get approved. You can also see the changes on 'LAST UPDATED' column, which means your case is touched by an officer. But it's not the confirmation of approval until status message has changed or you got an email.

    Go thru these 2 links & familiarize well. Hope your I-140 has approved. Finally these are suggestions only & I am not a lawyer. Consult an immigration lawyer if you have uncanny issues.
    Goo Luck.

    My lawyer filed for my EAD in April 2005. I have been working on H1 all the time and i was not aware that he filed for my EAD.
    HE filed for my AP at the same time and i got it. When i asked him about EAD , he said its not required and that he did not file it.

    Yesterday he mailed me a set of copies in which i found receipt notice for EAD.I checked the status and it says that my case is pending since April 2005.
    There was no request for any proof or anything. It just says we mailed you notice of action and the case is pending.

    I need EAD now. What should i do?

    I called the USCIS and they said that it is out of processing time and filed a service request.

    All my friends who filed their I-485 recently got their Biometrics notice and i didn't get any. Whats wrong with my case?

    I am confused , what am i supposed to do?
    Appreciate your suggestion

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  • buaya00
    09-11 04:51 PM
    Looks like the HR has adjourned till Sep 22 without HR5882 being discussed. Are they putting it off for later this year or next?

    Just noticed they updated the next session date to 15 sep and not 22 Sep.

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  • caliguy
    10-06 02:18 PM
    @ SOP

    Hope your wife is feeling better now.

    I wish USCIS could see how much emotional toll it has taken on people who have been patiently waiting for their turn. Nothing is worse than being in a broken system and not knowing what to expect but that is USCIS for you....

    I have sent your a private message. Could you please provide the mailing address for Mr. President? I dont mind sending him a copy of the letter too, what the heck, I have nothing to lose.


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  • pmb76
    07-14 05:01 PM
    Friends, There are several formatting errors on the petition on The " show up as ? and the ' also show up as "?". I have created a new petition below:

    Again , I'm sorry. Please re-sign. Once i reach a certain number like 1000 I will priority mail this to all senior executives of Time Warner Inc.

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  • tempy
    09-09 08:33 AM
    You must be kidding me if you cannot make out the difference between an approval and an RFE. It clearly states "Your Case Status: Decision"... What more do you want?

    I was wondering why the status went backwards (from CPO to Decision) and if that that is a normal process.



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  • JazzByTheBay
    09-13 09:54 PM
    Admire your smiley in the face of an RFE. Rock on! :)


    On Friday, I got SMS from USCIS that my case is updated and I should check status online. I checked my email. I was happy :) to see an email from USCIS and opened it excitedly with butterfly in stomach. Well it said..

    "Your Case Status: Request for Evidence

    On September 10, 2010, we mailed a notice requesting initial evidence in this case. Please follow the instructions on the notice to submit the evidence requested. Meanwhile, processing of this case is on hold until we either receive the evidence or the opportunity to submit it expires...........

    Looks like I have to wait more :D

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  • Googler
    10-19 01:24 AM
    By Mr. Cannon:
    "NNCPS is partnering with other Agencies to provide contractors and personnel to process name checks. For example, the FBI and USCIS have implemented a key initiative to use contractor resources to prioritize the processing of "Single-Hit" USClS Name Check requests, that is, pending name check requests that have only one FBI file potentially identified with it that needs to be reviewed in order to process the request. By applying contractor resources to process these "Single Hit" requests, the FBI may significantly reduce the pending USClS name check workload."

    Re: this Cannon declaration -- do you mind sharing the case number or case name (X v Chertoff) or the declaration if you have downloaded it from Pacer?

    I need to ask the person who shared the declaration with me privately. It was not something I found in PACER. If I find similar declaration in other cases, I'll post it.

    OK, follow the link to get detailed information about the FBI/USCIS name check.

    This may be the most detailed account I've seen so far. I didn't find the part you quoted about using contractors for single-hits though. It would be great to have the case cite for even this declaration. I assume it is a federal court filing if so, it is public, right?


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-30 11:38 AM

    This is one of the most critical issue we are facing today. The activity has proper plan defined as endorsed by IV.

    Please don't think that AC21 is not for you. In current market anything can happen to job anytime. Please do participate in the activity and help the group resolving the issue with USCIS in right way.

    Sending mails is first step and has to be done successfully before second step could be taken.

    Sent my mails.

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  • polapragada
    04-26 07:49 PM
    Well One thing is for sure ...

    Every time When US Senator Chuck Grassley introduces a bill ... He and His Anti-I
    Are getting succeded in two ways
    1. Bill is getting passed
    2. Dividing the immigrent family into narrow tiny pieces...

    If you wants to protest against L1 they will do the same with US...

    Guess what they can lobby more than us.. they invest more than us... you are talking about the gaints companies.

    Stop fussing about L1 and start disscussing about the billl

    This is what I did I sent the bill text to my friends (L1 and H1) and explaning them that this Bill is equally bad for us both and let their employer knows and act against to it...

    I sent E-mail to my sanator to vote against to the bill


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  • addsf345
    10-09 06:10 PM
    Your router may have the problem.
    You need to buy a good router. Your phone is good with long range.

    WiFi is 2.4 GHZ.

    5.8 GHZ phone will have many disadvantages.

    The BEST choice for cordless phone for range, and lack of interfearance is a DECT phone.. the 1.9Ghz range is a licenced radio frequency for the exclusive use of cordless phones, unlike any other cordless phone frequency (900Mhz, 2.4Ghz, 5.8Ghz.) and as it is lower in frequency (aside from 900 Mhz) it operates with the furthest distance than any cordless phone.

    I am using DECT phone. It is mentioned as DECT 6.0

    is it same as 1.9GHz or different 6.0 GHz?

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  • royus77
    06-29 04:05 PM
    Looks like we are Doooooooooooooooooooooooomed one more time


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  • cbpds
    04-06 01:22 PM
    Admin, please ban PoimibokInorn

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  • amslonewolf
    05-06 11:43 AM
    while we are on the topic, how long does it take to get a I-140 approval notice from TSC


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  • fcres
    07-31 03:44 PM
    1. If a Receipt Number is issued for a I-485, does it necessarily mean that the case won't outright be rejected for a missing document/ evidence, but instead an RFE will be issued?
    2. When a receipt number is issued for a I-485, and if we send out the missing document/initial evidence using the allocated A#, is there a good likelihood that the evidence/document will make it to the appropriate file?

    Answers to these will help make a decision on filing multiple I-485's where the first I-485 missed some initial evidence.

    One more thing: I was about to make another private consultation call today. I pledge contributing $200 if I find a concrete answer to this issue without having to consult one more lawyer.

    My laywer ( a known one, but not the regulars here) also didn't include EVL. When i asked him about it, he said whether we include it now or not, they will issue an RFE at the time of adjudication. I was content with that, but after reading about it more here, i pressed him again about the issue and the new memo. He said he does not foresee a denial because of this, but if i'm worried we will send the EVL along with a cover letter and the RN. But filing another 485 is not advisable. I'm working on the EVL, and once he is less busy after Aug 17th i will ask him to send it. And i hope it will make it to the right file if we include the RN and A#, just like replying to an RFE.

    btw, to answer #1, i did get RN so i would think the case may not be outright rejected for missing evidence. I did FP and my LUD was changed for 485 and 131. I filed 765 later and that also has an LUD after FP.

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  • logiclife
    06-15 11:57 AM
    My attorney said only copy of recent i-94 and i-797 required.

    I-94s are submitted at the airport when you leave the country. In many cases there are no I-94s coz they have been submitted and no one thought of making copies of them before travelling out of country. I am sure I dont have all the I-94s that I ever used. I submitted them at the airport when I went out and didnt make copies.

    I think it must be ok if you dont have all of them. Can anyone advise if that's the case?


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  • sparky_jones
    10-06 01:29 PM
    Being stuck in the EB3 conundrum, I usually find it hard to bring myself around to feeling good about the turn of fortune for folks in other categories. But I have to say that you completely deserve the turn of the GC fortune. Your helpful and positive attitude is very inspiring. Good luck for the future, and wish your family the best of health.

    There has been some requests for the letter format that I sent to Napolitano and Mr. President. I can't put them in the public domain but I'll be happy to send them if you give your personal email ids.

    Yesterday was a very eventful day for the afternoon my wife got approved and 12 hours later we had to call in emergency 911 to take her to the hospital as she was having such strong chills and violent shakings..we all got scared and we have a 2 and half month baby on top of that.....but with strong dose of antibiotics and drips she is better and what a day and night.....

    In any case I'll answer all your queries....I feel the option 4 is the best way to get to TSC...I have always used that....congressman's office has discretionary powers and you should use that.....use strong words it is your right......they are here to serve you unlike in India where they are there to get pocket your pun for my motherland but unfortunately it is true....

    Try a time frame of 4:30-5:30 EST to call the TSC or NSC for that matter...ppl are in a better mood at the end of the day and on thursdays and your lawyer and ask him or her to intervene......if you know for sure your case is preadjudicated write it strongly in your mails to DHS and others.

    I had in fact attached the previous year letters and their responses back to me in my last mail to Napolitano and it was really quite strong.....I am sure it is hard not to take a note of it......I don't mince words and I believe that one should fight for one's rights....

    I have been associated with organizations like ASHA, AID and DISHA for long and that have taught me a lot too.............

    Again your attitude should be "You have nothing to loose" make a best case for yourself and go for it...


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  • test12344321
    01-10 02:00 PM
    I am on a h1b currently. I changed empoyers in the US but the old stamp is still valid till semptember 2008. I has taken a visa date for jan30 in mumbai consulate and was going to fly back on feb9. Now planning to cancel the visa stamping because of the PIMS delays. I hope i am still valid to fly as i have a valid visa stamp and a new petition from current employer too which i can show at port of entry. Do let me know your views on the same and if there are any probable issues....

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  • spgtopper
    01-26 04:41 PM
    I haven't read any news on that.

    If you find anything, please post it here.

    04-01 06:19 PM
    I don't want to be a spoilsport.

    But there is a possibility that EB2I has not yet retrogressed (inspite of heavy porting) because USCIS knows EB1C 12000 will flow to EB2 right. In that case we may not see movement of dates in par with 12000 spillover.

    Maybe I am pessimistic.

    In all calculations, it is mentioned that porting at max could be 6k/year. How did we come up with this number? Any proof or just a guess?


    This is a very simple calculation. Following are the numbers before Oct -2006. These total to ~ 12K.

    EB2-C - 3521
    EB2-I - 9345

    The dates will move further if more than 12K numbers are infused into the system. I would say that the dates should be in Oct - Nov 2006 range with these 12K numbers, having Nov as buffer as they may issue RFE's to folks.

    09-10 11:36 AM
    I believe it will have an impact in the long I guess we can continue calling even today...

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