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  • kewlchap
    10-10 06:33 PM

    Got the email about being registered as a new permanent resident on Oct 8th. Thanks to SoP, caliguy, fatjoe and all others on the forum who helped / gave me support. I essentially learned that USCIS will not move quickly on their own, they need to be pursued just like any other govt. office in India. I give my time line below for an idea of what I did. If anyone is waiting still, I sincerely think that you should do all of POJ/SR/Infopass/Senator/Ombudsman.


    Sept 1st - became current
    Sept 5th - contacted NSC several times through POJ. Finally, a very nice lady told me that my case was not even assigned to an officer. Said that she will send in a request to the contractor to pull my case out and get it assigned to an officer.
    Sept 11th - Case pulled out of storage area and moved to a smaller waiting room [got this info later, but this is what had happened]
    Sept 13th: Opened SR.
    Sept 18th - Infopass: Told me that my case was assigned to an officer on Sept 11th (which was wrong really) and that I should wait 30 days. Also told me that my FP were renewed on March 9th and all my checks were clear.
    Sept 20th: Contacted Senator's office. Said they will send in inquiry.
    Sept 25: Response to SR. Case under review. Wait 30 days.
    Sept 27th: Letter from Senator saying my case was under review and I need to wait 30 days.
    Oct 2nd: Contacted NSC again through POJ method. A nice lady, Terry, told me that my case was assigned to officer on Sept 30th. She said, "your case was pulled out of storage and put in a rather large holding area where it was till Sept 30th." Also confirmed that my FP was renewed and other checks were clear. Said, just wait, it will happen soon.
    Oct 6th: Sent 7001 form to USCIS Ombudsman.
    Oct 8th: Got decision email.

    Learnings: Pursue your case as much as you can. Call NSC, but be polite. They are usually in good mood on Thu/Friday evenings and if you make some small talk, they will help you. I kept records of which NSC IO is rude and if they picked up the next time, I would just keep the phone down. In fact, the lady who helped me remembered me 'coz I managed to reach her 3 times. Dont just ask for status, say that you have called in the past and so far you know xxxx about your case. Some IOs are nice, some are rude. Nice ones actually tried to explain the entire storage area, holding area, supervisor supply chain to me. I think I kind of understand the process that happens at NSC just through these conversations now. Approach Ombudsman asap with form 7001. Call your Senator office and ask to speak to the immigration person. They are very understanding and will help you.

    Long-ish email, but thought that I will put it out there, and it might help someone stuck in this morass. If you need more info, ask me / PM me. I will be around these forums for some more time.

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  • permfiling
    08-07 02:19 AM
    I don't think it is unfair as I think

    That if eb2 numbers are not filled then they automatically get allocated to eb3 so why to have portability to eb2.

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  • jsb
    09-15 02:01 PM
    No receipt yet, although Sept 14 update has moved NSC and TSC way beyond July 2.

    July 2, J Barret, 10:2am (I-140 at TSC)
    PD May 2004

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  • Sri_1975
    08-26 01:29 PM

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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 12:48 PM
    No, I did not give you red dots...Also I don't know who rolling_flood is but he cannot give you red dots either as he has three red dots herself.
    These 2 folks SunnySurya and Rolling_flood attacked me with RED points because i said the truth on the other thread of "Lawsuit for Porting/Interfiling". Though i least care if someone anonymous gives me Red points but i'm worried about them.....

    This is what i wrote in that post which was attacked , what's wrong in it ... Try to digest the truth SunnySurya and Rolling_flood - you can't scare folks like by words of Lawsuit....

    Lot of our case was exactly like that - i was eligible for EB2 when my Eb3 labor was filed. Employer took advantage of my compromising situation ( H was having 390 days juice left)

    If Porting/Interfiling is taken off folks like me will be terribly victimized. I'm here for 9 years - my 1st labor was substituted , 2nd labor ( which should be Eb2 but filed in Eb3) took a round trip from Phily backlog elimination center and now i'm stuck in the Eb3-140 mess at NSC

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  • WaldenPond
    02-20 03:03 PM
    Just so that you know, this fax communication from AILA does not say anything about "Employment based green card provisions".

    It only talks about guest wokrer program and opposes HR-4437.

    You may choose to support AILA campaign and send out faxes from their website for opposing HR-4437, that may help too. Just know that you are not directly supporting "Employment based provisions".

    Let’s be more careful about what we should support and what message we are sending in our faxes.


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  • kiwi
    09-26 10:33 AM

    July 2nd filer and hear nothing.

    Faxed congressman�s office yesterday (Tuesday) morning. The immigration staff called back right for more information. She said she would make an inquiry through her channel.

    She called me just now (Wednesday morning): my application is lost � meaning USCIS can�t locate me in their system. This is not new. She probably just called the USCIS customer service line but they can�t say crap like call back after 90 to 120 days. The staff was told that USCIS asked to give them a week to do some inquiry into their system and she will call me back next Wednesday.

    On Monday, my attorney has sent an inquiry to the local Senator�s office on the 4 pending cases he has filed. Not heard anything back yet.

    Given all the crap I have heard from USCIS customer service, I have NOT made a single call. That would have not made any difference on the fact I am not on the system anyway.

    Will post back if there is development.

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  • nojoke
    11-20 10:28 PM
    When you buy a home you sign a contract saying you will pay the loan amount at the end of the loan term with interest. There was a commitment made. And you are saying people who walk away without fulfilling their obligation are smart? Fool!

    And who do you think is footing the bill for bailing out those banks? its you and me! You are not only not honest and ethical, you must be really dumb if you think you are not going to be paying for the mistakes of people like punjabi when they "walk away" from their homes!

    Thank you.
    These guys have jacked up the price insane and out of reach of most folks who want to buy because they got greedy and wanted to make profit. There are few on this forum who have been advising to go and buy house at this time. :mad:
    For 'punjabi77' it is always others fault that they got into this mess. :mad: 'If the house didn't appreciate like I thought then it is the others mistake that it is making me go into foreclosure and if the housing had gone up and I made 200K profit, I am a smart man' :confused::confused:


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  • greencardvow
    06-29 08:26 PM
    Suppose they reject the 485 app on July 2nd after they receive it then will they cash our checks or just return them to us.

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  • Michael chertoff
    03-29 12:02 PM
    Ha Ha Ha .....

    MC you are an eternal pessimist !!!

    its been long time I have been waiting....if you understand hindi then

    "Mere jaisi ban jaoge jab Ishq Tumhe ho jayega"
    "Diwaro se takraoge jab Ishq Tumhe ho jayega"


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  • fatjoe
    10-12 10:38 AM
    My attr said that uscis does not follow any chrological order to approve cases. Rather, it takes any 485 application filed before Jan 22, 05. So, your point on "giving more time" won't work here.
    This is what I did. I did not get GC yet though, but got to know where I'm at.
    1. Contacated NCS numerous times and raised two SRs.
    2. Took inforpass a couple of times. Infopass IOs have more detailed info about our cases.
    3. Contact Senator requesting that my appln be assigned to an IO, and it was done so. It is with an IO now. Hoping and praying that my IO picks up application to approve it this week.
    4. Contacted Ombudsman late last week. Hoping to get some good actions taken on my application.
    5. You might consider contacting Janet Napolitino as well.

    All the best.

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  • ameryki
    01-07 09:47 PM
    not true AP filing is not denied just because you have a valid H1 visa. The two are completely unrelated. Also if you have a valid H1 visa carrying a 485 receipt notice while a good idea is not required at all since you hold a valid H1 visa.


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  • kate123
    03-31 11:59 AM
    Agreed, Thanks for correcting me :)

    The calculation looks incorrect.

    You considered the I+ C allocations and subtracted those in line 1. You again subtracted those in your final calculation.

    The straight forward calculation is EB2 ROW is entitled to 34,436 (1) and they used 27,406 (2). So splillover was around 7 K.

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  • rodnyb
    04-01 10:31 PM
    If in Vegas, I will bet this total usage for EB2 I/C this year
    EB1 20K (50% reduction from 40K)
    EB2 ROW 10K (last year 9K, this year, some reduction)
    EB5 8K (same as last year)
    EB2 I/C 6K (5800 exact, regular supply)
    Total 44K

    Eb3 Porting 6K
    New filing 2K (ppl who missed 07/2007 w/ PD before 07/2007, dependent)
    Total usage 8K

    EB2I/C demand before 07/31/2007

    DOS, for having some buffer to counter (denial, RFEs, assuming little as most pre-adjudicated) will move PD for EB2/I
    May 2011 12/2006
    June 2011 2/2007
    July 2011 6/2007
    August 2011 8/2007
    Remember, CIS can take in new applicants in August 2011 but don't have to approve it.

    It will end between 06/2007 to 09/2007 almost 100%

    Can we try and consolidate the predictions by Teddy, Rodnyb, GCwait2007 and others who did some major number crunching (not armchair predictors like me).

    Teddy, based on what we know now especially the past few days, can you give your average, best, and worst case estimate for September 2011. Same for rodnyb and GCwait2007. Thanks!

    Also importantly, if you could comment on the PD for EB3-I/C and EB-2 I/C in October 2011 once this year is over. Will we see it retrogress or current and what's your average case for the dates then.


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  • greencard_fever
    10-02 03:23 PM
    That's good news APB.

    I guess it may either be the SR that I opened for my wife or the letter I wrote to wife got a call from a CSR from DC and she told that her case is pending because of the Biometrics, she said she is issuing new biometrics...the speaker phone was on...and I come I got approved w/o the Biometrics...she was clueless...I told her how many times can Biometrics notice be attorney called TSC on 10th of Sept and that time a notice was issued which we never received and then again two weeks later someone else issued another notice.....then someone else told that Biom is fine it just needs uploading and it has been two weeks since then the only thing that is happening is the Visas getting used up .....I said what's the point of FP/Biom if visas are no longer available which surely will be the case in 3 weeks....

    In any case didn't expect a phone call from them so was surprised.


    Hi SOP..

    I was looking at all your posts and i can tell you how hard your trying to get your Wife's GC..Good Job Dude keep it up..i feel like you are fighting with USCIS to get GC...I am in a similar situtaion like you do but not same..i think my case has not been approved because of my wife's FP's was not able to read by FBI (she gave FP's 3 time in May) and never sent to USCIS by FBI..can you tell me how to escalate this issue to Napolitano or any other USCIS officals...:mad:


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  • lavenyahs
    05-24 12:10 PM
    My father tried to get a Non Availability certificate but they told since the birth is registered they can't issue one and that they also won't change the name...:mad: (after the incident where that MP tried to sneak people into Canada they are very strict it seems)


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  • desi3933
    06-16 03:37 PM
    Who actually controls the work? The client.

    Sir, the question is not
    Who actually controls the work?

    the question is
    Who actually controls the L1 person by directly managing him/her?

    big difference.

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  • inderman
    10-23 05:11 PM
    try all routes possible... call ombudsman, call senator, email NSC , go for an Infopass...
    Dosn't make sense to take the words as is... mite not b fully true...
    Good Luck

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  • eb_retrogession
    01-18 07:34 PM
    James Rogers was on the Bill O'Rielly show. They oppose HR 4437

    11-05 04:16 PM
    Please send the letters out. It's very important and just takes 5 minute to do so.

    04-02 12:50 AM
    EB3 Porting could use up to 8K though, and new filing could be 2K
    and EB2 I/C pre-07/2007 still have about 34K at the beginning of oct/2010
    So it is even at most...

    There are lots of uncertain
    1. EB1 is now the biggest uncertainty
    2. EB2 ROW
    3. Porting
    But EB1 and Eb2 ROW, EB2 I/c new fling (ppl who missed 07/2007 w/ PD before 07/2007) have to file in May to get it approved by Sept as processing time is 4 month.
    So After May, from June to August, it is all spill over game for EB2 I/C
    That is why i guess Charles is saying the trend is now, and will start use the numbers in May

    If 44k is the available number for EB2 I & C then the PD will move upto Jun 2008 with out any doubt. Even with the porting of EB3 to EB2 is accounted for.


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