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  • jonty_11
    06-21 02:22 PM
    Let me help ArunANtonio here:

    Here are links to similar discussions for the last week or so.

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  • purplehazea
    05-09 11:56 AM

    It makes sense to file concurrently only when PD is current. Otherwise it is like applying for your citizenship before getting your GC!

    In other words I do not understand why your lawyer wants you to file concurrently when your PD is not current. Just to collect his fees? Maybe. He is at least right aboout the fact that USCIS will do nothing with your I485 application unless your PD is current. So I would just wait till your PD is current. You can still file for your I140 and wait for that to get processed.


    I am not an attorney, so you will appreciate that any reliance is at your will.

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  • pittdude
    03-16 09:06 PM
    Let all the members who are here in USA for more than 9 years without a green card unite and make this as an ACTION ITEM for IV Core to consider this. Others who like this idea are most welcome to support this.

    We all need to unite to get this going...

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  • BlueSkyPro
    09-10 08:24 AM
    I called all of them.


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  • l1fraud
    06-14 09:58 AM
    rsharma, l1fraud,

    There is nothing wrong in reporting fraud.
    However your argument that you are reporting it since you cannot tolerate fraud isn't that convincing.

    If you were always against injustice/lawlessness, you will see a lot of it in your daily life. Do you report or take action against each of those ? I don't think so.

    After living in India for long and seeing people put up with all injustice and sometimes doing it themselves, it is hard to believe your argument that you are doing it just for the sake of law.

    How many times in this thread I have mentioned that I am getting replaced by one of these L-1B resource, I am a poor Oracle/DB developer who fortunately cannot be replaced by L-1B visa resources (as my skills is a common technical one). So once these violations impact your day to day life you look around for ways to stop this fraud. Its true that if I was a Nuero Surgeon in Phily or a Astro Scientist in Houston I wouldn't be interested in this violation :-) .... tomorrow let this scenario happen to you ... you would be first one to raise the alert.

    Regarding 'getting burnt', I don't think there is bigger burn than loosing our jobs (which already is happening) and hope you know that there is something called 'anonymity'... ya lets see whos going to get 'burnt' here. We'll definetly keep you updated regarding the outcome.

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  • Prashant
    06-29 05:57 PM
    If the DOS has common sense they would be better off to retrogess for august, I am pretty sure they will be aware of the class action law suit thats gonna come upon them if they try to revise the july bulletin


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  • Saralayar
    01-20 10:55 PM
    Still showing votes=380 points.. Hurry up.. Bump^^^
    Want to keep alive this thread... ^^^ Bump^^^

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  • rpat1968
    10-12 04:25 PM
    Why do you think so...coz I'm in that state. My spouse who is the primary applicant got the card and my application is still in review ???

    Here is the procedure if a deratives I-485 is pending after primary's is approved :

    If a family member's derivative adjustment of status application has been pending in excess of 30 days from the approval date of the principal applicant's Form I-485, please submit to

    �DHS Form 7001;
    �A copy of the principal applicant's Form I-485 approval notice;
    �A copy of the Form I-485 receipt notice for the derivative; and
    �Any other evidence that is pertinent to the case.

    In your email, please note in the subject line: "Unapproved Derivative I-485."


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  • pappu
    09-09 11:39 AM
    You are not alone. This might help (posted by IV member never_give_up:

    To all others like me, who are hesitant and are not sure about the talking points. Below is something that can help.

    You would most likely be talking to a person taking messages and not the congressman/woman directly.
    And you also dont have to explain them the details of the bill, as they are very well aware of it. All you have to tell them is it is about HR5882.

    After one or 2 calls, my message was standardized and this is what I used in all the calls.

    Good Morning. I am calling in regards to the bill HR5882. (Pause for the other person to give you a go ahead and then continue). I would like to express my support for the bill and would like to request the support of Congressman/woman for the bill. If you can pass the message to the Congressman/Woman, that will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You and have a Great Day.

    Some of the offices will ask you for your phone number and address, go ahead and give it to them. No harm.

    And some might ask you where you are calling them from. My reply to them was - I am calling from the state of VA. I also reached out to my district's congressman, but also wanted to request the support of Congressman XXXX and so am calling your office.

    I was initially hesitant and was not sure as to how to put it together, but it was real eazy and quick. After some calls, I even called up people who do not suppor this like Steve King, etc. It was only a matter of a call and letting them know our opinion. All that I lost was 2 minutes of my time and no money for my unlimited phone plan.

    Not sure how much help it will be, but surely cannot hurt. It would atleast draw their attention due to the large call volume. Yes, some offices told me that they were receiving lot of calls for this bill.

    So go on... do your part.

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  • rockstart
    01-15 08:05 AM
    I have sent the letter to WH will post the IV copy shortly. Also forwarded it to other friends.


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  • GCNeophyte
    08-19 03:25 PM
    I got the CPO email first. In another days 6 days got welcome mail. Then the status changed back to post decision activity. 5 days from there, I got the cards. Even today the status says the same.

    Looks like you are so much addicted to check USCIS case update, you still checking your status after you receive your cards :)

    just curious, what are you expecting on your status after you received GCs?

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  • cbpds
    04-05 04:08 PM
    One might get a better answer from this thread

    Donor Forum: Analysis for EB2IC based on new..


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  • Karthikthiru
    03-26 01:06 PM
    My wife recently started working using EAD. The HR folks there are well aware of EAD as there are people already working there on EAD. They did not have any issues with EAD. The only thing that they were saying from the begining is that they cannot sponser H1B and also the only thing they asked is whether she work authorization in this country. When she submmited the I9 form, the HR person just remained her to send the copy of EAD everytime she renews it


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  • trueguy
    08-21 11:44 AM
    There are laws and there are exceptions. Basically there are no Laws when it comes to Immigration. USCIS/DOS can do whatever they like.

    Look at Jul'2007, people with EB3 PD of 2004 got approved and people with 2001 are still waiting.

    Look at EB2 approvals these days. People with 2006 PD are getting approved and people with 2004 PD are still waiting.

    Can somebody explain how PD in each VB goes backward? Is it possible to get new applications with older PD in between? Don't they have computers with all the data where they can see how many applications are pending?

    Howcome they were giving unused numbers to EB3 till last year and how come they changed the interpretation this year. The rule didn't change, they simply changed their interpretation of it.

    If EB3 would have known about this new interpretation then they would have never applied in EB3 category.

    Bottomline is there are no rules. USCIS/DOS is doing whatever they like and playing with our life. Nobody knows how many applications are pending. Nobody can predict the VB movement, it goes forward and backward. We cann't plan our lives and live in limbo all the time.


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  • vikki76
    10-22 05:49 PM
    Isn't it strange, card production ordered mail and Physical card on the same day.
    Actually he got his card first and then later in day CPO email came in. Very strange indeed.

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  • bayarea07
    09-11 08:25 PM
    tried Calling Robert C. Scott as well but it looks like he has taken Voice Mail out of his system

    Attempt to Bump the Thread up at the same time :-)


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  • reddymjm
    08-07 03:42 PM
    I was double minded to do porting or not. Now I am considering it very seriously. Got a green signal from my current EMPLOYER to go ahead for EB2.

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  • unseenguy
    06-19 01:34 AM
    Here is your post on 6/15/2009 @ 4.49pm

    See the words in RED BOLD font. They highlight you mentioning the word "REFERENCE". Kapish?!

    Maybe you should check on your eyesight. And while you're at it, get your head examined as well... memory loss is an early sign of onset of senility.

    Before I get my head checked, get your reading comprehension skills and life priorities checked. Searching, copy pasting others post for which you are spending too much time for too little time indicates some kind of compulsive disorder aka addiction for green card.

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  • Saralayar
    01-06 05:41 PM

    Why do you even need a GC, my friend. Stick with H1B visa. the only difference between GC and H1 is independence of employer and why do you even bother about it. You can always get a job where you want, buy a house now, sell it tomorrow, then after 6 years, go out for a year, come back on new H1.
    As I said, people here are highly motivated and do want to follow the rules and achieve bigger things in lives, creating value in the process. But not many are willing to wait for 5 more precious years, after your greencard takes 10 years. Or 15 years on GC and 5 years for Citizenship. Once you work very hard, then you tend to ask for the right fruit, not just take anything.And whatever the Citizenship requirements are.. they will be met while waiting for theis damn GC..
    I am just hitting at the attitude.. not person.. sorry...
    Assume your school makes your 4 year course extended to 6 years and in the process makes you do a lot more..What do you ask at the end of it. 4 year degree or a 4+2 year degree.. .something similar..

    Remember the lambi race ka goda.. He didnt pick the coin tossed at him.. anyone.. which movie.. ???
    Very well analyzed response. Atleast now those 2 guys start thinking about it in a different way.

    08-21 12:11 PM
    If phone companies resort to misleading advertisements, you can complain to FCC (Federal Communications Commission)

    FCC Consumer Complaints (

    07-11 01:40 PM
    That's brilliant glus! What was your message? I hope he read it.

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