Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • sunnysharma
    06-10 07:35 PM
    Standard Test include:

    1. Blood test
    2. TB skin test ( if this is +ve , then X-rays are done).
    3. Immunization : Tetanus, MMR and vericela ( chickenPox)
    If you donot have record, you can get these shots again.
    If you remember ( or confirm with parents) that u had chickenpox in past , then they can confirm this by bloodtest and u will not need shot.

    Hope this help.

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  • martinvisalaw
    08-10 06:43 PM
    How much time did the attorney ask for on the I-129 and LCA? If either is just one year, then there's no basis for appeal. CIS did nothing wrong.

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  • vin13
    12-21 04:06 PM
    I have to do a emergency travel to India and I did not get my advance during that time. I went to USCIS office in person and got the advance parole and flyed to India.

    Back in US I learnt from my wife that I got another copy of Advance parole which I have applied earlier. Both Parole documents look different in format and the one which I got from USCIS office does not have the SRC nubmer on it.

    If my wife sends the recent Advance Parole documents via FEDEX, not sure which document I should show up at port of entry..Plese help.


    Both are valid Parole documents. But technically you are supposed to have the approved advance parole documents with you before you leave the country. So it would be better for you to use the one you got from the USCIS office for this trip.

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  • pmb76
    07-11 05:20 PM
    How about Rakhi Sawant or Bipasha Basu doing a oomph number for IV ?


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  • psaxena
    06-08 08:06 PM
    Hi Guys,
    I was reading another thread and a question came to my mind..

    I entered in US on AP and got the I-94 with the validity date as my AP date. Now my AP is going to expire and I am not going to travel anywhere any time this year. So just wondering what will happen when the I-94 is expired. Do I have to get it renewed from somewhere or just dun worry about it. or do I have to apply for a new AP.

    Can anyone can shed some light on this situation?

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  • nkavjs
    09-07 11:09 PM
    Hello Friends :

    I recd. an email from my attorney this evening stating that "We have mailed you the FOIA request for your and your spouse's signature."

    This doesnt make any sense to me, as to what does FOIA mean to start with. So I emailed them back asking, what does it mean and is it something to do like RFE towards my AOS papers filed on 2nd July,2007 (no checks cashed yet, no info in system yet).

    My Attorney replied back stating that - "We have filed for full copies of your petitions to be sent to us. The FOIA will allow us to obtain a copy to check the integrity of the filing for our records. Looks like, it will be several years before these I-485 petitions are actually reviewed by the Service unless we see a change in the law. ."

    What does this all mean? I am so confused....

    Pls. advise me. Thanks a lot


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  • krishmunn
    08-29 10:37 AM
    Option 1 (epassporphoto) is good. I have used it more then once for US as well as UK visa (also my daughter's Indian Passport)

    Just a few tips --

    Make sure
    1) you take the photo under Fluoroscent (tube) light or outdoor.
    2) there is not too much shadow behind
    3) the background is white (or something very light)
    4) if you wear glasses, remove those
    5) your face should be straight (both ears should be visible)

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  • jfredr
    08-29 07:13 PM
    i would suggest just provide whatever they asked

    Consult ur lawyer


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  • chapper
    07-18 08:38 AM
    I agree with Clockwork - PD is your labor filing date and not approval date. Good Luck.

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  • ghost
    09-08 02:22 PM
    yes, securing the borders is the must-pass bill for the republicans in the next three weeks.

    I sincerely hope that they would include SKIL provisions in this for economic security.


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  • anurakt
    12-31 03:20 PM
    Will the core team be sharing their strategy for 2007 with the members?

    I don't think core is going to spill it's strategy on the forum for world to see. I would suggest you to join local chapter to know how things will be performed. :)

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  • nixstor
    10-27 01:24 PM
    My wife'e H1B expires on Feb 2007 and she still has not applied for H1B renewal as she was on maternity leave. She will do so in first week of November. It looks like H1B extension process takes more than 3 months. Virginia is one of the states which just gives ur Driver license till ur H1B validity. So her license is valid till feb 2007. Would like to know if she can get her license renewed in Feb 2007 with a H1b receipt number or should she do Premium processing of her H1B. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    I doubt they will extend it. They will just look at I 797 and see if the name and expiry date. How ever call Identity Services (dont remember the division's name exactly) @ 804 367 0064 and explain your situation. They are the folks that generally issue a letter for H4 visa holders who do not have a I 797. They will take atleast 1 month to send the letter once they decide to do it. Start acting now! Good luck.


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  • pappu
    12-15 02:34 PM
    To buttress IV strategy any tasks for members during the holiday season..I understand we dont dicuss any strategies in open Forums..but to support your strategies during the holiday season?..people will have a little more free we can involve in writing / meeting senators!??..

    There is only lill time before the senate opens again!

    Pani_6, thanks for offering to work on IV action items for the holidays. We definately need people like you to help prepare ourselves for next year. Here are some tasks everyone can help.

    1- pls update your account information. That includes you too pani_6.

    2- Take active role in your state chapter. If your state chapter is not active, then make it active yourself. Contact other members from your state through the state chapter thread and start working on action items

    3. Participate in membership and funding drive. Contribute towards IV during the holiday season.

    4. Visit IV site regularly. If there is any news or campaign, we may announce it here and request members to help asap. If there is any update it will be put on IV site. We want to encourage members to visit IV site regularly and help keep it active

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  • imhere
    06-11 12:28 PM

    I am not sure that you can help me in this or not, but I see you are pretty aware of the program I wants to ask about �MAVNI.�.

    � I am on H1B (exp- 2011) Wife/Son h4(Exp-2011)
    � Joining MAVNI Sep 2009.
    � F1 to H1 (Stamping Pending yet)

    I have couple simple questions if you can help me to give answer.

    1.As I will be in army training and they will adjust my status, but what will happen to my wife/son if they will be USA and their H4 want work as I want be no more on H1. And what will be their status during this time.
    2.What if I send them back to my origin country and after coming back from training/naturalization how much time you see it may take? Do you see any difficulty reentering them? What will be their status, once they reenter?

    About my background, none of us has any single criminal history except couple speeding ticket. :)
    I appreciate if you can through some light in this, which will help me to take faster decision for their accommodation and all.

    Thankful to you.


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-08 10:30 AM
    IV Advocacy Days Blog: Has Just Posted the Following: (
    More Situation room photos

    More... (

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  • dealsnet
    04-15 04:18 PM
    It was a mistake by the guy who stamped I-94 (at CBP).
    Her H-4 must be expire on your expiration date.
    You need to go to nearest CBP office to get it corrected.
    She need deferred inspection to get it straight. USCIS will not do it.

    OR Do nothing about it and file H-4 extension along with your H1B extension.
    If you do not extend her with your petition, even if she have valid I-94, she may end up in trouble later.
    Read Murthy's

    I am a resident physician on h1b visa which is expiring on 6-30-2010 . I am in process of applying for H1B extension for my fellowship. My wife is on H4 visa (expiring in 3-20-2013 since she got 5 yr multiple visa). Recently she visited Kuwait and on her re-entry she was given entry (on her I94) up to 3-15-2013 (up to 5 days prior to her visa expiration). Will she also need extension in this case along with my extension or can she stay in US till 2013 with out extension Thanks.


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  • yaratnaparkhi
    10-05 02:23 PM
    Myself and my wife are both on H1-b. Our 485 was applied in Jul 07. I have to apply for EAD by myself. Can I apply for EAD now and then apply for AP(I-131) at a later time ?

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  • myvoice23
    06-27 10:57 AM
    Don't panic. It will be alright you can resubmit the correct fee you have 30 days to do that. Sometimes USCIS can make mistakes even you submitted correct fee.

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  • raj76
    05-08 12:03 PM
    This may sound strange but, here is my situation. I'm currently on EAD and my I-94 expired last year after i got my EAD. Does this have any impact on my EAD renewal????:confused:

    10-25 11:13 AM
    I have a PD of April 2008 in the EB2-I category, but am exploring the option of switching to EB1 if possible. I am a clinical psychologist, working in a not-for-profit agency. What are my chances? Does it depend more on the case itself or a really good lawyer who can present your case in the best way it can be presented? This is a really stressful situation because my husband's H1-B runs out next summer and we cannot live here on just my income. Any feedback?

    I believe the case itself is the major factor. The credentials/publications/patents + solid letters of recomendations etc is the major factor. The attorney can advice you on the types of letters or proofs that are required to substantiate your case but not more. And ofcourse once you have decided that you could potential go for the EB1, I would certainly ask others for attorneys who have had more success in EB1 cases. The "good" attorney will evaluate your total package and asks you for more documents if it is not good enough. Others will take your money and all material you send and just send it over to the CIS.

    03-14 07:47 PM
    My 140 (filed concurrently with 485) was approved on Aug 17th. Ever since 08/17 I have been seeing LUD's on it everyday. In fact there was a LUP on 08/19 Sunday! Any ideas what's happening? I think something is going in CIS.

    I got a LUD on my November 2005 approved I 140 on 03/13/08. My I 485 reciept date is August 7th, 2007. I got all reciepts, EAD and FP notices. I am in EB3 category. Need to know why LUD on I 140. :confused:

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