Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • gg10004
    07-09 07:07 PM
    The message no longer appears on USCIS portal now.
    I think they are reading our portals:)

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  • nk2006
    09-16 10:48 AM
    Can state chapter leaders please send an email to members to inform about latest scheduling of HR5882 and ask them to call the appropriate congress members.

    Not all IV members visit the site regularly and it seems most members are under the impression that HR5882 is post-poned indefinitely. I did receive an alert email two weeks ago when 5882 was being considered first time (and it was helpful - thanks MA chapter) - it would be effective to send another short one now. Thanks.

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  • lazycis
    10-18 01:27 PM
    I am not sure that even simple letters get thru. Neither Mr. Cannon nor Mr. Hooton responded to my letters. Mr. Cannon, however, responded to the inquiry sent from President's office. His reply was brief. Rest assured, he wrote, your name check will be completed before the next eon :)

    I am not able to attach part of the declaration describing NNCP and USCIS name check. It's a PDF file, about 600K. Are there any limitations on attachments?

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  • HV000
    09-07 02:11 PM
    The link is related to the fingerprinting background check. Almost 100% of the time the automated system returns an FBI record (an existance or not of a "rap sheet"). Only in rare cases when the finger prints are not clear USCIS sends a new FP notice.

    The issue here is the FBI name check which returns less than 68% in the automated response. Around 32% of cases (485/n400) are delayed of which less than 1% really may have a negative record most of which are reported by IBIS and finger print check.

    FOIPA only provides main file check report (not reference file report) which in any case is worthless for most applicants who have never committed a crime but are stuck in the name check due to a flawed soundex alogirthm that is applied for both roman based and non roman based names. Invariably Indians, Chinese, Arabs and Russians (and slavic names) are caught up disprortionately.

    Mr. has been lately tightening the screws and USCIS has to report in the next 30 days the response to his anual report to congress where he listed the FBI name check as the most pervasive problem affecting 485 and naturalization applicants and the fact that name check backlog grew by over 100,000 in 2006.

    Name check dissproportionately affects Indians, Chinese, Russians, slavs, Arabs and Muslims.

    USCIS is supposed to respond to USCIS OMBUDSMAN report on Sep 11. USCIS has not mentioned about the value it is deriving out of the NAMECHECK process!
    I do not know why USCIS is wasting money and resources in the questionable "NAME CHECK" process while they already have the faster "FINGER PRINT" process!!


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  • chanduv23
    09-15 10:29 AM
    Thanks folks for your wishes. I had not been active on the volunteering side due to multiple reasons and other day to day challenges and career.

    I agree with a lot of people in the community that it is a challenge to balance a challenging personal life, especially in a country like America where regular day to day life poses many challenges.

    In the green card process, the challenge is just not about one needing a job to fulfill day to day needs but to secure a future for him/her and family.

    A lot of people I have come across through IV have been absolutely amazing in stepping up and doing what they do and this platform provided by IV (Aman, Pappu, Jay etc..) has been a blessing for all of us.

    I have written to IV core that I will continue to support IV and its activities.

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  • eb_retrogession
    01-05 09:15 AM

    We need this support from all over the country

    Jan is a VERY good time to catch up with your local congressman or their staff since the house isn't in session.

    I am preparing a presentation that can be used as talking points, and explain our case.

    We also need a 2-page writeup (glossary type thing) that we can email and leave it with them after the meeting. Can someone step up to do this?

    If you don't get an appointment with the congressman, atleast go talk with his staff. usually there are a couple of guys assigned with immigration reforms. It should not be hard to get appointments with them.

    Can we start people signing up for this in different states? I am hoping for a good response.


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  • unseenguy
    06-19 02:14 AM
    You are certainly showing your class and language skills here. Your momma teach you to talk like that? :rolleyes:

    Tell me something.. when you applied for your L1 visa, did you fill out a DS157 form? All males in a certain age group are required to fill that, women are not.. but I'm not sure what they require from hijras like you :D

    Again dumb idiot check your comprehension skills. You are making an assumption I am on L1.

    And before you invoke my family members, check what yours have taught you. Did I ever mention your mother eventhough I could? What did your mother teach you, too call others hijras? :)) sounds very cultured family.

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  • iv_only_hope
    01-11 02:12 PM
    Look at this ignorant guys quote from the above website.

    "I just read a couple days ago that over a million "immigrants"
    applied for citizenship

    Do we not have limits? and don't they have to be
    green card holders to apply ?

    Also do we not have demographic limits?

    Most of the million all seem to be from one area of the


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  • rahil
    09-24 09:10 PM
    I thought the spillover was only in september annually..

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  • Green.Tech
    01-15 09:12 PM
    Voted for all items supporting our cause. Urge others to do the same. It takes less than 5 minutes. Help yourselves!


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  • meghanap2000
    10-20 12:25 PM
    "storage area, exam area, and where your file is"
    It is funny. :)

    Is this information given to everyone or few?
    If it is given to few then why not everyone?
    Is this information accurate?
    If IOs have this information, then this means they have very detailed information about the application. However posts from members show that it is not the case at all times.
    Lack of information is driving everyone in a chaos and people make mass calls frequently to get information. USCIS should be providing all basic information on cases on case status area of the website. This would reduce number of calls to USCIS and reduce such posts where each conversation with an IO generates some information and misinformation on forums. This feeds to rumors and incorrect information circulated on forums. While such information helps generate lot of threads, page views and ad revenue for other websites, As an organization we should be cautioning people about this.

    On the donor forum we have posted some tips what you can do get your greencard. There is no need to make calls everyday trying to get status. If your application is outside processing time, you can simply open a service request. There are other options like Ombudsman and local Congressman's office. We have also posted to our members that if if you have tried all options everywhere and you are in a desperate situation, Immigration voice will help its continued donor members.

    In my opinion posts such as "storage area, exam area, and where your file is, pre-approved" only drive curiosity and mass calls that will not help processing of your case. We as an educated and mature community should not fall for such information on the forums.

    This information is True about Storage area and exam area ..I have similar exp with local USCIS office

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  • mnkaushik
    07-17 02:28 PM
    Hi Ron,

    My Priority date is Jan 2004, EB3-India category and i have an approved I-140 and have applied my 485 during July 07. I have sent my EAD and AP for renewal which expire in last week of September. My spouse is in EB2-India having pd Dec 2005, also applied I-485 (140 is approved) during July 07 and has applied for EAD and AP renewal, which expire in last week of October. We both applied independently and are using our H1bs and not EAds.

    Since my spouse's PD is going to be current in August 2008, I was planning on applying for a second 485 as a dependent on my spouse's application.

    I know that two 485 applications causes issues. I want your recommendation and also will my application affect my wife's processing time or create issues for her.


    Ron's reply -

    You don't need to file a new I-485. Make the CIS aware of your spouse's case and your eligibility under it as a dependent. Ask them to cross reference to the two cases.

    You can follow this thread in the following link -

    Also has anyone tried this approach and Also does anyone has expeirence being Ron's client?


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  • vsukumar
    09-17 08:10 PM
    Got the CPO ordered email on 09/16/2010, updated to Post Decision Activity on 09/17/2010 for both primary and derivative.

    Got FP appointment scheduled in the first week of Sep, but gave it earlier ( last week of august)

    No SR, No Infopass.

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  • immigrationvoice1
    03-24 03:51 PM
    Its been over 3 hours now that I informed CapitalOne that the discrimination is illegal. And as expected, no reply received yet.

    Got a reply back just now

    My mail to Capital One after getting the initial response:


    Thank you for the reply.

    I am surprised by the disqualification since the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had issued the EAD. DHS has set clear guidelines not to discriminate based on any of the authorized work documents issued by them, EAD being one of them. The I-9 form required to be filled in by every employee (citizen or otherwise) clearly mentions this.

    Are you sure CapitalOne does not allow candidates who are on EAD specially when it does not require sponsorship from the employer ?

    Response that I received for the above email:

    Thanks for your message. The information regarding Capital One's policy on pursuing EAD card holders is correct. We are only able to pursue US Citizens or Green Card holders for these roles. I'm sorry, but we won't be able to consider your candidacy at this time.

    Best Regards,



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  • SunJoshi
    01-03 09:52 AM

    I got a letter from Cong Tom Price (Rep- GA) saying that the immigration clauses in the Budget Reconciliation Bill did not make it. But he will try to push for those clauses in the immigration bills in 2006.

    I got the same message from his DC staff, when I called to follow-up.


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  • EB2IndianGC
    09-13 01:33 PM
    Hi guys,
    How long does it take to receive RFE letter by mail? Can we get a copy of RFE letter at the InfoPass appointment. I don't have patience anymore to wait. At least they can tell us what the RFE is about on the phone. These guys are trying my patience.


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  • nkavjs
    09-20 02:40 PM
    common.. How they can track? though I did sent flowers.. :)

    Well i am writing to everyone for my case. I don't know it will help. But nothing harm in trying...

    I did sign G-38 (whatever that number is) for attorney. Can I still send email from my end to USCIS, congressmen and all the team requesting explanation on my application?

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  • factoryman
    06-18 05:15 PM
    EOM. Should this be a question or if you use less paper, will you be considered environmental friendly and way to faster GC.

    Don't waste your time and energy on trifles. I can, because I am done with filing and work at office.
    How the forms to be printed? One sided or back to- back?

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  • ilikekilo
    01-24 01:08 PM
    Patience :). Air India, Jet and Kingfisher have plenty of long range airliners on order with Boeing ( and Airbus (

    Jet airways from Chennai is also decent... CHennai - Brussels - Newark

    U dont need a transit visa

    09-09 04:24 PM
    I called all the Congress members on the List. Their staff assured to convey the message to support/ vote in favor of HR 5882.

    08-07 04:00 PM
    Your Logic is Illogical in the first place...
    In Labor substitution, a person who lands in US last friday, could substitute a labor and get ahead in line of a 2002 guy.
    In Porting case he/she is the original beneficiary. So you comparing Porting to Labor Substitution is totally illogical...

    PD porting is another labor sub in making. I hope I have presented my case logically to show who all are the people who are in position to be benefitted by this rule. Of course there will be some genuine cases too but on other hand think about the people in Eb2 line that will be severely affected.

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