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  • addsf345
    11-17 12:02 PM
    I don't have H1 backup and already in 8th year. I am on self employment, But my lawyer suggested to apply H1extension (through my company) as a backup if MTR denied. If MTR are successful they I don't have to go on through H1 hassle again..

    what is the thoughts/advise of your lawyer on EAD status? Before H1 is available (if at all in your case) can you continue working on EAD?

    Did you send email to CIS Ombudsman and explained your case? If you read this thread, his email address and guidance to send email are provided. Do this if you haven't done it so far.

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  • singhv_1980
    01-30 03:17 PM
    I read in another forum that US consulate in Canada is actually asking to fill out some PIMS form available on their website. Also you need to fax your documents 1 week prior to your appointment.

    Can anyone confirm this? Man, I wish this could be the case in India also. :confused:

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  • pvadiga
    11-10 09:01 PM
    Recieved a standard reply letter stating, thank you for your inquiry and you can track your inquiry through our tracking system. It is dated Nov 06 2008 A.M 01 and is attached to the letter we sent along with the envelope. I don't know if anybody else has recieved the same reply. We will have to see what we receive from other centers if we receive one. Thanks

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  • rockyrock
    07-31 03:52 PM
    Pappu, special thanks for researching this topic, and posting updates regularly.

    Last week I too consulted a high profile (about $200 per 15 minutes... you should be able to guess, I am not sure I am alowed to mention the name) lawyer to discuss this issue. To give you a brief background, my lawyer did not include the Employment Verification letter
    1) He told me that he would re-submit the AOS. The comparison to the medical clearance requirement, according to him, was pointless, as they are two different things. If USCIS issues a statement they will not reject solely based on the EVL, then we can assume that is the truth. Their statement on Medical clearance cannot be interpreted to say they won't reject on the basis of another missing requirement, say the EVL.
    2) Filing two AOS packets can indeed also cause confusion, but it is a smaller risk according to him, and should be mitigated by a covering letter that says you are re-submitting to provide the XYZ document that was missed from the first packet.

    Based on this info, I have asked my lawyer to get a confirmation from the USCIS on the document that he missed in my case-- the EVL. If USCIS okays that, we do not resubmit. If they don't do that within a week, I will try to re-submit... not going to be easy considering my lawyer may not be in agreement... but that is what would be the correct way out of this, according to the second opinion I got last week.


    just a question on #2 above - if you are filing second AOS with EVL, why not just withdraw the first AOS once you get the receipt? Wouldn't this be safer?


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  • rubaru
    10-15 04:42 PM
    Yes ndialani,i waited for 6 month which i did because i don't know I140 premium started from June 2009(For most the cases).They started in Feb 2009 but its applicable to some limited cases).

    May be i would have moved it to premium if i knew in June.Some of the options which i would have tried during that 6 months period was InfoPass,Senator,Ombudsman etc but wasn't very serious about 140 as i thought it may take some years for gc(since the dates very moving very slowly at that time).


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  • FrankZulu
    08-17 01:11 PM
    I got email for decision/post decision about a week back but no CPO email yet.

    Sorry for my Ignorance on this, but what is CPO? Is it status changed to "CARD / DOCUMENT PRODUCTION"?


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  • Naruto
    10-18 02:08 PM
    what is after FBI check name ? what happenes next ?

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  • roseball
    03-31 11:23 PM

    I have donated $100 for the advocacy day. But I still cannot access the donar forum. How to request this access?


    You need to signup for monthly contributions to gain donor privileges.


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  • factoryman
    06-18 07:47 PM
    You have read and find out. When you file for AOS, you will do one set for Principal (search and read elsewhere on IV) and one set for dependent (search and read elsewhere at IV for a complete set of docs).

    So, you need to file one set of the latter. I don't know why you say add to mother's file. Is mother principal applicant or you.

    These are based on common sense and logic. Read and verify.

    If possible get (search and get AILA Handbook on AOS, I read somewhere there is one)

    sorry my bad. do we need to fill 325 and 325A or just 325, infant also needs 325? Also would you please tell me if we need to request to add the applicant to mother's file? or no need to do that.


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  • javadeveloper
    01-09 04:06 PM
    We have it in about us page if you scroll down

    Immigration Voice Achievements

    1. September 18, 2007
    1. DC Rally: Thousands of high-skilled immigrants march in the US Capital!
    2. Lobby day: IV volunteers attend close to 125 meetings with lawmakers� offices to lobby for congressional intervention
    3. Paid Advertisement in the Roll Call- the newspaper that covers the Capitol Hill
    4. Media coverage: New York Times, Washington Post, Yahoo, BBC, OC Register, Business Week
    2. July 2007 Visa bulletin reversal
    1. IV breaks the good news!
    2. Flower campaign

    i. USCIS takes note of the flower campaign

    ii. Media coverage: Business Week, Reuters, Washington Post, New York Times, NPR, Others, Video coverage

    3. San Jose Rally

    i. Media coverage: Business Week

    3. CIR 2006: Manager's amendment
    1. IV lobbies to ensure that this amendment contains favorable provisions for high-skilled immigrants
    2. The amendment was PASSED, although the bill itself did not survive
    4. Access to lawmakers
    1. IV is in close contact with Hon. Rep. Zoe Lofgren�s office on several issues related to Employment Based Immigration
    2. IV closely worked with Hon. Rep. Zoe Lofgren who played an instrumental role in bringing about reversal of July Visa Bulletin
    5. Contact with USCIS. IV was the first one to bring news of the July 2007 Visa Bulletin reversal
    6. IV Spokesperson invited to conference at top US University
    7. Only organization FOR high-skilled immigrants BY high skilled immigrants
    1. Most visited site by high-skilled immigrants in the
    2. Number of registered members has risen from 50 to 25000 in less than 2 years! The following are approximate figures:

    i. 1/2006: 60

    ii. 2/2006: 600

    iii. 7/2006: 4500

    iv. 1/2007: 7500

    v. 7/2007: 15000

    vi. 8/2007: 20000

    vii. 11/2007: 25000

    I may be wrong but we should have achieved more than this ... Let us know what we have to do to make this happen


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  • buehler
    01-25 08:38 AM
    It was on Dec 2005 . Luftansa . Chennai - Frankfurt- Dallas . I was waiting for my boarding pass . I handed over my e ticket to the lady at the counter. Instead of issuing the boarding pass , she asked me about my H1B papers. I got confused . Why should I show my papers to this lady ? . Since it was my very first trip to US , I meekly showed her my papers.After that she had issued the boarding pass.

    Friends, you may think I am very meek.This was not my first overseas trip. I had visited Japan previously. I didn't want to have fight with her and start my journey in bitter taste from the beginning.

    Don't think only Non-Indians treat Indians shabbily. Our enemy is within.

    If I happened to see that lady once again in Chennai -------

    I am not sure why you're so ticked off about this. If you do not have a proper visa, the airlines that took you there will have to be bring you back free of cost. Many an airline have been burnt by this and hence they insist on seeing your visa.

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  • camarasa
    07-09 07:53 PM
    Actually, I'd say (especially for Stewart and Colbert) that they'd be poking fun at the right people
    Seriously guys you would be taking a chance as to who they make fun of and even if they do choose Emilio Gonzalez it wont be sending the right message. I'm South African so I have no experience, but surely this isn't what the Gandhigiri message was all about anyway.


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  • immi2006
    07-11 10:33 AM

    This should not boomrang on us, let us do it with caution. Food Delivery etc can look mean.

    What we can think of is Sending your tax statements for 5 years to tell them how honest we have been and how much we contributed to economy..
    Sending it to local senators ?.

    What dou think ?

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  • aj_jadeja
    02-17 12:54 PM
    =MerciesOfInjustices]sobers has posted an article published in the WSJ, on his thread Wall Street Journal on Skilled Immigation .
    Part of the article says
    [I]Plans touted by Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner Franco Frattini, the TE]

    reply from john miller

    Dear Sir,

    Many thanks for your interesting email, which I forwarded to a colleague based in the United States.

    I understand it must be hard for somebody in your situation. But anecdotal evidence and statistics suggest that however hard life is for immigrants in the United States, it's even harder for immigrants in Europe.

    Thanks again,

    John Miller.


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  • mallu
    10-04 12:57 PM

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  • sunty
    09-23 09:51 PM
    Maybe FOIA request by IV was one of the main causes for this data to be posted on the USCIS website. USCIS thought that since the cat is out of the bag anyways, why not make the data public as part of the redesign effort of the USCIS website.

    If the data provided to IV on the Donor forum matches with that of the USCIS site, there might be some other details in the IV report that can give us a better picture.


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  • gc_wow
    09-23 09:21 PM
    I have read on USCIS web site that it is a quarterly report, this strange report do not have a date on it saying when it was generated. If it is a quarterly report I dont understand why they ran it in the middle of a quarter? This report should be run at the end of the quarter. Not in 1600AD what USCIS considers to be 2009.

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  • gene77
    06-19 09:42 AM
    Everyone seems to indicate that the checks for fees payment to the INS need to be made out to USCIS, however, all the forms that I've downloaded from their website instruct that the payments be made out to Department of Homeland Security - which one is correct?

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  • abhijitp
    12-07 01:46 AM
    Congratulations on getting GC.
    I think the fact that you had same A# helped you despite multiple filings. There are cases of people where even though they have declared their second application, USCIS assigned them a second A# number.
    Pls. Stick around in IV and help others with your knowledge.

    I have received two A#s since I submitted a second set of AOS (first set had a number of omissions and I did not want to miss the boat).

    I think there is no reason to lose sleep over this issue (actually I was told so by a renowned lawyer with whom I just did a consultation), and there is not much we can do anyway. Except... if possible we should send a letter to USCIS telling them about these two sets of applications and then asking them to choose the one which is approvable (again, I was told so by the same lawyer).

    BTW canadian_dream: heartiest conrgatulations on your green card approval, your posts on the multiple filings issue have been very helpful.

    09-17 04:10 PM
    Got all receipts a few mins ago.

    Jul 2nd
    Barrett 10:25am
    I140 approved at NSC over a year ago.

    11-06 03:28 PM
    Check this:

    Defendants assert that the background check is a complex
    process that must accommodate an extremely large volume of requests
    from the USCIS. Given the backlog of name-check requests and the
    FBI�s limited resources, they maintain that the delay of two and a
    half years in processing Mr. Liang�s background check is not
    unreasonable. There is some validity to these points, and the
    Court appreciates that the name-check process is indeed complex and
    resource-intensive. But limited resources or not, a common-sense
    rule of reason dictates that if the FBI was performing background
    checks with due diligence, it would not take two and a half years
    to process Mr. Liang�s name. While the Court is sympathetic to the
    demands placed on the FBI and the limited ability of the USCIS to
    control how the FBI allocates its resources, a lack of sufficient
    resources devoted to name-check operations is a matter for the
    agencies to take up between themselves or with Congress. The
    executive branch must decide for itself how best to meet its
    statutory duties; this Court can only decide whether or not those
    duties have been met.
    See Dong, 2007 WL 2601107 at *11 (�[I]t is
    not the place of the judicial branch to weigh a plaintiff�s clear
    right to administrative action against the agency�s burdens in
    Moreover, although there is no Congressionally mandated
    timetable for the processing of I-485 applications, Congress has by
    statute expressed its view of what a reasonable amount of time is:
    �It is the sense of Congress that the processing of an immigration benefit application should be completed not later than 180 days
    after the initial filing of the application.� 8 U.S.C. � 1571.
    The Court recognizes that this statute was enacted prior to the
    events of September 11, 2001, and that the burdens on agencies with
    responsibility for immigration matters have since increased.
    Nonetheless, Plaintiffs� applications have been pending for five
    times the length of the period identified by Congress.
    Defendants argue that expediting Mr. Liang�s name check will
    prejudice other applicants who have been waiting longer than he -in some cases, since as long as December, 2002.
    While this would
    be unfortunate, Defendants� failure to fulfill their statutory duty
    to other applicants has no bearing on whether they have fulfilled
    their statutory duty to Plaintiffs, and thus cannot serve as a
    basis for denying Plaintiffs� motion.
    While Defendants worry that
    granting Plaintiffs relief may reward �the more litigious
    applicants� or encourage other applicants to file lawsuits,
    �perhaps recognizing this possibility will provide the defendants
    with adequate incentive to begin processing [I-485] applications in
    a lawful and timely fashion in order to obviate the applicants�
    need to resort to the courts for redress.� Dong, 2007 WL 2601107
    at *12.

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