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  • pappu
    09-21 01:27 PM
    Pappu, what do you mean by "this may have delayed your greencard since July"? What is his mistake? I too have been trying all means since mid Aug. Is there something wrong with that?

    Let me give you an example and you would understand my point. USCIS Customer Services Directorate received 16 million calls from the public and 300,000 from Members of Congress. Add to it, all other items people do to get attention for their case and think that by sending an email or a phone call from Senator or by a lawyer, the officer will realize his mistake and quickly open the file and approve it. If you look at the responses people post to their inquiries, you would see that most responses are standard. USCIS is not just approving 140K greencards but more than a million greencards, hundreds of thousands of H1 and other visa types, EADs etc...every year. Greencards do not get issued on the day date gets current. It is not a automatic process. There is lot of human work involved and many people do not understand that or spend time understanding it. They would rather waste their time either on useless task of tracking or calling customer service every single day.

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  • Saralayar
    01-05 09:37 PM
    Yes we can consider that too for our argument. 10 years in another country without citizenship is meaningless (most important part of our life is being spent here).

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  • miaroh
    09-12 06:59 PM
    but it is pending with FBI since Aug 1st. Looks like they also check for fragmented names.

    This is my opinion, not an advise. Use it at your own risk.

    If I search my "Firstname Middlename" there are 10000 hits in google :-). And I know for sure there are few murderers , politicians and movie stars(most of them are arrested atleast once for crime or the other :-)) who have the same first name and middle name as mine back in India.Last name is what makes the full name unique.

    My Namecheck was initiated Aug 4th as per TSC IO and is still pending.Looks like I am going to be waiting for a long time.

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  • pappu
    01-08 10:31 AM
    Everyone that took part in the IV lobby day in September 2007 should get in touch with the lawmaker offices now and request them for letters. If you have met your local lawmaker offices through state chapters or on your own, it is time to visit them again for this request.


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  • abuddyz
    01-29 03:45 PM
    Hi, Both my wife's and my approval notices state a WAC number. And I am stuck in PIMS for past 27 days now!!!!!!!!:mad:

    thanks for posting your details..can you please let us know when was your H1 approved?

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  • singhv_1980
    02-05 05:47 PM
    hi singhv,

    no. VO said.."its approved and you should receive it by courier within a couple of days" now the embassy inquiry centre do not tell me why its delayed..i asked me them is it PIMS or some thing else..they say "sorry maam, we cannot say"
    i got no email, no slip, so i dont know if its stuck in PIMS or some checks ???

    And if its really NOT PIMS and something else, then how long does one estimate ?? how long could an administrative processing take ? how long could security check take ? how long could name check take ? etc etc..


    Well VO told you specifically that your visa has been approved. My bet is that you are stuck coz of PIMS then. When was your visa approved and in which service center?

    I am sorry and hope you will get your PP back soon. This whole system is so scary now. I am going in Feb end in Delhi and believe me I am feeling so tense coz of this all.


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  • velan
    01-08 11:09 AM
    I will send letters in a day or two. Thank you for your hard work.

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  • smsthss
    09-30 02:55 PM
    This is what i am doing to call a cell phone or any land line in india. Vonage has a call forwarding feature. Simply log in to your vonage account and go to features and configure the call forwarding feature.Configure such that the call is forwarded after 20 sec's. Intially vonage rings and after that it is forwarded to the india cell or landline forwarding number. Its free of charge as calling from vonage to india #'s is free. Hope this puts the debate to rest.

    I already took Vonage world phone. I am happy with it. However, I happened to see somewhere in the thread about Lingo offering india calling even through the mobile. That had me give a second thought on switching over to Lingo.

    However, when I read the fine print on the lingo site, it mentions you cannot call Mobile phones in India. This catch makes me go crazy. Can some one confirm how are they handling with this constraint. Is that still a good option to switch over vonage to lingo based on this single feature?

    Thoughts are welcome...


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  • royus77
    06-29 05:08 PM
    Heard the same from my lawyer, she has changed her tune completely in 2 days. Now she says that she is hearing the same thing and is possible. They are working through the weekend and has asked me to keep my blackberry on me at all times as they will be providing emails updates every 4 hours or if and when the said bulletin is released.

    Will USICS will release on the weekend?If they have any thing it should be today or they will do it on monday evening . They will do it on monday so that they are safe and cover their skin ( always say they received 100000 Applications and they are good enough for the dates to go back)

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  • kuhelica2000
    11-22 03:17 PM
    Here is my take-

    Foreclosing on your house is asolutely legal in the USA. You can even declare personal bankruptcy if you are in a real mess.

    Ofcourse you need to evaluate the consequences of forclosing or declaring bankruptcy.

    Wall Street executives are cahsing in millions of dollars in bonuses while filing for bankruptcy. This is how the system works in a capitalist country. There is no place for morals and ethics in capitalism. It's all about playing by the rules.

    I had bought a house 2 years back thinking that i will sell it after couple of years and make money. I know many people might have done that. I didnt knwo that having a house will become a burden for me wrt moving to a different place in search of a job. I do see jobs in cities outside my state and was thinking of applying for those jobs. My problem is that if i sell my house, i will have to pay from my own pocket.
    Having a house in this market has become a pain as it has made me immobile with respect to good job offers.
    I was thinking that incase i find a job in a different state and cannot travel back home frequently and also renting is not a good option then should i leave the house to the bank for foreclosure?
    Will this affect my GC process. I have no plans of buying a house in coming years.
    What might be an outcome of foreclosure, keeping in mind that i am wiating for my GC process.
    If anyone had an experiecne like this or may know someone, please share ur thought..


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  • eb3_nepa
    02-20 02:00 PM
    WaldenPond pls check ur Private Messages and respond ASAP


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  • abhijitp
    01-08 01:02 AM
    Thank you for the initiative IV core, now it is upto this community to take up the suggested action items and make it a HUGE success!

    I am excited about these suggested administrative fixes:
    1. Filing for AOS without PD being current... the inability to do so is the bane of our life!
    2. EAD's effective for three years
    3. Same job description=> Similar job description... this will allow us to take promotions and transfers easily... something to highlight to our employers

    Everyone, let's make this a grand success!


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  • diqingshen
    06-29 03:55 PM
    I am not a member.

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  • DesiGuy
    09-10 08:22 AM
    Guys, not much time left.

    so no point calling the 28 co-sponsors mentioned above. lets call (and call again) the remainder.



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  • rodnyb
    04-01 01:00 PM
    OK, DOS buffer issue.

    A. LAW. If there is no inventory in EB2 I/C (meaning demand). Theoretically DOS should make EB2 I/C CURRENT. DOS/CIS are not that dumb, or at least as dumb as before. I would say, they are very competent now and we should appreciate their work, pre-adjudicate, publish demand data (DOS), inventory data (CIS) processing time (DOS). THEY know, from PERM, I-140, there are at least 2K demand permonth from EB2 I/C. SO they will just safely move a couple of month of PD to make sure there is demand >2800 for India/China, so they don't have to make it CURRENT (per law)

    B. LOGISTICS. There could be denials, RFEs, although most (I believe almost all 100% pre-07/2007 EB2 I/C) should be pre-adjudicated now (THANK DOS CIS specifically did this so no processing time, and no waster numbers hopefully). That is why DOS has to consider that in their demand, and CIS has to consider that in inventory numbers

    C TIMING. Charles is shooting a moving target as well (his job is not easy as he cannot predicate future 100% and has to follow law, and use all visa numbers, we should appreciate that). Charles has no control on CIS number accuracy (I am sure CIS is trying hard as well), how fast EB1/EB2ROW/EB2I-c pre-072007 could come in, hey even some CIS employees need vacation in summer. So he has to make sure things can be done before August, so August could be only a month for fine tuning, not massive approvals, new applications (CIS wont look at them any way but takes man power), to use up all numbers and have some new applicants to keep the inventory (demand) at decent level.

    I am July 2007 PD, and we all have hopes, dreams, life, etc, can can distort our judgement. We can discuss, but may to suppoert each other, and those warriors in DC. But hey, things could happen against our best intentions, wishes, anything can happen. SO life it short, live once, enjoy the ride, love people, appreciate love, and HAVE a great weekend, have fun.

    I too had similar thoughts.. why would CIS/DOS stop keeping buffers? Is there any particular reason? Once they complete all 7/2007 applications I think it makes sense to move the date for a few months so they can accept applications. Also, remember there will be new monthly quota getting allocated to all categories. So to use those numbers should they not be progressing dates?


    The below number is depressing, however dont you think DOS/USCIS always believe in keeping buffer and they may push the dates somewhere into 2009 just to accept 485 filings?

    Why do think they will stop keeping any buffer?

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  • nortam1
    09-17 04:10 PM
    Got all receipts a few mins ago.

    Jul 2nd
    Barrett 10:25am
    I140 approved at NSC over a year ago.


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  • pappu
    06-22 08:42 AM
    I have direct responses from Murthy and Rajiv Khanna now . Plus 2 other american lawyers I know. The answers have variations. I'm going to do my own research and would encourage others to do the same before coming to a conclusion on this.

    If you have asked this question to your own lawyers about multiple I485 filing, please post them here.

    Members can then look at all the information and make their own decisions.

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  • asanghi
    05-16 01:36 PM
    Do you have F1 stamped or you just changed your status from F-1 to H-4?

    My wife has H4 stamped on her passport which expired last year. We had got H4 extended last year, but has not been stamped. After that she changed status to F1 again not stamped. Now as per my lawyer's advice probably we will need to change her status back to H4.

    My lawyer has suggested that it is not advisable to be on F-1 while applying for 485. You might argue that you are not the primary applicant ( on F1), and USCIS might buy that. But risks remain. Specifically if you have to travel out of country before your I-485 application is adjudicated you will have problem.

    Since we all know that right now USCIS is just taking applications, and it might be mighty long time before applications are adjudicated, I have decided to not take risk applying on F1 status.

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  • walking_dude
    10-17 11:23 AM
    I don't think the madness will end anysoon, as Lou "Liar" Dobbs show is providing execellent TRP to CNN. And advertisers will put their money in shows that provide maximum coverage. Forget Dobbs, there are so many copy-cat imitators in all sorts of media - including print media - who have began imitating BALANT LIES tactics of Lou. Expect the situation to get worser and worser, with every passing day, as LIAR Dobbs is easily left off without facing any damages for his 'Libelous' and 'Defamatory' actions

    Only way to stop this madness is to make the lies - COST THEM FINANCIALLY - CNN and Lou Dobbs in particular. This can be made only by filing a Class Action Libel and/or Defamation lawsuit(s) against CNN and Lou Dobbs.

    Question is who'll bell the Doggs?

    10-01 11:49 PM
    I recieved 2 notices in mail today.

    One is the welcome notices which says that I-485 is approved.
    Another notice which says that they reviewing or reconsidering the decision previously taken.

    Called 1-800 # and the infopass. They say that reopened or reconsidering the case as the visa numbers retrogressed.

    How can that be when am current in oct as well.

    Mine is EB2 and the priority date is Dec 2004.

    Any suggestions to have this fixed.
    what is the dates of action on the notices? maybe that will clarify a little.

    01-24 12:33 PM
    the way i see..if indian airlines were upto the task.. we could have direct flights from all major cities in US..but then again how can I simply blame the British govt. for tormenting us..its the Indian govt. who can't sort this..either encourage big businesses to launch international flights with world class service..that's something which we have to wait!

    Patience :). Air India, Jet and Kingfisher have plenty of long range airliners on order with Boeing ( and Airbus (

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