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  • paisa
    07-25 02:22 PM
    I'm not sure about the usefulness of this poll? If you look at the percentage of people applied on 2nd July, it is close to 70%. Assuming some error in the polling percentage, this poll indicates that atleast 50% of people have appplied already on 2nd July. As per the press reports, USCIS has received around 55000 applications on 18th July. That means another 55000 people only are going to apply by 17th Aug making a total of 110,000 plus minus 20,000. I do not believe this number and the poll. Any arguments here?

    DELIVERED ON 02-July-2007 447 71.18%
    DELIVERED AFTER 02-July-2007 181 28.82%
    Obviously those polls are not going to get you anywhere.
    its a waste of time and effort to come up with numbers because nobody will ever be able to come up with the right numbers including USCIS. So whats the point. Just have a kingfisher and chill. Please close this thread

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  • hmehta
    08-15 09:57 AM
    I would stay at least 6 months with employer after getting a GC, unless ofcourse demanded by circumstances!

    Are there any implications of leaving my employer now who sponsored me for GC? I got my GC on the first week of July. I plan to leave on the 1st week of September. Thank you very much.

    Addendum: I applied for AOS for my spouse this July. Will there be a problem with her AOS?

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  • lalithkx
    06-26 05:40 PM
    Wow, that was pretty quick AP approval. Did you e-file, also which service center?

    yes e-filed at TSC

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  • krishgreen
    02-06 07:52 PM
    I have sent G-639 (notarized) in October 2010 and I have received a CD from USCIS with I-140 approval and labor that was used to file. I have given I-140 receipt number in the form instead of A#.


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  • krishnam70
    02-27 03:26 PM

    They obtained authorization to file the lawsuit. They had it prepared to file and received good response from possible plaintiffs. It was possibility of good strong case by AILA that deterred USCIS to reverse the decision without a formal lawsuit. This is exactly what we need to further our cause. USCIS could care less about other petty tricks. They will only understand language of laws/court. For that we need congress to pass laws favoring us.

    Our decision to send flowers was initiated around 2-3 July and the first of flowers were booked to be sent the same day.

    follow this thread

    the talk of AILA filing a law suit was around 3 week of July and murthy about the same time. The flower campaign got quite a lot of attention and it did play its role

    What we need now is not another flower campaign but something else. We could take the suggestions of other IV members, may be sending a letter is not a bad idea with some extra postage stamps to help out the USPS since they also reduced some of their services due to funding issues. How about sending few $$ donations to the military fund any public fund to be used to spending.

    We need to consolidate all these threads in to a single one and start working on it and quickly.

    'While the jews argued about whether the romans were right or wrong they got sacked'. so lets have some focus and get something underway

    - kris

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  • floridasun
    12-30 09:45 PM
    thats the problem.... I cannot switch to another job as I am in the 7th year of H1B and I-140 approved but did not apply for I-485 yet. friends told me its risky to switch jobs now as I may be out of status.


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  • Khujaokutta
    03-17 11:54 AM
    I would sincerely recommend we appoint one among us to run the 'Bullietin Patra',
    I would suggest Vilas Rao, i really look forward to his optimistic predictions......
    My vote is for Vilas Rao....:D

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  • happyfeet
    03-25 10:54 AM
    Dear friends

    For every one of us getting GC is a nightmare. Though USCIS follows a system, I feel it is not correctly followed. Also I noticed that people who have filed before the PERM process are really suffering. There are people who are in EB3, waiting for more than 9-10 years, keeping hope and anxiously waiting.

    I feel that we should write to USCIS to clear all the pending GC�s (EB2, EB3) filed before PERM (March 31, 2005) need to be processed before they take up any cases filed in PERM.

    This will certainly make the process rational.


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  • aadimanav
    08-15 06:28 PM
    * bump *

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  • pappu
    07-06 02:52 PM
    Lawsuit update:


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  • indianindian2006
    09-22 03:04 PM
    Please call and help all of us.Please call...............

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  • senthil1
    10-05 03:56 PM
    They are talking about Both H1b and Green card. Corporations are pushing for increase in H1b also. But this time they are giving some importance to green card also. That is a good development. Already Skil bill by Cornyn is there. May be in next few weeks it may come for voting with or without attachment. But approximately 4 to 5 votes will decide the fate of the bill as usual in the Senate. And also as usual anti immigrants may push Durbin Grassley bill. We will wait and see.

    are we sure that they are not talking only about H1b?

    Does following mean they are looking at Green Card as well ?

    "attract and retain high-skilled workers to contribute and excel in the U.S. economy without unnecessary delays and waiting periods?


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  • GCSOON-Ihope
    10-10 04:22 PM
    Actually, the analysis of numbers and the "math" that you refer to was also done on the prediction threads. So it wasn't really all that useless.

    BTW, I am one of those others who are all over the prediction threads. I don't have a big problem with prediction threads. My PD is Dec 2004; so I do need some comic relief once in a while.

    You want some comic relief? About this one: a friend of mine (from England) applied at the same time as me. We both filed 485 in 08/2004 and our PD is 01/2002, meaning it is current since 09/01.
    We both did FP but he never did the physical (I did it in 05/2005).
    Guess what happened today? His wife (the dependent) just got her GC in the mail!!!! About his? No news!!! Anyway, I told him it was a complete aberration: how could a dependent get GC before the main applicant was approved?
    And how can you get approved when you haven't taken the physical (neither of them has done it yet)!!!
    What do you guys think of this?

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  • wahwah
    09-14 05:13 PM
    give 2 or 3 months and ROW EB2 will go back to Jan. 2007 or March 2007.

    we'll revisit this thread later again.

    Total number of application will have no impact on ROW (number of application from ROW will have impact on that category), which i think will be very limited.


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  • qplearn
    11-20 10:52 AM
    Regarding Mathew Oh comments:

    "...There is a possibility the DREAM Act could be passed, allowing the children of undocumented immigrants (who complete their high school educations in the United States)..."

    How do you think the passage of the DREAM ACT could impact our situation ? If they pass this, they would relief a sizeable portion of illegal immigrants to get amnesty through their children (few millions). I am just wondering whether the illegal alien supporters would lose steam to support CIR after this ? Ironically, they would get a sizeable amnesty, overhelm USCIS with millions of applicants and probably make the passage of a CIR bill more distant. I can't think of something less advantageous to us than this. I hope I am totally wrong.

    What do you guys think ?
    There are favorable indications from the industry that they will get increased H1Bs. There is hence a strong belief among many lawyers that the H1B lobby will provide some relief. But we need to meet lawmakers so that they don't forget about the Green cards.

    If you live in NY state, please contact bottlemani or myself. We need to organize ourselves before meeting the lawmakers. We will also have to take the trouble to drive to their offices. If we don't do this, all these pessimistic predictions will come true. Believe me, meeting the folks in the offices of the lawmakers makes a huge difference.

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  • ksvreg
    07-30 09:35 PM
    Until this point of time, no one knows how USCIS or state is calculating the figures. So, lets wait and see the lottery results. Thats the only way to get the green card faster :)


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  • crazy_apple
    09-11 03:23 PM

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  • antihero
    03-15 09:45 PM
    Why did you do it? Oh why why why?

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  • thamizhan
    07-20 10:29 PM
    Guys...please spread the word to members (if you know) to kindly vote here if they have files in Nebraska Service center....this will help up to estimate the count (approx).

    11-15 01:39 PM
    here is what i suggest:
    create a yahoo group or blog..and have ppl publish the name anonymously of the desi bloodsuckers...some kind of activism is required..instead of coming on this board like some ballless buggers and crying like babies...grow up and take back ur life...bytch..;-)

    btw..i am not in IT so..i dont have to deal with suck suckers.. i have read so many posts abt this.. i am fed up..

    I guess H1Guy wants to report this to DOL, which is strides ahead of merely creating some yahoo group and "cry like babies" in that yahoo group. He wants to take concrete action, but you are suggesting to continue to discuss anonymously on some forum. I am confused :confused:


    04-19 03:45 PM
    Would this be a good time to launch email/meeting campaign on Lofgren? Since she is on the defensive

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